Top Ten Best Pixar Movies

Top Ten Best Pixar Movies

Who doesn’t love Pixar’s films? No one we guess. Since 80’s the Pixar Studios have come entertaining and teaching us the value of emotions and joy. All the movies which came out of Pixar studio straight went to winning all hearts and emotions of people along with major noble awards for the year they came. There are most brilliant art that Pixar devoted to the film industry nonetheless some went straight to the heart whereas some were not that much adored. Today we are here with the list of the best Pixar movies till date which are so loved that one can watch over and over again.

1- Up (2009)

Up (2009)

“Adventure”, the 2009 film “Up” gave this word a whole new meaning. No wonder why it became one of the most loved among the other animated films. Be it the seventy-eight-year-old man Carl Fredrickson or 10 years old Ellie, the never skips to leave the audience mesmerized. It offers a lot of adorable and uproarious moments that are still loved by the audience. The film is written and directed by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson, it is visually stunning.

2- Inside out (2015)

Inside out (2015)

Undoubtedly Pixar has an absolute brilliance of presenting animations in the preeminent ways. Through Inside Out Pete Docter has a lot to tell us how things work in our life at different hard-hitting stages. It can be enjoyed by the diverse age groups and loved by all. The best part about the film is it teaches a lot about life, love, and relations.

3- Coco (2017)

Coco (2017)

There is no Pixar presentation where one couldn’t miss their family and Coco is one such. This amazing tale revolves around a young boy Miguel, his love & passion for music and his family’s odium for it. It is a film that everyone should watch to embark on an extraordinary journey of two different yet connected people and ends up connecting them with their family.

4- Toy story (1995)

Toy story (1995)

Toy Story is another delightful presentation by Pixar to make their audience fall in love with creativity all over again. The film came in 1995 yet till date it is favorite of most of the audience. A flawlessly catchy and emotional presentation of a toy saving another toy makes the film enchanting and adorable.

5- Wall .E (2008)

Wall .E (2008)

A fabulously animated comedy and adventure presentation, it broke all the records and won all the hearts with many awards. The film shows the beautiful story of a robot that is accountable to clean up a waste-covered earth and how he falls in love with another robot.

6- Ratatouille (2007)

Ratatouille (2007)

This film is a profound purity of art that radiantly demonstrations how the simplest story can be executed in a powerful commercial pack. Ratatouille is the story of an unbelievable rat who can cook and how he develops a strange yet strong bond with a restaurant’s kitchen worker. The strongly provoking emotions in the film won each heart in the audience.

7- Finding Nemo (2003)

Finding Nemo (2003)

Finding Nemo is an incredibly written comedy and emotional drama. The film brilliantly shows the journey of a father to find his son and how he makes so many friends. The life-altering journey of a small fish that travels all the way to Sydney, leaves the audience with both tears and joy.

8- Monster, Inc. (2001)

Monster, Inc. (2001)

It is one of the most hilarious films from early 2000. It was the directorial debut of the great animated films director Pete Docter. The film shows another vivid level of imagination where the monsters are hired for their scaring abilities.

9- Incredibles (2004)

Incredibles (2004)

An entire family of supers and each of them with a particular type of hilarious character, this film is a complete package of entertainment for any age group. It is a story of a family who has superpowers but is bound to go with the flow of common people. The film has various comic moments along with astoundingly holding emotions of family.

10- Brave (2012)

Brave (2012)

This film fixed the lack of female centralized film, nonetheless, it had not much comparison with other Pixar masterpieces. Brave is the story of a strong-willed young princess Merida and her journey that starts with her mistakenly transforming her own mother into a bear. The film is directed by Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman who is the first ever woman to direct an animated film for a huge studio.

And we are giving one bonus movie as one just cant get enough of Pixar movies.

11-  Car (2006)

Car (2006)

Films that will give you complete nostalgia are important and this film is one such. While this film lacks the uproarious moments somewhere it succeeds to win sentiments. The film has 2 more sequels.

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