Top 10 Video Games Of All Time


Top 10 Video Games Of All Time

We all love to play video-games, as it is an interactive medium and helps to reduce stress level. On the same note, it also sharpens our mind. Coming up with an idea of top 10 video games is not an easy task. You could remember the classic video games like “Super Mario Bros” and “IGI. These games are the most prominent games of all time. So, here we listing top 10 video games that will never fade out from your memories.

Video Games Of All Time:

10. Pokémon Go

pokeman go

Pokémon Go is a game that can only be played by exploring the world. This game inspires most of the people and established a sense of commodity. With Pokémon Go travel the real world and the virtual world with an absolute cultural phenomenon.

9. Final Fantasy VII

final fantasy 7

Final Fantasy VII is the game that helps to widen-up your imagination. It is the video game filled with so much adventure. Terrifying and massive Weapon with high-quality technology is the key part of this game.

8. Warcraft II

warcraft 2

Tides of Darkness: This game is a story of the war between humans and orcs. Warcraft II was designed to give a touch of three- dimension battle.

7. Star Wars

star wars

TIE Fighter: Star Wars built our memory with excellent space combat mechanisms of X-Wing. With an effective sensor, hearing the signature scream of deadly squawking makes the story more interesting.

6. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey

The best element of every Mario game is its quality to engage audiences mind with a whole new level. At every level, this game is full of hidden treasure and this makes the overall design of the game more attentive and creative.

5. X-COM-UFO Defense

xcom ufo defense

How to save our planet from a superior alien is the concept of X-COM video game. It’s graphics and spreadsheet-like interference turns up the excitement level of video gamers.

4. Journey


Journey is the video game that has some emulating effects of poetry. Design of this video game is so simple with a touch of snowy mountain peak visible in the distance. The main character of the game is traveling across the glistening desserts.

3. Counter-Strike

counter strike

Counter-Strike is the most favorite video game for all time. People admire the design and graphics of this game. It taught the importance of learning and joy of earning the victories.

2. StarCraft

star craft

With jaw-dropping visuals and great specifications this late 90’s video game enhances the overall look of PC gaming. The storyline and narrative designing is the key factor for this game.

1. Metal Gear Solid 2-Sons of Liberty

Metal Gear Solid 2-Sons of Liberty

One of the most controversial and long-running metal gear series, that recreate the experience of gaming through its characters and structural theme.





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