Top 10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands in the World

A pair of shoe is a noteworthy fashion piece that wraps up the complete look of the wearer and which is why price tag does not seem to bother many while procuring one. The list of top 10 most expensive shoe brands has highlighted all the shoe brands that are not only a favourite among the urbane chicks but are also preferred by a number of popular figures. Starting from detailed finishing to sophisticated look, these brands have designed footwear that has brought a revolution into the world of fashion. So scroll through to know the factors that make them so appealing to women and men alike.

Top Ten Expensive Shoe Brands                      

If you think that only diamond can cost you then you ought to read through the list of top ten most expensive shoe brands in the world.

1. Jimmy Choo

No.1 Most Expensive Shoes Brand - Jimmy Choo

Starting from pumps, wedges, flats, boots to sneakers; Jimmy Choo is renowned for all types of luxury shoes and sandals. Characterised by outstanding artistry, shoes from this brand are worn by popular figures such as Hillary Swank, Cate Blanchett and Halle Berry. With more than 400 design patents to its name, it is also one of the most appreciated expensive shoe brands in the world. The company was set in 1996 by couture shoe designer Jimmy Choo along with accessories editor of Vogue Tamara Mellon.

2. Christian Louboutin

No.2 Most Expensive Shoes Brand - Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin came under the limelight during 1990s and 2000s, when it brought stilettos back into trend by designing some of the most stylish bright red soled high heel shoes. Though initially it started off by selling 200 pairs, currently it markets more than 700, 000 pairs annually. While US accounts for 52% of its sell, Europe, Russia and Middle East with 30% along with Asia and Japan with 18%. The brand’s one pair of crystal-encrusted shoe comes for around $6,000, making it one amid the most expensive shoe brands. Also its annual revenue has been calculated at $300 million, recently.

3. Manolo Blahnik

No.3 Most Expensive Shoes Brand - Manolo Blahnik

Focused on stiletto heel, Manolo Blahnik finishes its product with such a refined touch that it compels its wearers to go crazy with admiration. It has even been awarded many a times by the Council of Fashion Designers of America as well as the British Fashion Council for its creative designs. The designer brand has also been part of popular culture such as Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (film), Angel (TV show), Fifty Shades of Grey (Novel) and Saturday Night Live (TV Comedy Show).

4. Louis Vuitton

No.4 Most Expensive Shoes Brand - Louis Vuitton

Ranked among the leading fashion houses, globally, Louis Vuitton has as well earned fame for exclusive luxury shoes. The brand has been named after its founder and its first shop was opened in London on Oxford Street during 1885. The brand has been credited for excellent craftsmanship, comfort and quality accompanied by a sense of elegance and classiness. This has become the very cause of it being one of the most preferred shoe brand.

5. Walter Steiger

No.5 Most Expensive Shoes Brand - Walter Steiger

Introducing their classy style during the period when wearing chunky platform shoes and boots were regarded as fashion statement Walter Steiger is yet another expensive shoe brand known to the world. The brand not only designs unique and innovative shoes for men and women alike but also works with some of the most renowned fashion designers and houses such as Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta and Karl Lagerfeld. It came into existence in 1932.

6. Alexander McQueen

No.6 Most Expensive Shoes Brand - Alexander McQueen

Started by the late British fashion designer and couturier – Lee Alexander McQueen, a pair of Alexander McQueen Faithful Collared Bootie will make you pay $1190. The founder of this expensive shoe brand was eminent for his shoe line with ultra-modern and chic shoe models. Alexander McQueen’s footwear generally depicts a fashion which is a combination of the 16th century and contemporary trend. Lee was working as the chief designer from 1996 to 2001 at Givenchy and was honoured with 4 British Designer of the Year awards (1996, 1997, 2001 and 2003).

7. Brain Atwood

No.7 Most Expensive Shoes Brand - Brain Atwood

Positioned at number seven among the top most expensive shoe brands in the world, Brain Atwood is an American shoe brand with well known fashion statement. As soon as the brand was launched in 2001, it caught the attention of the female population of the world with its rich colour usage and detailed finishing and bold silhouettes. The pump being its signature item, Brain Atwood is concerned for designing expensive shoes for women.

8. Stuart Weitzman

No.8 Most Expensive Shoes Brand - Stuart Weitzman

Named after is founder, Stuart Weitzman is another international expensive shoe brand that was credited for designing the $2,000,000 worth Cinderella Slippers crafted with diamond embedded straps. Moreover the company is known for the trademark use of exceptional materials such as wallpaper, 24-karat gold, cork, Lucite and vinyl along with attention for minute details. At present, the brand operates through 70 nations and is pretty popular among the annual Academy Awards nominees.

9. Miu Miu

No.9 Most Expensive Shoes Brand - Miu Miu

Apart from being a highly acclaimed name for sophisticated and youthful designs, Miu Miu is also one among the top most expensive shoe brands in the world. The name of the brand was concluded from its head’s nickname – Miuccia Prada and became a part of the shoe market in 1993. It is not only well accepted by up-to-the-minute urbane girls but are is also a much preferred name among celebrities like Laetitia Casta, Lindsay Lohan and Katie Holmes.

10. Gucci

No.10 Most Expensive Shoes Brand - Gucci

Gucci is an Italian leather goods and fashion brand belonging to the Gucci Group owned by the French company Kering. Currently it has 278 stores scattered globally across different nations, resulting it to be the largest as well as the best selling Italian brand. The brand was introduced by Guccio Gucci during 1921 and became responsible for its presence amid the expensive shoe brands with the launch of $795 Gucci Sofia High Heel Bootie.

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