Top 10 Most Expensive Wines

Many of us might not be aware of the rates that some of the wines were sold out during the bygone years. It is true that these wines were traded with the most shocking price tags across auction houses located at various parts of the globe. Be it the skills involved for creating them or the rejoicing taste that never fails to accompany them, the wines mentioned here are the most expensive wines known to the wine lovers and curious minds. Glide down to catch a glimpse of the prices that they were deal with.

Top Ten Most Expensive Wines

Get to know what makes the top ten most expensive wines worthy of the price tags.

1. Screaming Eagle Cabernet

Screaming Eagle Cabernet - Top Ten Most Expensive Wines

A product of Screaming Eagle Winery and Vineyards, Screaming Eagle Cabernet is not only the most widely appreciated red wine grape variety but is also the most expensive red wine known till date. The cult wine was tagged with $500,000 during the 2000 Napa valley wine auction. The wine is basically traded among the wealthy and the influential one’s who love to boast of possessing one of the 300 bottles of it.

2. Chateau Margaux

Chateau Margaux - Top Ten Most Expensive Wines

Though Chateau Margaux has been shattered during a Margaux dinner, it was priced for $500,000; one when it was a part of the Thomas Jefferson’s wine collection. Later, a wine merchant by the name Willian Sokolin procured it from Jefferson by paying $225,000 as insurance for it. Currently the wine does not exist since the accident at Margaux dinner.

3. Cheval Blanc

Cheval Blanc - Top Ten Most Expensive Wines

Cheval Blanc is one such wine whose taste turns wine aficionados into frenzy. Priced at $135, 125 for three-litter bottle it is even one of the most sought after wine. On the other hand 750 ml will cost the buyer $33, 781. According to Classification of Saint-Emilion wine, it bears the rank of Premier Grand Cru Classé (A) status. The wine was featured in the fifth episode of the Mad Men.

4. Chateau D’Yquem 1811


Chateau D’Yquem 1811

Produced in Sauternes, Gironde; Chateau d’Yquem 1811 is recognised as one of the best white wines in the world that can be procured for $117,000. Due to its extraordinary flavour, the year in which the wine was produced was called as a comet year. Blended well with concentration, complexity and sweetness; Chateau d’Yquem 1811 is worth its price tag. Longevity is another of its characteristics that makes the wine so well accepted among the lucrative class of society.

5. Chateau Mouton-Rothschild

Chateau Mouton-Rothschild - Top Ten Most Expensive Wines

Initially known as Château Brane-Mouton, nothing can beat Chateau Mouton-Rothschild when it comes to clarets. It is prepared in the wine estate of the same name, located in Bordeaux, France and 750 ml of it can make one pay as much as $47,000. Moreover its bid reached $310,700 when it was auction by Sotheby’s New York. An idea of Baron Philippe, the crest on the bottle of Chateau Mouton-Rothschild is marked with “V” indicative of restoration of peace. This is one of the factors justifying its coast.

6. Massandra Sherry De La Frontera

Massandra Sherry de la Frontera - Top Ten Most Expensive Wines

Sold for a monstrous $43,500 for a single bottle, Massandra Sherry de la Frontera or Massandra Sherry 1775 is yet another wine that falls into the category of top most expensive wine in the world. A product from the Massandra Winery – popular for European and Russian vintage wines, this one is regarded to be the oldest among the European collection. Its name de la Frontera has been adapted from the Spanish town of Jeres de la Frontera. Besides, only limited numbers of bottles of Massandra Sherry are produced for sale, owing to its high-price.

7. Penfolds Grange Hermitage

Penfolds Grange Hermitage - Top Ten Most Expensive Wines

With reputation of being Australia’s most prestigious red wine for the last four decades, a bottle of Penfolds Grange Hermitage was bought by a wine collector for $38,420 at an Australian auction house. Currently owned by Treasury Wine Estates, this particular drink is made out of Shiraz (Syrah) grape accompanied with a lesser percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon. By remaining true to its origin along with maintaining a style statement, Penfolds Grange Hermitage it has surpassed the cult of contemporary winemaking.

8. Royal De Maria

Royal De Maria - Top Ten Most Expensive Wines

Apart from ideal rain, soil, sun and temperature, the preparation of Royal De Maria cannot be completed without the presence of freezing temperature. This clears that it involves a tricky procedure and as a result of which it is one among the most expensive red wines. The amazingly set ice wine was reported to be sold for $30,00 per bottle.

9. Romanee-Conti

Romanee-Conti - Top Ten Most Expensive Wines

Recognized as the most perfect wine among Burgundy, Romanee-Conti is as well the most rarefied wine across the globe as its requires three Pinot Noir grape vines to create a single bottle of it. With this fact in mind, it has been rated at $28,112, while eight bottles it was sold out for $224,900 in an auction by Sotheby’s London during the year 1996. Produced in France it bears the status of being the best wine.

10. Chateau Lafite 1865

Chateau Lafite - Top Ten Most Expensive Wines

Containing only 750 ml per bottle, Chateau Lafite is said to be 150 years old. While one can have a double-magnum bottle of it for $27,000 on the other hand a set of it can be bought with a price tag of $111,625. It was awarded with First Growth status and is renowned for its brilliantly blended taste. At present it is owned by a private wine collector with European originality.

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