Top 10 Luxury Chocolate Brands in the World

From exotic butterscotch-cream filled delights to chocolate covered fruits, Luxury chocolates are a heavenly experience. Some brands went off the route and produced some timeless “sweet” creations. Here are some of the best brands in the world who still amaze us with their every design:

Luxury Chocolate Brands In the World

1. Godiva

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The first amongst the Top 10 Luxury Chocolate Brands in the World is Godiva. With a detailed approach towards packaging and ingredients, they produce world’s finest truffles, biscuits, pretzels, sables, and chocolate covered strawberries.

2. Hotel Chocolat

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Opening its arms since 2004, Hotel Chocolat gave a new vision to traditional English choco-treats. The company even has its own cocoa farm in Saint Lucia and uses home-grown products for a healthier approach.

3. Prestat

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Said to be one of London’s oldest chocolate shops, Prestat is a sanctuary of ‘posh’ treats. The brand is widely popular for infusing a perfect combination of chocolate and fruits. Just a single bite of their Hand-Dipped Chocolate Orange Slices and you will forget your worries!

4. Lindt & Sprungli

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Swiss chocolatier Lindt understands and weave a magical thread made with irresistible auburn chocolates. Their round chocolate shells with a smooth cream-filled centre can be an anti-depressant at any time of the day!

5. Guylian

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One of the Top 10 Luxury Chocolates is the Belgian extravaganza Guylian, a popular name famous for its antique chocolate-made sea shells and horses. They are carved and shaped with 100% pure cocoa butter and packed with pure hazelnut praline filling prepared from roasted and caramelised hazelnuts.

6. Artisan du Chocolat

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Since 2000, London’s Artisan du Chocolat offers a wide range of choco-bars made up of 100% chocolate, almond milk or even black cardamom. They offer a delightful range of edible chocolate pearls which just melt inside of your mouth.

7. Montezuma

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Montezuma’s hand-made Luxury Chocolates are a delight when tasted. The plain sight of them plated on the table is nothing but a heavenly dessert time! The family chocolatiers are famous for their unique packaging and inventive chocolates making techniques. Their Radical Bar Library case is nothing but the best gift for a person with a sweet-tooth.

8. Bettys

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The specialized collection of luxury chocolates are nothing but a civilized perfection! Just a single bite of their Champagne and Liqueur Truffles or Lady Betty Peppermint Creams and you will be transported to heaven. For the Truffle, the rich chocolate ganache is prepared with Moet & Chandon Champagne, covered in Swiss milk chocolate with sugar icing on top!

9. Maison Pierre Marcolini

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Pierre Marcolini’s source of inspiration is the culinary cultures filled with unusual flavours and refreshing ingredients. Pierre tries to infuse selected the cocoa beans in his chocolate in order to give it a unique twist.

10. Fifth Dimension

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Fifth Dimension, one of the Luxury Chocolate Brands, brings forth a perfect blend of exotic flavours, creamy centres and textures from different parts of the world. Lemon chutney from Nadiad and Soy Caramel from Hong Kong are some of the examples.



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