Top 10 Superhero Movies You Should Watch

Top 10 Superhero Movies You Should Watch

Who doesn’t love superheroes, I guess nobody. There are plentiful tremendous fun and excitement given to us by the incredible writers. There are number of superhero comics that made our childhood memorable then there are superhero movies we can watch at any age. These days the superhero genre is one of the most favourable and preferred for the purpose of entertainment. There are so many superheroes movies but some of them did wonderful business on screen as well as got gigantic fan following. Today we are here with the list of top 10 superhero movies that are most loved-

1- Iron Man

Iron Man

Tony Stark, a common man with no power is nevertheless a superhero with the maximum fans. It is the story of a genius scientist who swots the importance of life and knowledge once after getting captivated by the terrorist. The 2008 instalment by Marvel Entertainment that hit hard on the box office as well as gained the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, Robert Downey Jr.’s character Iron Man has the special soft corner in each MCU fan. This “Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist” has kept winning people’s emotion in each MCU franchise.

2- The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

A genuine masterpiece in terms of Superhero films by Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight is indeed a fabulous addition to the cinema. This Batman film knocked the theatre in 2008 and with no time it became a crowning achievement for both the director and the actors. There are two things that gain much popularity from the film, first is the Batman bike and second, the colossal performance by Heath Ledger won the audience and he became the villain that makes much more sense than the actual hero.

3- Avengers Series

Avengers Series

One of the biggest box office hit showcasing the major MCU star cast together for the first time. The movie was a coherent narrative presentation and performed amazingly to stun the fans. It is most famous for getting the greatest MCU characters all together on the screen with such brilliant story, acting performances and mind-blowing VFX. There is hardly any superhero fan who would feel boring while watching this film. The deadly combination of Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evan, Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson made the audience go crazy in the theatre and this 2012 franchise broke all the collection records.

4- Superman


This flying superhero never missed a chance to win audience’s heart. The most loved and appreciated franchise of this DC fiction is 2006 instalment Superman Returns and 2013 instalment Man of Steel. The film won over people’s emotion and made a big hit on box office with great number of fans and audience.

5- Captain America

Captain America

Though this superhero has 3 films yet one of them still never skip to amaze the fan, the 2011 MCU instalment Captain America- the first avenger. With this addition, the Marvel Entertainment again proved that America knows how to put a fabulous superhero story. With magnificent VFX and praiseworthy performances, all three series are Marvellous.

6- Spider-Man Series

Spider-Man Series

One of the best creations of Sony Pictures and Marvel Entertainment that turned out to be biggest hit of its time. The first franchise came in the year 2002 and yet amazed the audience with flawless performances, VFX and story. The film noted the respect and love from the viewers for the striking Superhero moments noticed by them for the first time.

7- X-Men Series

X-Men Series

Who doesn’t know Charles Xavier, Wolverine or Magneto? These are one of the most loved fictional characters who eventually inspired the audience in numerous ways.  The brilliance of James McAvoy has never gone unseen by the audience and same for Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon and Jennifer Lawrence. The series kept winning the heart of audiences since the year 2000.

8- Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

The wow female fictional character of DC universe that stunned the fans with amazing story, star cast performances, VFX and music, Wonder Woman immensely broke all the box office record hit hard on the patriarchy of the fictional superheroes films. The mesmerising Israel beauty Gal Gadot became the queen of hearts with her flawless appearance and acting performance.

9- Logan


Another Marvel Entertainment action-packed presentation in collaboration with TSG Entertainment. We have always known the very famous Wolverine and this 2017 film was the 10th instalment made us cry with the end of Wolverine. The film was packed with faultless actions, VFX yet with the end of Wolverine it ends an era that left the fans heartbroken.

10- The Incredibles

The Incredibles

A tremendous animated creation, the series has two instalments among which the first one came in 2004 and the second part came in 2018. The film was all about two super parents and three super kids. Though the film did not get too much following yet did huge box office collection.

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