Top 10 Songs On Itunes 2014

Let your life flow in a rhythm with this list of Top 10 Songs on iTunes 2014 featuring the tracks which can make you feel at ease in the times of loneliness. iTunes has become one-stop source for creating an easy playlist and enjoying the latest music while traveling to work or relaxing at home. The Top 10 Songs on iTunes World Wide have been filtered to fit various moods. Find your refuge in the following list of Top 10 iTunes Songs 2014- the ones that would surely make you dance to their beats. Lend your ears to the music and it will take you to a place where you would find the peace of mind. Take a look at the list below to check out the top ten latest arrivals on iTunes.


Top Ten Songs On Itunes 2014

Browse through this list of Top ten Songs on Itunes 2014, and enjoy your day by dipping into the ocean of harmonies.


1. Shake It Off

shake it off

Dancing on her own beat, the popular American recording artist recently came up with her new single track “ Shake it Off”.  This song is positioned at number one on the list of Top 10 Songs on I tunes among many other latest downloads. Shaking off many from the charts this single track enjoys its fresh and leading position. So just crawl into the groovy notes of this ruling track and wave off the loneliness. Written by Swift, Max, Martin and Shellback, this uptempo pop chart buster will definitely become one of your favorite tracks for this year.


2. All About That Bass


its all about bass megan tarinor

All About That Bass is a debut track of an American artist, Meghan Trainor, which was recently launched on July 2014. Shed your bashfulness because “Every inch of you is perfect” and lose yourself into the pop and doo-wop genre of this song. Catchy beats and the heart felt message will play with your ear drums and shake you from bottom to top. This track stands at number two among the Top 10 Itunes Music and is the number one track among the “Billboard top 100”. Get motivated all the ladies and jump out to dance on the funky beats of this song.


3. Gonna Know We


gonna we know

Experimenting his skills in the country music Jason Aldean enjoyed recording his latest song Gonna Know We Were Here. Hitting the charts of I tunes list at number three among the lately  arrived songs for this year. With this lyrical beauty you will dive deep down into the essence of the tale the author wants to tell. Spend some of your time with this latest arrival an let it enter your soul through your ear drums. This song will take  you to a long journey of the only one life we live to enjoy and to freak out. Leaving a mark among people, Jason Aldean’s song “Gonna Know We” stands among the Top Ten Songs on I tunes 2014.


4. Bang Bang


bang bang

Bang Bang, a track that will blow your mind with its rhythmic beats and catchy lyrics, that will be “all over you”. Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj are the people behind the bang on success of his song. Give the song a minute to move into your heart with a bang of beats and blast of its pop, soul, Hip Hop and R &B genres. Topping many charts with its power packed performance and sound quality this song stands at number four among the Top Ten Itunes Songs 2014. Indulge into the amazing sound and genre of this song and bang your head on the dancing beats of the song.


5. Sun Daze


sun daze

At number five among the Top Ten Songs Itunes 2014 we have Sun Daze by the Florida Georgia Line. Ranting over the menace happening around the world, this song will rage up your imagination and blow off your mind with outraging lyrics. For all the rant lovers this song will bring make you realize the stuff going around. Experience the yelling and raving of the singers while they wear their favorite shades and rock on their Daze.


6. Here We Go


here we go

Slowly come closer to the feel of Here we go a latest song recorded by two American artists named Alex and Sierrs. Indulge into the deep essence of the song while sitting around the beaches and dreaming something big. Nothing speaks louder than the rhythmic lyrics of “Here We Go” that will tease your fantasies. Download the song today on I tune and enjoy this latest and freshly recorded piece by the awesome singing duos. Standing at number six among the Top Ten Songs on Itunes 2014, this song will blow your mind off.


7. Rather Be


rather be

The deep house synth pop and the electronic genre of Rather Be will delight your soul with its touching lyrics. There is a lot to speak and there is a lot to say, at times music helps us speak our heart out. This song will make you look deep into the feelings of the artist, that he had for his better half. Lend your listening ear to this song written by the Clean Bandit you will reach a place where nothing would “rather be”.  This is a latest song at number seven among the Top Ten Songs on Itunes Today.


8. Burnin’ It Down


burning it down

At number eight among the Top Ten songs on Itunes 2014, we have the Burnin’it Down by Jason Aldean. Coming under the Country music genre this song has proved to be a leader among many leading singles. Slip into your comfortable bed or while walking to your work listen to this amazing song that will sooth you up with all its beats and lyrics. Groove in the rhythmic sound of the song and you will love it when he sings his thing.


9. Habits (Stay High)


love to habbit

Groove into the indie pop and electro-pop genre of the Habits (stay high) latest song by a Swedish singer Tove Lo. Feelings are always clearly depicted in songs, where singers put in their emotions and experiences. Habit, is the result of Tove Le’s emotional trauma she went through, before writing this song. Standing at number nine position among the top ten songs on Itunes 2014, you  will be able to feel the sorrow and pain. Do indulge into the song if you wish to forget the mental stress your ex gave you.


10. Chandelier


Lend your ears to the Chandelier, by Sia, an electro pop track, to party “like tomorrow doesn’t exist”.  Swinging at number ten among the Top 10 Songs on Itunes Today, this song has already touched millions of hearts. Dance on the hard beats of this track and party all night on the melancholy of the swinging Chandelier. The music and the lyrics of this song will give a flight to your imagination and increase the tempo of your life. Revel in the sole feel of partying and dancing hard on this song.

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