Top 10 WWE Superstars 2014

Let’s make way for the Top 10 WWE Superstars of 2014, as we hop onto the tenth month of the year. These wrestlers have ruled not only the ring but also our hearts. Proving themselves both in action as well as on the microphone, these WWE Superstars Of Wrestling not only display herculean strength but also are a mark of perseverance. We all have imitated our favorite wrestlers sometime or the other! After all, wrestling is ‘the best that there was, the best that there is and the best that there will ever be!’ Besides learning a few suave moves from them, lets figure out which WWE Wrestlers have made it to the 2014 List of Superstars.


Top Ten WWE Superstars 2014

Take a sneak peek at the WWE 10 Best Wrestlers of 2014 to check out who is ruling the charts and who is resting in peace!


1. John Cena


Kick-starting his wrestling career in 1999, the American professional wrestler and actor, John Cena is popularly known as the face of WWE since a long time. With a track record of 22 championship reigns and 15 time World Champion, his tenure with the Ultimate Pro Wrestling witnessed him topping the UPW Heavyweight Championship. The best moment of Cena, thus far, has undoubtedly been the February 17th match against Cesaro, helping him to secure a spot in the Top 10 WWE Superstars List.


2. Triple H


Paul Michael Levesque being his real name, Triple H, began his professional wrestling career in 1992. Belonging to the gang of principal owners of the World Wrestling Entertainment, he entered the industry with the International Wrestling Federation under the ring name of Terra Ryzing. Triple H has notably left a grand mark in 2014, with his match against Danial Bryan at the WrestleMania 30. This match has been considered one of the best in the year so far.


3. Randy Orton


An American professional wrestler, Randy Orton made his debut into the arena of wrestling in 2000. He has been 12-time World Champion as well as has held the WWE Championship 8 times. He has also been accredited with the World Heavy Weight Championship 4 times. This year has been especially fulfilling one for him as he was declared the WWE Champion yet again in the WrestleMania 30. Evolution vs The Shield at Extreme Rules has been a noteworthy match thus far. Therefore, Orton truly deserves to stand among the WWE 10 Best Wrestlers Of 2014.


4. Seth Rollins


A former WWE Tag Team Champion and presently the Money in the Bank briefcase holder, Seth Rollins started his professional wrestling career in 2003. Renowned for his mat wrestling and high flying, he has given the viewers quite a few breath-taking moments in the arena. 2014 has seen the epic balcony dive performed by him at the event, Extreme Rules, which astounded one and all. The Shield vs The Wyatt Family at the Elimination Chamber also is a highlight of his exuberance in the year 2014.


5. Roman Reigns


A former Canadian football defensive tackle, Roman Reigns is one wrestling giant to watch out for. Making his debut in 2010, he has achieved the record of making most of the eliminations at the 2013 event of Survivor Series Match. In 2014, his outstanding performance in the Royal Rumble has won him massive respect from the ardent WWE fans. His best match thus far in 2014, is most certainly, the Elimination Chamber one, where he wrestled against the Wyatt Family.


6. Dean Ambrose


The longest reigning WWE United States Champion under the World wrestling Entertainment banner, Dean Ambrose is one of the best WWE Wrestlers. He clearly deserves to feature in the WWE Top 10 Record as his championship remained unbeaten for 351 long days. The Elimination Chamber match between The Shield and the Wyatt Family has been announced of leveling up to epic records, which counts as the best match played by Ambrose in the year so far.


7. Bray Wyatt


The leader of The Wyatt Family, Bray Wyatt is a powerful American Wrestler who made his debut in 2009. Holding the Florida Tag Team Championship two times. He is a significant name in the Top Ten WWE Superstars List of 2014 due to his feud with Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumble. An assured voice over the microphone, you can either love him or hate him, but you simply can’t ignore him.


8. Antonio Cesaro


With a promising future ahead of him, Cesaro is gradually reaching the zenith in the WWE industry. This Swiss professional wrestler has won accolades as an accomplished tag team wrestler. Being accredited with Andre, the Giant Trophy, he has really made it big. The mind-boggling moment of 2014 delivered by him is, certainly, the lifting and throwing of Big Show over the top rope in the feud to possess the Andre Trophy.


9. Daniel Bryan


Talk of the 2014 List of Superstars in the World Wrestling Entertainment and skip to mention Daniel Bryan could be a serious offense! His matches at the Royal Rumble against Bray Wyatt and WrestleMania 30 against Triple H have left no stones unturned in making him one of the best WWE Wrestlers of the year. A proficient orator, he establishes a connection with the audience like no body else in the industry. Though he has been injured after the feud with Kane at the Extreme Rules event, he is expected to return revamped and reloaded.


10. Batista


The series of WWE Superstars Of Wrestling is incomplete without the mention of Batista. An American actor, professional mixed martial artist and a professional wrestler, he has won World Heavyweight Championship 4 times along with WWE Championship 2 times. His name has gone down in history as he is the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion and has been accredited with the title of 6-time World Champion. Winning the 2014 Royal Rumble has definitely been the highest high that he has reached in this year so far.

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