Top 10 Best Beer Brands in the World

As the summer passes by, here we are to discuss about the Top 10 Best Beer Brands in the World. The fizzy, yellow, bland tasting beverage has been known to human society ever since he has started civilizing. Like many exciting food items even beer is found in a wide number of varieties.  This alcoholic beverage made by brewing fermenting malted barley and sometimes other cereals with hops has always remained everyone’s beloved. It has become a common alternative for wine or any soft drinks. Various brands of beer have distinct percentage of alcohol.  Given below are some of the best beer brands available in the world market. Let’s explore it.

Top Ten Best Beer Brands in the World

1. Budweiser

Budweiser - Top 10 Best Beer Brands in the World

One of the highest selling beers  in United States and in the world market, Budweiser was introduced by Adolphus  Busch in 1876. It is supplied by the Belgian-Brazilian beer conglomerate Anheuser–Busch InBev. Barley malt, rice, water, hops and yeast are used to brew Budweiser. The lesser percentage of bitterness and its light body makers its drinkers consume it like refreshments.

2. Heineken

Heineken - Top 10 Best Beer Brands in the World

Another world wide popular beer is the Dutch beer Heineken brewed by Heineken International since 1873. Its content of alcohol varies from place to place like in Ireland it is produced with 4% alcohol. Purified water, malted barley, hops, and yeast are used to prepare it and carbonated forcible. According to survey 2.74 billion liters of Heineken brand beer was made. Heineken beer is processed in 71 countries across the globe.

3. Corona

Corona - Top 10 Best Beer Brands in the World

Corona also known as the Coronita in Spain is possessed and manufactured by Cerveceria Modelo by a number of breweries in Mexico. It has high demands in all the major markets of the world specifically in United States and United Kingdom. It came into existence in 1925 while celebrating  tenth anniversary of Cervecería Modelo. With a very mild flavour it has the colour of yellow straw and is packed in bottles of various sizes.

4. San Miguel Pale Pilsen

San-Miguel-Pale-Pilsen - Top 10 Best Beer Brands in the World

Philippines is credited for producing this awesome brand of beer. The original Brewery originated  in Manila during 1890.

5. Guinness

Guinness - Top 10 Best Beer Brands in the World

Guinness, a famous Irish dry stout took birth in the brewery of Arthur  Guinness during 1725 to 1803 at St. James’s Gate, Dublin. Produced in around 60 countries, Guinness is one among the best selling beer brands of the world. It has a particular scorched flavor due to the use of roasted unmalted barley. Due to its antioxidant compounds Guinness is a great friend of heart patient. Africa, United Kingdom, Canada, the Bahamas, Indonesia etc are its crazy fans. It was reported that in the year 2010 United States alone consumed 950,000 hectolitre of Guinness.

6. Labatt’s Blue

Labatt’s Blue

Labatt’s Blue, a Canadian beer Brand was introduced to the market by John Kinder Labatt in 1847 in London, Ontario. In Quebec  this brand is also famous as Labatt’s Blue. It contains 4.9% alcohol and is sold throughout United States.

7. Coors Light

Coors-Lite - Top 10 Best Beer Brands in the World

A young German Immigrant to America, Adolph Coors holds credit for starting the Coors Brewing Company. Later on seeing the growing demand for the liquor, his son introduced the Coors Light brand in 1978. Rice is one of its main ingredients besides barley and hops and has a watery taste. Apart from its increasing national consumer, Coors Light today exceeds 20 million barrels sell annually in the global market.

8. Miller Lite

Miller-Lite - Top 10 Best Beer Brands in the World

Miller Lite was the idea of Joseph L in 1967 and is the first among the light beers. Carbon dioxide, papain enzyme, liquid sugar, potassium metabisulfite, and Emka malt are some of the extra components used. In the current time it has 21% market share.

9. Foster Lager

Foster Lager

Another internationally best beer brand is the Foster Lager of Australia. It is well distributed among United Kingdom, Greece, France, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Finland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, Ireland, United States and India though.

10. Yuengling

Yuengling1- Top 10 Best Beer Brands in the World

D. G. Yuengling  & Son  is an American brewing  company established in 1829 who has provided the world with its best brand of beer, Yuengling. According to a recent survey it has its best markets in New York,  Indiana,  Kentucky, South Carolina,  Florida Gulf Coast,  Central Florida, North Florida, Florida Panhandle ,Alabama and Tennessee though its market is expending with the advancement in years.

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