Top 10 Sports Bar in US

Whether it is the recent rival college competition, Stanley Cup or the NBA finals, watching certain sports events on the screen of a sports bar can be a more thrilling experience than viewing it in your living room. So today we have come up with some of the best sports bars in USA renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities and authentic ambience. Established during various points of time, these places assure sports fanatics with all comforts they seek for.  Quickly glide through our write up to grab details about them.

Top Ten Sports Bar in USA

Spot the names that have been recognised as the top ten sports bars in USA.

1. Barney’s Beanery

Barney's Beanery - Top Ten Sports Bars in USA

Opened in 1920, Barney’s Beanery has been a favourite of Los Angeles for the past nine decades. The sports bar was the brainchild of John “Barney” Anthony with its roots in Berkeley, California. Throughout the twentieth century, it had shared a special position among the best sports bars in USA as it was frequented by well known personalities including Clara Bow, Judy Garland, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin. It even ahs associations with popular pop culture.

2. Cheli’s Chili Bar

Cheli's Chili Bar - Top Ten Sports Bars in USA

Apart from being a part of Detroit Red Wings heritage, another factor which determines its popularity is its food accompanied by outstanding service. It was started by retired American professional ice hockey defenseman – Chris Chelios during 2006 at the heart of downtown Detroit. It is the pristine location for live entertainment as well to experience some of the most appreciated sports events. The sports bar also welcomes guests to throw their private parties.

3. Murphy’s Bleachers

Murphy's Bleachers - Top Ten Sports Bars in USA

Situated directly behind centerfield of Wrigley Field, Murphy’s Bleachers is exceptional in its own way when it comes to Wrigleyville bars. It is in fact one of Chicago’s most trendy sports bar with never-ending collection of Chicago teams memorabilia, a rooftop deck and brilliantly blended food. For the last eighty year, this place has been the perfect combination of a hub to the neighbourhood as well as a retreat for Cubs admirers.

4. Major Goolsby’s

Major Goolsby's - Top Ten Sports Bars in USA

Recognised as the fourth best sports bar in America, recently by Sports Illustrated, Makor Goolsby’s is a city institution inaugurated by Jerry Cohen in 1970. The bar has been decked with 45 HDTVs in order to make the NFL Sundays more special and vibrant. Apart from this, it is also the perfect location for a fan to watch their favourite team every night of the week. To set the right ambience, the walls out here are decorated with autographed sports memorabilia and photos of all the sports celebrities who have been a part of the bar.

5. Standings Bar

Standings Bar - Top Ten Sports Bars in USA

Regarded as the best sports bar in NYC, Standings Bar draws a lot of attention from the New Yorkers due to its taste for sports and beer. Owner Gary Gillis is the man behind the creation of this awesome tavern that took complete shape in 2005 at 43 East 7th Street, New York. Though the place is build out of a single room, it has all the facilities that can allure the mind of a sports lover.

6. Fadó

Fadó - Top Ten Sports Bars in USA

A true worshiper of sports, Fadó opens as early as 4:30 AM to show international matches to its visitors. As a result of which it has not only claimed the status of being the leading bar in Seattle but has also been named as the best soccer bar in America by Prost Amerika. Other factors that sums up to its excellence are its warm hospitality, hearty food and friendly banter. Sited just few blocks away from the historic Pioneer Square District and the Seattle waterfront, Fadó took birth in 2000 November.

7. Jillian’s

Jillian's - Top Ten Sports Bars in USA

With 32 pool tables, 50 television screens and a 22-lane bowling alley; Jillian’s is the best known sports bar in Fenway Park on Ipswich Street. A complete pack of “drink, eat, play and watch”; this place can be the perfect choice when it comes to selecting the best sports bar in the United States. No doubt it is a popular name among the sports fans, young professionals and clubbers dwelling in every corners of Boston.

8. Chickie’s & Pete’s

Chickie's & Pete's - Top Ten Sports Bars in USA

With the reputation of being the number one sports bar in the Northeast United States, Chickie’s & Pete’s is a private owned restaurant cum bar. It came into existence in 1977 and by 2011 it had expanded into twelve more sports bars. Chickie’s & Pete’s was conceived by Peter and Henrietta Ciarrocchi with its headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. People visit this place not to watch sports simply but to get completely swayed by the sports.

9. Caesar’s Palace Sports Book

Caesar's Palace Sports Book - Top Ten Sports Bars in USA

Caesar’s Palace Sports Book is another perfect sports bar to spot in US. Apart from its mind blowing food, screen and drink, here one can also bet on the games they view. It is a massive space exclusively designed for sports bedlam with the right kind of atmosphere for cheering the winning as well as the loosing team. Thus it is the best sports bar on the strip.

10. Will’s Northwoods Inn

Will’s Northwoods Inn - Top Ten Sports Bars in USA

The record of top 10 sports bars in USA comes to an end with the Chicago based sports bar, Will’s Northwoods Inn. The place is a favourite among the supporters of Bulls, Cubs and Badgers games and around 700 passionate sports followers are seen visiting it each week night. Chilled beers, delicious burgers, deep fried cheese curds and brats are the other items that keep the viewers occupied during a complete match.

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