Best Coffee Shops in US

Originated in the lands of Ethiopia and Kenya around the 13th Century, cultivated by the Arabs, coffee was transported to the Americans by the 16th Century. Gabriel de Clieu brought the first coffee seedlings to the nation and ever since it has captured the natives, body and soul. Starting from the coffee farms, the country has become one of the biggest hubs of coffee shops in the world. Most of the world famous coffee houses trace their roots to the America. Let us find out which of the top coffee shops capture the hearts of the netizens.

Top 10 Coffee Shops in US

Here is a delight for the coffee lovers. Read below to find out more about the top 10 coffee shops.

1.Café Grumpy

1st Top 10 Coffee Shop - Café GrumpyEveryone who has watched the series ‘Girls’ is familiar with the Café Grumpy. Yes, it is Ray and Hannah’s coffee shop. One of the top coffee shops in the US, Grumpy is known for roasting its own coffee beans since 2009. They produce almost seven types of different beans from Brazil, Colombia and Nicaragua. The coffee house has several outlets across New York. It is perhaps one of the few cafes which have no Wi-Fi and has a very relaxing ambience; which makes it a great coffee shop to hang out.

2.Ultimo Coffee

2nd Top 10 Coffee Shops - Ultimo CoffeeWhen it comes to top coffee shops in the US, there is a huge competition between New York and Philadelphia. And no such list is complete without Ultimo Coffee, the best place to sip a coffee in Philadelphia. Ultimo is not just known for it’s over the top coffees. It is also considered one of the great coffee shops for its welcoming atmosphere and simplicity. Known for it’s excellent customer service, the coffee house scores bonus points for its tasting and free cuppings.

3.Stumptown Coffee Roasters

3rd Top 10 Coffee Shops - Stumptown Coffee RoastersStarted at Portland, Stumptown has now expanded in to New York, Manhattan and Los Angeles. Its high quality beans, well trained staff and intense equipment programs make it a great coffee shop. Considered one of the top coffee shops in the US, Stumptown has changed the face of Portland when it comes to coffee. Stumptown is the ‘Starbucks’ of Portland. It is also known for its customer service and relaxing ambience.


4th Top 10 Coffee Shops - BaristaAnother one of the Portland coffee houses have made it to the list of top coffee shops. Barista is mainly known for its multi- roaster model which comprises of a veriety of roasts ranging from the Seattle Kuma to the many hyper local ones. One look at this great coffee shop and you will realise that there is a reason why Portland is called the coffee capital of America.

5.Joe, The Art of Coffee

5th Top 10 Coffee Shops - Joe, The Art of CoffeeJoe is known to serve one of the best cappuccinos, lattes and espresso in New York. The coffee house chain also gets recognition for its unmatched customer service. Its co- owner Rubinstein once remarked that ‘If you don’t think you fit in with the high-end consumer, we’re going to do everything we can to bridge that gap.’ One of the top coffee shops in NYC, Joe has also won the Good Food Award, 2013 for the Ethiopian Camp brew.

6.Ritual Coffee Roasters

6th Top 10 Coffee Shops - Ritual Coffee RoastersRitual Coffee Roasters have climbed up the ladder for there nearly perfect coffees. Ranked sixth among the top coffee shops in the US, it is the proud of San Francisco. The great coffee shop is recognised for its beans which are sourced from as far away as Africa along with the varieties from the South America and Central America. Ritual has a great consumer base extending to every age group and social class.

7.Gimme Coffee

7th Top 10 Coffee Shops - Gimme CoffeeWith its ‘farm to cup’ beans and unparalleled roasting quality, Gimme has made a permanent place among the top coffee shops of the US. One of the great coffee shops, the house has become a yardstick for coffee chains. Started at the beginning of this century, Gimme had a far- reaching idea about coffee which made it one of the great coffee shops. They believed that coffee is not just a caffine drink it can be transformed into a fine culinary product which can equate the single malt Scotch.


8th Top 10 Coffee Shops - IntelligentsiaStarted in Chicago, the chain is fast expanding and now has got a foot hold in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. A regular on the list of top coffee shops in the US, Intelligentsia is known for its high service and quality standards. It is said that their barista training program is amongst the toughest to clear. Its unmatched quality of the caffeine drinks and liberating atmosphere makes it a great coffee shop.

9.Everyman Espresso

9th Top 10 Coffee Shops - Everyman EspressoThe Everyman Espresso not just serves you your favourite coffee; they serve you in a way that makes you feel good about yourself. That is what this great coffee shop teaches its baristas. Another interesting thing about this one of the top coffee shops is that they do not have a menu. They only have a printed blurb. Served in a great friendly manner, their over the counter coffee culture has captured the hearts of many.

10.Peregrine Espresso, Washington, D.C.

10th Top 10 Coffee Shops - Peregrine Espresso, Washington, D.C.This DC coffee shop has made it to the top coffee shops in the US for serving one of the best coffees in the town in a friendly and welcoming manner. Spanning over 3 outlets in the US capital, the chain recently won the award of the Best Coffee House in the Eastern US beating the strong competitors from Canada. Known for superb customer service, the coffee house believes in serving the best to its customers in a relaxing atmosphere. That makes it one of the great coffee shops in DC.

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