Top 10 Ancient Food Recipes

Since the dawn of human kind, evolution has taken place on an advanced mode in every genre, be it technology, habitat, fashion or food. From cultivating on the barren lands to decorating food as an art on the plate, we have come across a sufficient mile. Do you ever want to go back in time and witness the succulent smells and flavours of the primeval period? Our heartfelt appreciation to some reputed culinary historians that we are able to enjoy these dishes within the comforting ambience of a modern kitchen. Let’s ramble through some of the most historic cuisines and narrate a generous list of Top 10 Food Recipes from Ancient History revealing a broad choice of dips, roasts, pastas etc.


Top 10 Ancient Food Recipes


1. Imperial Roman Honey-Spiced Wine

Imperial Roman Honey-Spiced Wine

Honey-infused wines, or popularly called as Mulsum in the Imperial Roman age (circa 27 BCE to 400 AD), this drink was served as pre-dinner delicacy while hosting any party or a get-together. Suggesting that this drink was basically made for medicinal purposes, precise quantities of ingredients was hard to calculate. Mastic, a rare ingredient used, can be obtained via bark of the “mastic tree”, found only in acute areas of Greek. It must be chilled when served.


2. 13th-Century Eggplant Relish

13th-Century Eggplant Relish

During the 13th century, Arabic cuisine minutely laid emphasis on aromatic details while preparing any dish. Appointed chefs were allotted an array of exotic spices and constituents, like rosebuds and saffron, in order to extract flavourful fragrance. Eggplant-yogurt dip is prepared keeping the authenticity in mind while balancing the strong aromas of lavender, nutmeg, cloves, and rosebuds used as major ingredients.


3. Medieval Stuffed Breast Of Lamb

Medieval Stuffed Breast Of Lamb

Said to be one of the Top 10 Ancient Food Recipes in the World, this dish will directly port you into medieval times. Prepared with a penchant for aphrodisiac aromas of cinnamon, coriander, feta, and lamb, this savoury stuffed lamb roast can be easily modified according to various cuisines. Normally, this dish if often plated with thin noodles soaking in a spiced broth for a rejuvenating taste.


4. Renaissance Ravioli In Rich Broth

Renaissance Ravioli In Rich Broth

Originated during the Italian Renaissance era (circa 1300 to 1600 AD), this recipe for ravioli calls for a filling of hog’s tripe or calf’s head representing a certain challenge for today’s progressive chefs. If facing too many difficulties finding any admirers, a modern chef can substitute the filling ingredient with shiitake mushrooms or chicken infused with the mascarpone, Parmesan cheese, and grounded spices for a modern touch.


5. Renaissance Seasoned Salad

Renaissance Seasoned Salad

Again heading back to the Italian Renaissance era (circa 1300 to 1600 AD), this recipe found a decent place amongst the list of Top 10 World’s Oldest Food Recipes, as it is considered a healthy before-the-meal appetizer. This leafy green and garden-fresh herb salad is originally seasoned quite well with oil, salt, and a little punch of vinegar to give it a tangy taste. According to the historians, this salad was moderately not served unless you have a big meal planned, as lettuce acts as a stimulation for a generous appetite.


6. Moctezuman Chocolate Libation

Moctezuman Chocolate Libation

This dish got its name from Moctezuma, a famous ruler in pre-Columbian Mexico, and under his reign, this drink is far from a sweet milky beverage we enjoy in our modern times now. The drink back then was refreshing, slightly bitter and ingredients used were water, ground cocoa beans, dried chili powder, and other spices to give it a punch and some twist.


7. Thomas Jefferson’s Colonial Catfish Soup

Thomas Jefferson's Colonial Catfish Soup

The culinary style of Thomas Jefferson has a lot of French impact which were reflected mostly in his cooking. With a collection of fine dine experience; his gastronomic personality reflects a culinary fusion of English, Dutch, French, African, and even Mexican cultures. This creamy and savoury catfish soup has a French connection to it, and is prepared with exotic French spices and herbs.


8. Colonial Sweet Potato Pudding

Colonial Sweet Potato Pudding

Colonial-Era Sweet Potato Pudding is again another discovery by Thomas Jefferson, and is much similar to modern times’ sweet potato pie baked specially on Thanksgiving Day. His creation was inspired from the one generated by Mary Randolph, wife of Virginian David Meade Randolph.


9. Moretum (Garlic and Herb Pesto)

Moretum (Garlic and Herb Pesto)

This dish hails from a succumbing poem accredited to the first-century B.C.E. poet Virgil, in which a peasant named Similus creates a strong blend of garlic, salty hard cheese, oil, vinegar, and fresh herbs to be eaten with a plain, wheat bread. This garlic, herb, and Pecorino cheese pesto can be put on the table for its exquisite flavour and enriching taste.


10. Pre-Colombian Tamales with Black Beans

Pre-Colombian Tamales with Black Beans

Hailing from the times of Pre-Columbian Mexico, this bean-stuffed tamale recipe is spiced up with Epazote, a unique, overpowering Mexican herb with no sparred substitute, but can be associated with Cilantro or a nice mixture of savoury and parsley. This dish is very flavour-some, and was a very popular meal back in the times.

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