Top 10 Most Expensive Comic Books

It was perhaps the caveman that first used pictures to tell stories of their hunt and tell their kin about the animals they saw on their chase. Fast-forward a few thousand years and we have story tellers like the great STAN LEE (EXCELSIOR!!) telling us stories of the world, that are so fantastic; they can only exist in our heads all through pictures! And that, ladies and gentlemen in a comic! The comic books that have not only produced instantly recognizable super-figures but also the most loved ones have touched us in a manner that we still love to collect few editions of it.

Top Ten Most Expensive Comic Books

So read on to know the popular comic volumes that have been regarded as the top ten most expensive comics books in the world.


1. Action Comics # 1

Action Comics # 1

Introducing many of the comic book heroes, Action Comics #1 is undoubtedly the most expensive comic book till date. Slashed at $1,390,000 the volume was published on 18th April, 1938 as the first comic book. Superman being one of the superheroes of the book, Action Comics #1 had a wide ranging circulation, estimated to be more than $2 million. Though, it took birth 76 years ago, the book still continues to be a favorite among young and old comic fans.


2. Detective Comics # 27

Detective Comics # 27

Regarded as the one to conceive Batman, Detective Comics #27 is a part of the Detective Comics series – an American comic book initiated in 1937 by the DC Comics. The volume came up during the summers of 1939 and was sold out for $1, 380,000. What caught the fantasy of the readers was the appearance of the Dark Knight in a black-grey getup and solving the homicidal case of a prosperous businessman. Since then, batman has ruled in the hearts of his fans and the Detective Comics #27, still a hit.


3. Superman # 1

Superman # 1

Featuring the popular DC Comics super-character of the same name, Superman #1 was published in 1939 by National Allied Publications owing to the widespread popularity of the character in Action Comics #1. With a price tag of $671, 000; the volume falls one among the top 10 expensive comic books in the world. Though it was not Superman first appearance among his fans but the fact that the volume has been entirely dedicated to him, made his followers go gaga over it.


4. All American Comics # 16

All American Comics # 16

The beginning of a new comic hero – the Green Lantern started off with the publication of All American Comics #16 and this has made the volume a valuable comic book – $430, 000. It was launched in 1939 and became an instant hit. The volume was about Alan Scott, a railway engineer and how one day he came across a mysterious lantern offering him immense power to fight back injustice taking place in his metropolis.


5. Detective Comics # 1

Detective Comics # 1

The reason why we find Detective Comics #1 among the record of most expensive comic books is the fact that it was responsible for starting the DC Comic world. Though its content is not that of significance, comic followers love to keep it a part of their collection just because it was the first issue by reputed comic publisher. The estimated value of the volume is $405, 000.


6. Marvel Comics # 1

Marvel Comics # 1

Started in 1939 by the Timely Publications, Marvel Comics made the comics fan meet with another champion from the fantasy world – the Human Torch. The volume landed up becoming one amid the most expensive comic books as it was bought for $367, 000. The character was not a human, in fact an android and this has grabbed the attention of the readers intensely. With the launch of the volume, Marvel Comics started its journey to be a leading comic publisher.


7. Batman # 1

Batman # 1

Just like Superman, even batman became notoriously admired once he appeared in Detective Comics #27. The hype for the superhero demanded the introduction of Batman #1, the first volume of the Batman Comic series. The book was issued during the 1940 spring and had cost $359, 000. Though it was distributed quarterly, initially, later on it became bimonthly and now it is available monthly. It involved the character’s adventure with the Joker and the Cat-Woman.


8. More Fun Comics # 52

More Fun Comics # 52

The fictional character, Spectre made an exclusive his entry in this volume that was launched in 1940. Though the character had been seen in other comic books, previously, what made this volume to be caught up in the hype was its new method of comic writing and adventure narration. Bernard Baily and Jerry Siegel were responsible for the creation of the super-character, costing the volume $316, 000. No doubt, it is counted as one of the top 10 expensive comic books till date.


9. Flash Comics # 1

Flash Comics # 1

The first publication from the 104 issues of Comic Flash series, this particular one was marketed at $289, 000 due to the debut of popular characters such as Flash and Hawkman. The anthology comic book was set out by All American Publications for the public in 1940. While batman and Superman was responsible for creating a revolution among the American comic superhero images, the Flash Comics is regarded as being lifted from Roman and Greek mythology.


10. Amazing Fantasy # 15

Amazing Fantasy # 15

Speaking about the birth of the well liked comic hero- Spiderman, Amazing Fantasy #15 takes in the credit and this has made the volume to cost around $280, 000. It is another anthology comic volume of American origin that was launched by Marvel Comics. Though readers have made fun of the timid character – Peter Parker, they have equally loved and admired his altered image of a superhero saving the town from the wrongs.

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