Top 10 Physically Strongest Marvel Characters

Marvel Universe is a big Cosmo of superpowers, missions and superheroes. Every superhero is ranked in terms of his/her raw corporeal strength, correct term being “Strength Scale”. With a wide imagination and superpowers to die for, heroes possess a “countless” level of power, making it nearly impossible to categorize Top 10 Physically Strongest Marvel Superheroes amongst two dozen of them. With undefined powers, a superhero is entitled to save the world and conquer peace and opulence amongst the universe. Keeping these intricacies in mind, let’s look at the list of Top Ten Physically Strongest Marvel Characters placed in accordance with their chronological order:


1. Bruce Banner – AKA The Hulk

The Hulk

Said to be the first amongst Top 10 Physically Strongest Marvel Characters, Robert Bruce Banner AKA The Hulk possesses incredible superpowers enough to destroy the whole planet. There is no limit to Hulk’s power as long as rage and wrath rules the mind. Back to when he was a normal human, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner witness utter bombardment of massive gamma radiation during an experiment, which lead to an overnight transformation. The Incredible Hulk, a green behemoth, is the living proof of utter anger and incompetent physical strength. He defines immorality towards all types of conventional damage and can heal easily.


2. Hercules – AKA The Lion of Olympus


Said to be a bundle of super strength, Hercules possesses majestic powers as of an Olympian god, which also comprise of superhuman power, sturdiness, speed, impulses, stamina and endurance. Named as the most powerful amongst Olympian Gods, nothing is impossible for him, as he can carry out anything with his bare hands. Leaping into air from a major distance is just a small wonder he can attempt. Being a Marvel hero, he exhibits the mythical powers and characteristics, is disease-resistant, immortal and immune to magic. After dropping off his powers in the Chaos War to help humanity, his mystical powers vanished apart from his exceptional physical traits.


3. Thor Odinson –AKA The God of Thunder

Thor Odinson

As given a secondary title, “The God of Strength”, the expectations really peaks up when it comes to the Marvel mainstay. Be it punching a man so hard that the nearby moon exploded, or thundering Silver Surfer’s face hard, Thor is indestructible. A reputed Lord of Asgard, Thor has a possession on Odinforce, and masters the art of war. With the help of his force, he was capable of denting Captain America’s essentially indestructible guard with Mjolnir.


4. The Phoenix Force – AKA Dark Phoenix

The Phoenix Force

Amongst the list of Top 10 Marvel Characters with Most Physical Strength, the Phoenix Force is ranked fourth for possessing some of the indestructible and invincible qualities. Defying natural physics and chemistry, power to destroy the whole universe within a blink, moving the celestial planets – sounds impossible, but not for Phoenix Force! One of the ancient cosmic entities, Phoenix Force empowers destruction, immortality, mutation and unrealistic rage within its palms.


5. Onslaught – AKA Professor Magneto


Onslaught is an amalgamation of Professor X and Magneto’s conscious powers into an independent, singular identity. Born out of Magneto’s fury and Professor X’s subliminal efforts to use his powers to maximum limits, Onslaught possess a bundle of powers far enough to compete. Inbred with both telekinetic and the magnetokinetic powers, Onslaught is capable of lifting the any objects with millions as weight, and can port it anywhere with controlled speed anywhere he wants.


6. Wolverine


He is one of the most deserving candidates to be mentioned in this list of 10 Most Powerful Characters in the Marvel Universe, James Howlett AKA Logan AKA Wolverine was born itself with superhuman senses and the invincible powers to heal and recover within seconds. After putting up for a near-impossible experiment, he showcased an unbreakable Adamantium skeleton and claws. As captured and treated like animals, it took years for him to control himself, ultimately gaining a respectful place as an important member of both the X-Men and the Avengers. He is immune and impervious to every fatal wound, and has super strength physical attributes, senses and abilities. His skeleton consumes a foot long bone claws, three on each arm. He is utterly trained as a soldier, a C.I.A. operative, a Samurai, a spy and has an affluent command over hand-to-hand combat, every fighting style, and multiple types of artilleries, automobiles, computer systems, explosives, and homicide techniques.


7. Nezhno Abidemi – AKA Gentle


Nezhno Abidemi – AKA Gentle

A superhero alias of Nezhno Abidemi, Gentle comes out as a young mutant who was directed from his homeland Wakanda to control his superpowers and learn the ability to manage when around public. His powers were so dominating that he covered his entire body in vibranium tattoos in order to avoid him from killing himself. With every time he uses his powers, he became tougher and resilient.


8. Adam Brashear – AKA Blue Marvel

Adam Brashear

Blue Marvel is as much of a superhero as Thor and Hulk, and possesses high superhuman strength, enduring abilities and anti-matter storage traits. Although not an immortal, he ages slowly, can breathe in outer space and can kick a speeding asteroid in one, jumpy kick. With several appreciating missions fulfilled by him, he deserves a ranking in this list.


9. Armando Muñoz – AKA Darwin


Armando Muñoz – AKA Darwin

Quoting the movie issue, Darwin “adapts to survive”, or to put in simple words, his body adapts accordingly to the environment and situation and helps him survive anything furious or fatal. Throw him into water, he will develop gills, make him walk through fire, he will turn himself into diamond-like creature. Even Marvel sketches him as strong as he wants to be. The only drawback is his uncontrollable inability to control his powers.


10. Cain Marko – AKA The Juggernaut

Cain Marko

Seemingly being the unstoppable one, the Juggernaut literally cannot stop once he has started hauling in one direction itself. Permeated with the power hailed from the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, Juggernaut is nearly invincible when it its juggling mode. He can only be slowed down, and is capable of exploding any item by just revolving around it with its super strength. He has a tendency to survive peacefully while facing scarcity of food, water, or oxygen.

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