Top 10 Vampire Movies to Watch

Whether it’s real or not, Vampires or immortals will always continue to fascinate most of us and owing to these charms, many directors have depicted their characters very finely through movies. Though most Vampire Movies are adaptation of books; factors such as thrill, fear and horror have never failed to govern them, making audiences go gaga over the central figure. These movies interpret the myths and narrative stories about the cold ones. To narrow down your search we have arranged a Vampire Movies List, which have excelled over the time.

Top Ten Vampire Movies to Watch

Here are some very good vampire movies which have the best story line and have the proficiency of amusing you.

 1. Night Watch

Night Watch - Top 10 Vampire Movies to Watch

Partially based on the novel of Sergei Lukyanenko ‘The Night Watch’ was a paranormal thriller film. It was directed by Timur Bekmambetov and was released in Russia on July 8th 2004. With $ 4.2 Million of budget, this movie became the first big budget Russian vampire movie. After its release among the modern audience, Night Watch became the highest grossing release of its genre, earning $16.7 million. It borrows a lot of elements from the western movies, but keeping in mind its German charisma.

 2. Underworld

Underworld - Top 10 Vampire Movies to Watch

In 2003 this action cum supernatural movie released with a very different and interesting concept of vampires and lycan’s. Directed by Len Wisemen, this movie earned average fame and praise by the audience. This movie offers an interesting theme about a fight between the Vampire clan and the Lycan’s. With its gothic plot, the movie focuses a lot on the Vampire -Ware Wolf Mythologies, as its story line. Its secrets, suspense and actions scenes makes Underworld one among the Top Ten Vampire Movies.

 3. Nosferatu

Nosferatu - Top 10 Vampire Movies to Watch

Aged back to 1922 this movie takes us back to the history, where the undead became conscious in our world. It is a variation from the famous novel by Bram Stokers, named ‘Dracula’. Till date it is considered to be a terrifying and petrifying interpretation of the vampire legends. It is a German Expressionist Horror Film, mainly showcasing the German influence within the plot of the movie. It is the finest work of talent of that time and was considered to be the scariest movie of that time.

 4. Blade

Blade - Top 10 Vampire Movies to Watch

Grossing a net amount of $70 million at US box office and $ 131.2 million worldwide, Blade became one of the most popular vampire movies. This American vampire superhero action film was directed by Stephen Norrington. Starring Wesley Snipes and Stephen Dorff this movie was built up on the character from Marvell Comic named ‘Blade’. Blade was a hybrid, who fought to save humans from the vampire enemies.

 5. Fright Night

Fright-Night - Top 10 Vampire Movies to Watch

A horror story, released in 1985, Fright Night might urge your nightmares and make them come true. This movie follows a unique story line which depicts the urge and fight of a young boy against a Vampire, living in his neighborhood.  Tom Holland directed as well as wrote this story for your entertainment. This movie was followed by two sequels, Fright Night II in 1988 and a 3D remake in 2011. Fright Night was awarded as a best horror film, and also received best writing award in the Saturn Award show.

 6. Let Me In

Let-Me-In - Top 10 Vampire Movies to Watch

An award winning romantic horror film, Let Me In, was directed and written by Matt Reeves. Follow the similar story line of the Swedish film ‘Let the right One In’ which was released in 2008. This movie was one of the best critically reviewed film among all released in 2010. This movie depicts the story of a small kid who gets bullied every time and doesn’t have many friends. Soon with time that boy meets another child who becomes friends with him, but that child is a vampire.

 7. Day Breakers

Day-Breakers - Top 10 Vampire Movies to Watch

A science fiction thriller released in 2009, which will take you to the futuristic world of Vampires. Written and directed by Michael and Peter Spierig, Day Breaker received a very positive response from audience as well as from the critics. This movie was first showcased in the Toronto International Film Festival on 11th September 2009. On the Box Office this movie received a lot of appreciation and gained more than $51 million.

 8. Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicle

Interview-with-the-Vampire - Top 10 Vampire Movies to Watch

The Vampire Chronicle features two most stunning actors of Bollywood, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. The story is originally based on the 1976 novel “Interview with the Vampire”, written by Anne Rice.  Released in 1994, this movie gained positive reviews and later was also nominated in Oscars for Best Art Direction and Best Original Score. This Neil Jordon directed movie narrates a present day interview in which one of the vampires is narrating his story to a reporter.

 9. Dracula

Dracula - Top 10 Vampire Movies to Watch

An American horror fantasy movie, released in 1992, was praised by both audience and critics. The plot of the movie is based on a very famous novel Dracula written by Bram Stoker. Starring many famous Hollywood artists named, Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves, Gory Oldman and Anthony Hopkins; the Francis Ford Coppola directed film, became an international hit for the year 1992. This horror film won three academy awards for Best Makeup, Best Costume Design and Best Sound Editing.

 10. Thirst

Thirst - Top 10 Vampire Movies to Watch

Thirst is a combination of science fiction and vampire myths, which is directed by Rod Hardy. The movie gets its inspiration from the “vampire folklore” of Elizabeth Bathory and from a 1973 movie “Soylent Green”. Released on 29th September 1979, this movie received an average appreciation from audience as well as from critics. Thirst offers an amazing story line to entertain the audience and keeps you engaged in the story line with its suspense and resistance of a girl.

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