Healthy & Tastiest Seafood in the World

If you are a seafood lover then this write up deals with the right topic to serve your purpose. The record of top 10 seafood mentions the ten most popular sea food craved by foodies from all nook and corner of the earth. These food items are not only rich in flavour and texture but are also vital from the health point of view. Each year with new methods of culinary their demand is on rise for sure. Dive into the article and peep through the names that have been ranked as the best seafood.

Top 10 Best Seafood in the world

Check out if your favourite seafood item has been included into the list of top ten seafood or not.

1. Shrimp

Shrimp - Top 10 Seafood in the world

Being the most popular seafood in any of American restaurants, the consumption of Shrimps has increased over 36 percent in the past ten years. The seafood is found in a number of varieties according to harvest season, color, diet and size. Few of them are also known as prawns or camarones. It makes up a good diet as it is high in protein, low in fat and has moderate omega-3 fatty acid. Chili’s Spicy Garlic & Lime Shrimp, Jumbo Shrimp Parmesan, Buttery Shrimp and pasta, Grilled Shrimp etc are some of the best known dishes prepared out of the sea food.

2. Canned Tuna

Canned-Tuna - Top 10 Seafood in the world

Canned Tuna has been popular seafood for more than a century with its first production dating back to 1900. Presently the food item is the second most consumed sea food in the States at 2.7 pounds per person each year. Canned Tune is basically eaten by adding to salads, sandwiches and casseroles besides using it as a recipe for main meals. Tuna is an oily fish and including it in one’s diet can profit his/her health. Skipjack Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Albacore Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna and Bluefin Tuna are the chief commercial tuna species available across markets.

3. Salmon

Salmon - Top 10 Seafood in the world

When it comes to dinning out, Salmon is the most preferred seafood all over Britain. Health factors and affordable range have played a significant role in making Salmon one of the best seafood. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acid and can reduce heart diseases. Thus it is in trend to include the food item three to four times in a week. Apart from the English island; French, Spain and United States are also fan of Salmon.

4. Pollock

Pollock - Top 10 Seafood in the world

The tradition cat food has recently turned out be one among the most popular seafood in US as well in UK. In fact over 13,000 tonnes of the Pollock species have been traded across UK’s fish markets in the recent years. The slow global economic scenario which was witnessed couple of years back has compelled people to go for the cheaper Pollack than the luxurious ones. Moreover the white fish is also started dominating the taste buds of people.

5. Tilapia

Tilapia - Top 10 Seafood in the world

Recognized in the food trade as “aquatic chicken” because of its familiar taste, tilapia is the perfect factory fish. Americans in general go crazy over its sweet and soft meat making it one amid the top 10 seafood. Currently Tilapia is also rated as the third most well accepted aquaculture since its introduction in 2002. If reports are to be believed, Americans have devoted over 1 pound of the seafood item per individual every year. The fish is also a part of few of the best seafood recipes known to the world.

6. Pangasius

Pangasius - Top 10 Seafood in the world

Being in sixth position, Pangasius has cracked the record of top 10 seafood, well appreciated by seafood consumers. With a variety in the freshwater fish, buyers are said to munch through almost 6 ounces of Pangasius for each year. It has witnessed a new growth in its demand even in nations like Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, China and Laos. When cooked blending with other ingredients, Pangasius forms a delicate texture with good looking white flesh.

7. Catfish

Catfish - Top 10 Seafood in the world

As usual Catfish has all over again climbed up the list of best seafood in United States especially among the mid-western and southern states. With the introduction of aqua-farming, the fish is now more easily available across restaurants that entertain diners with popular seafood dishes. The Channel Catfish and the Blue Catfish are the most demanded species. It is generally eaten fried or by crumbing with cornmeal. It is also a popular seafood item in Europe where people prepare it as Carp.

8. Crab

Crab - Top 10 Seafood in the world

Crab has long been the most popular seafood contributing to 20 percent of seafood consumption across nations. Depending upon the type, varied dishes are prepared from this aquatic creature. While some of the species’ legs and claws are eaten others are devoured as whole including their shell. Even Crab roe forms a part of well-accepted seafood in East Asian tradition. Dungeness crab, King Crab, Blue Crab, Horseshoe Crab, Snow Crab, Rock Crab and Stone Crab are few of the most demanded types.

9. Cod

Cod - Top 10 Seafood in the world

Known for flaky, dense white flesh with mild flavour, Cod makes delicious seafood. The fish cannot be grilled due to its delicate nature but can be prepared through other creative culinary skills. Both, Atlantic as well as the Pacific cod, are high in demand among seafood lovers. In countries such as Spain, Portugal and Italy; the fish’s liver is either canned or fermented for consumption.

10. Clam

Clam - Top 10 Seafood in the world

Clam is a yet another seafood that is popular among the people of Italy, India, North America and Trinidad. They can be eaten raw, baked, boiled or fried and has a bit fishier and stronger taste compared with oysters. Fried Razor Clams, Cioppino, Steamed Clams in Butter and Sake etc are few of its renowned dishes that is prepared in all leading seafood restaurants of the globe.

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