Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in the World 2012

Human fantasies have no need and the richer side of the society always has s hand over their dreams. A hand full of our billionaires has gone to such an extent of lucrative living with highly fashionable buildings that their life style mesmerises the whole world. Besides the high value, these dens are capable of providing all sorts of extravagances which some of us might not even think of.  We have listed top 10 of the most expensive houses in the world for which millions and billions of dollars are spent.

List of World’s Most Expensive Houses

Rank House Name Current Value
1 Gold house $ 12.2 Billion
2 Antilla $ 1.00 Billion
3 Villa Leopolda $ 736 Million
4 The Penthouse $ 225 Million
5 Henley Mansion $ 218 Million
6 Fairfield Pond $ 198 Million
7 Hearst Mansion $ 165 Million
8 Franchuk Villa $ 161 Million
9 The Pinnacle $ 155 Million
10 The Manor $ 150 Million

Top 10 Most Costly Mansions in the World

1. Gold House
The historic house of 1809, Gold House breaks all records of most costly mansions in the world with an alarming rate of $12.2 billion. The “L” shaped, three bays, two stories, log dwelling on a stone foundation is located at Bunker Hill, West Virginia.

2. Antilla
The 27 floor building which is located in a high-class area of Mumbai belongs to the world’s fifth richest man, Mukesh Ambani. Well equipped with all modern facilities and 177 feet tall, Antilla is worth $1 billion making it one of the most expensive houses.  The structural design is based on the Indian tradition of Vastu Shastra and thus each floor bears unique design for positive energy.

3. Villa Leopolda
Before the Russian billionaire Prokhorov bought Villa Leopolda, it belonged to King Leopold II of Belgium  who built it in 1902.  One of the most costly mansions of worth $763 million has 27 stories and 19 bedrooms. It is situated on the French Riviera stretching across 80,000 square feet.

4. The Penthouse
$225 million valued The Penthouse has secured its name in the list of top ten most expensive houses of the world with an emergency tunnel exit leading to the nearby Mandarin Hotel, communal spa, squash court, wine tasting rooms etc.. It is positioned at Hyde Park with SAS guard, bullet proof windows, iris scanners and 24 hour full service.

5. Henley Mansion
On the bank of Thames this magnificent architecture with helipad, spa complex, home cinema and high-tech security system has a cost of $218 million. Earlies it was a home o George II’s eldest son but now its proud owner is a Russian billionaire.

6. Fairfield Pond
The 66,000 square feet Fairfield Pond is rated at $198 million helping it to made a record of being one among the most costly mansions. Apart from all contemporary comforts, the house also has 29 bedrooms, a basket ball court, bowling alley and a $150,000 hot tub.

7. Hearst Mansion
With an area of 7 acres, Hearst Mansion is owned by William Randolph Hearst. The manor was used in Godfather and is facilitated with 29 bedrooms, 3 swimming pools, a movie theatre and a disco. Some notable neighbours of the mansion comprise Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and David and Victoria Beckham.

8. Franchuk Villa
The eighth most expensive house is worth $161 million with 5 floors and 10 self-supporting bedrooms. It also has an underground indoor swimming pool, panic room and a private theatre.  The Victorian era Franchuk Villa is lent on rent for shooting and other important occasions. Previously it was a girl’s prep school but later on bought and renovated by Ukrainian AIDS Philanthropist, Elena Franchuk.

9. Pinnacle
The Pinnacle located in Montana is possessed by Tim Blixseth. It has a personal lift chair connecting the house directly with a nearby ski-resort and is valued $155 million. The home is artistically designed with heated driveways and fireplaces in all bathrooms along with other provisions and services that one can dream off.

10. The Manor
The Manor is the most expensive residential estate in United States which worth $ million. It belongs to Aron Spelling and the luxury is featured with 123 rooms, a bowling alley, an ice rink, three kitchens, sports court, multiple pools, private orchard and allegedly an entire wing devoted to Spelling’s wife’s wardrobe.

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