Top 10 Most Dangerous Alcoholic Drinks

Are you familiar with some of the alcoholic beverages whose one sip can prove to be fatal? Today we will be discussing about those intoxicating drinks that are processed through weird methods and combined with strange ingredients. Though they might sound eccentric, majority of these alcoholic drinks are a part of popular culture in several countries. So quickly surf through the list of most dangerous alcoholic drinks and get aware with many bizarre facts related to them.

Top Ten Most Dangerous Alcoholic Drinks

1. Absinthe


Prepared from the leaves and flowers of Artemisia absinthium (grand wormwood) along with sweet fennel, green anise and other culinary and medicinal herbs; Absinthe is a highly alcoholic, distilled beverage. Thujone – a chemical compound found in the drink makes it an addictive psychoactive drug. Thus it leads the list of top alcoholic drinks which are dangerous to consume.

2. Mezcal


A trend started in the 1940’s; Mezcal is still sold out with a sight disturbing worm inside the bottle. Though it is weird, it is true. It is drunk straight and not as a mixed drink. This alcoholic brew is made out of agave plant, grown extensively in Mexico. Mezcal is popularly exported to Japan and the United States along with twenty seven other countries across three continents. It has a strong smoky flavour and is considered as one of the most dangerous alcoholic drinks.

3. Scorpion Vodka


As the name suggest, a bottle of Scorpion Vodka comes with a full length preserved scorpion inside it. The drink is formed out of wheat and is used as for medical uses such as back and body muscle pain as well as an aphrodisiac in South East Asia. Scorpion Vodka tastes different compared with the normal vodka. Besides the scorpion inside it is meant for eating as it is non-poisonous.

4. Three Lizard Liquor


Being a part of popular custom in China and Vietnam and one of the best alcoholic drinks, the Three Lizard Liquor is drank to drive away evil power and negative energies. In both of the countries it is a strong believed that lizards are regarded as a powerful source of energy that can fend off evil spirit. However it is a dangerous alcoholic drink as it is prepared by stuffing three medium sized lizards.

5. Snake Wine


The Snake Wine is prominent in the South Eastern Asia that is produced by inserting a highly poisonous snake into rice wine. According to report, the taste of the wine is determined from the snake’s venom, though the ethanol content kills the venomous effect. In Taiwan’s Huaxi street night sells such kind of drink along with other snake food. One of the effects of this alcohol is said to possess medicinal qualities that can benefit the health.

6. Baby Mice Wine


Baby Mice Wine deserves the sixth position among the top 10 most dangerous alcoholic drinks. It is a customary drink consumed in China and Korea. Even this one has a weird way of preparing. A number of newly born mice are put into a jar of wine and is kept for a year to catch on with its flavour through fermentation. Like Snake Wine, even Baby Mice Wine is assumed to have some healthy benefiting characteristics.

7. Seagull Wine


The credit for introducing the Seagull Wine goes to the Eskimos. The typical beverage has been adopted by this tribe due to the bitter cold atmosphere of the region. They slice seagulls into tiny pieces, stuff into a bottle of water and leave it out under the brimming sun to ferment. Known as one of the most sadistic beverages, it is also believed to be a dangerous alcoholic drink.

8. Purple Drank


A recreational drug well accepted in the Southern United States Hip Hop community, the Purple Drank contains codeine and promethazine mixed with Sprite or Mountain Dew. The drink has made news for taking the lives of a number of users, through respiratory and CNS depressions. Purple Drank also has a narcotic effect and makes the consumer nauseous and woozy. Many youngsters find it trendy but in reality it is not as cool as it seems.

9. Four Loko


Marketed by Phusion Projects of Chicago, the Four Loko is another name that appears among the most dangerous alcoholic drinks in the world as it is a combination of alcohol, taurine, caffeine and guarana. Initially it was sold out as an energy drink but after it was found out to have health affects, it has been banned in many places. In the past years, a number of individuals were hospitalised after the use of the beverage.

10. Everclear


Everclear is a distilled, unflavoured and colourless beverage that is processed out of maize. It is known to have alcohol content in the range of 40% to 90% and is banned in many countries. It can be consumed as a mixed alcoholic drink combined with energy drinks and fruit juices. However, one of the effects of this alcohol is that only few shots can create  stomach pump.

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