Top 10 Most Expensive Chocolates in the World

A chocolate addicted?? Thumbs up!! You have landed on the perfect platform since today we will discuss about the chocolates that have been notorious for providing the most magical moment. Brands such as Noka and Richard have introduced a completely new way of presenting chocolates by designing them elegantly with unique flavour, aroma and texture. These chocolates and desserts might have a high price tag but will never fail to satisfy your taste buds. So discover the top 10 luxury chocolates moulded with some of the richest ingredients.

Top Ten Expensive Chocolates in the World

Glide through the list of top ten most expensive chocolates in the world to wish your dear ones with good fortune and prosperity, in style.

1. Chocopologie

No.1 Most Expensive Chocolate in the World - Chocopologie

Presenting mouth watering flavors from pumpkin pie truffles to lavender caramel, Chocopologie has options for every kind of rich taste. But the one created by Fritz Knipschildt in 1999 by blending truffle oil with 70 percent cocoa Valhrona Ganache,  is regarded as the most delicious delicacy that one can offer to woo someone. With a price tag of $2,600 per pound, this dark truffle has also been rated as the most expensive chocolate known to the world.

2. Michel Cluizel Chocolate

No.2 Most Expensive Chocolate in the World - Michel-Cluizel-Chocolate

The popular French chocolate house, Michel Cluizel has crafted a yummy gift pack at $895 for all the chocolate lovers of the world. The pack includes a number of unique delicatessens such as palet passion made with milk chocolate ganache, raspberry pulp and palet au miel produced out of ganache with chestnut honey, crème brûlée completed with ganache and caramelized butter and palet framboise merging dark chocolate ganache. Each of the flavour has 33% to 99% of cocoa along with Bourbon vanilla beans and cocoa butter as additional.

3. Noka Vintages Collection

No.3 Most Expensive Chocolate in the World - Noka Vintage Collection

The Vintages Collection from the America based chocolate brand – Noka; is an equally expensive chocolate that is popular all across the globe. This particular piece’s recipe includes dark chocolates, sugar and cocoa butter avoiding vanilla or soy lecithin to produce the finest feel for pampering the taste buds. No doubt they are priced at $854 per pound. Vintages Collection can guarantee one with 75% of pureness and single-origin cacao.

4. Delafee Gold Chocolates

No.4 Most Expensive Chocolate in the World - Delafee Gold

Delafee chocolates are meant especially for those who love lavishness. Costing $508 per pound, the Swiss company is credited for shaping this chocolate out of fine criollo cocoa beans with flakes of edible 24-karat gold to offer the ultimate blend of mesmerising and gratifying chocolate experience. Coconut oil, vanilla, sugar, milk powder and cocoa butter are the other ingredients that help flavouring one’s sweet tooth.

5. Richart

No.5 Most Expensive Chocolate in the World - Richart-Chocolate

The fifth position among the top 10 most expensive chocolates in the world has been offered to chocolates made by the French company – Richard. With a cost price of $120 per pound, Richard chocolate is paired up with 70% Criollo cocoa plucked from Venezuela and other fine elements like exotic spices, raspberries and almonds. The brand takes in extra care to thinly ground each cocoa bean to enhance the smoothness of each piece. Richart Chocolates also falls in the category of best chocolates in the world.

6. Pierre Marcolini Truffle Bresilienne

No.6 Most Expensive Chocolate in the World - Pierre-Marcolini-chocolate

With roots in Europe, the Belgian Pierre Marcolini has gained the status of producing some of the best chocolates in America. Especially its truffle Bresilienne mingled with milk-chocolate, caramelized almonds and Gianduja almond praline is the most notorious one among the  fans of chocolates. Rated at $102.50 per pound, a small bite of the delicious piece is enough to make anyone its victim.

7. Debauve & Gallais

No.7 Most Expensive Chocolate in the World - Debauve-&-Gallais-chocolate

Each pound priced more or less $94; Debauve & Gallais has a legacy for producing some of the most expensive yet best chocolates in the international markets. Instead of using the normal soy lecithin and emulsifiers, they utilize rich elements like Turkish raisins, Piedmont hazelnuts, Turin chestnuts, Perigord nuts, Spanish almonds and Antilles rum. For presenting the best experience of indulging in a sweetie, ingredients such as additives, dyes and preservatives are strictly prohibited.

8. Chuao

No.8 Most Expensive Chocolate in the World - Chuao

Unusual combination of flavour is the root cause why Chuao Chocolatier is an acknowledged brand when it comes to producing best chocolates. Chuao chocolates might have a high price tag of $79 per pound, but the brand makes sure to use only fresh ingredients while moulding their delicacies. The Venezuelan born brothers – Michael Antonorsi and Richard Antonorsi uses European techniques to craft out the best chocolate in States.

9. Richard Donnelly Chocolates

No.9 Most Expensive Chocolate in the World - Richard-Donnelly-chocolate

Richard Donnelly started shaping simple yet sophisticated chocolates after studying with master chocolatiers in Brussels and Paris. Finally a completely new brand took birth. Today the California based company is renowned world over for producing some of the most expensive chocolates with the finest quality. Here chocolates are made by hand from the finest Belgian and French couvertures. It’s each pound of bonbon is marketed at $75.

10. Vosges Haut Chocolate

No.10 Most Expensive Chocolate in the World - Vosges-Haut-Chocolate

Our last entry to the record of most expensive chocolates in the world is none other than Vosges Haut Chocolate. The brand is known for a number of flavours that can be afforded somewhere in and around $69. Dark chocolate with ginger and wasabi, Black Pearl, Naga, Red Fire, Finnochio, Balsamico etc are few of its most demanded flavours. The brand uses all sorts of well known ingredients to experiment with their tastes.

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