Top 10 Best Red Wines in the World

The record of Top 10 Best Red Wines in the World will prove why wines have been one of the most popular beverages since ages.  Almost every celebration in the western countries is considered incomplete without divine taste of different wines. There are millions of different wine types, befitting different cultures across the globe. Besides soothing taste buds of many, both red and white wines have amazing therapeutic qualities which even branded medicines lack. Most of us love its erotic taste, many prefer it as a cultural pursuit and some just love to preserve attractive wine bottles. There are countless exotic wine makes available all over the world and to choose among the top leading brands requires a bit of experience. Most importantly be sure that you do not get swayed by the price tags as the expensive not always means the best. Pinot Noir, Australian Shiraz and Merlot Wine are some of the popular red wines that cost less than 20 dollars. Not wasting any more time let’s check out the other seven brands.

To 10 Best Red Wines

Best Red Wines in the World

So here is our list of Top 10 Wine Brands that boasts of great taste in in its every make.

1. German Spatburgunder: $9-33,552

Allied with Burgundy province of France, Pinot Noir is considered to be one of the best quality red wines across the globe. Its fresh and fruity flavor savors best with chicken, lamb and Salmon. Pinot Noir is one of the cheapest wines and produced all over the world these days.

2. French Beaujolais: $12-15

French Beaujolais wine is one of the famous light bodied red wines. It is made with variety of gamay grapes available in Beaujolais, a small region in south of Burgundy.

3. Italian Chianti: $8.95-39.95

Italian Chianti is made with Sangiovese grapes in the domain of Chianti in Italy. Renowned for its extraordinary flavors this European wine is most popular among the rookies as well.

4. Californian Zinfandel: $8.99

Prepared with one of the most versatile Zinfandel grapes, Californian Zinfandel is manufactured in Napa Valley. This American red wine is popular for its two amazing flavors- Light wine with a fruity taste and strong Zinfandel for its thick berry savor that compliments best with Italian cuisines.

5. Cabernet Sauvignon: $13-1700

Cabernet Sauvignon is prepared with one of the premium grape assortment on this planet. Manufactured in Chile, Bordeaux and Napa Valley region it is globally acclaimed for its signature taste. Blend Cabernet Sauvignon with Merlot and you can savor an incredible mock tail.

6. Australian Shiraz: $8.95-108

Australian Shiraz is made with dark skinned grapes and has a rich dark color. This peppery tang wine tastes best with Stew, steak and beef. Shiraz is the most commonly used premium red wine available in most of the countries. It is one of the finest quality brand priced below 20 dollars.

7. French Bordeaux: $11.99-84.56

The French Bordeaux has a very unique and mesmerizing taste with an amazing aroma. Being a part of three prominent wine producing provinces in France it comes in variety of ranges. Vintage wine is a prestigious French Bordeaux with an incredible flavor.

8. Merlot Wine: $2-9,995

Merlot grapes are grown predominantly in the Bordeaux region of France but can also be found in Europe, Australia and America as well. Legendry for its volume, suppleness and great taste, Merlot wine blends marvelously with other wines and is adored worldwide.

9. Malbec Wine: $5-120

It is the one of the most exotic red wines on this earth. Malbec red wine is made with Argentina’s signature purple grapes that give it a rich violet color. Popular among the red wine lovers Malbec tastes exceptionally great with Indian, Italian and Mexican fare.

10. Barbera Wine: $10.99-19.99

Best known for its silky texture, Barbera wine is reputed as the most versatile red wine across the globe.   This exotic Italian wine is also produced widely in California and compliments European, American and Asian dishes really well.

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  1. Ana Maçanita

    Preta from Portugal-Alentejo beats them all by the miles 8) only trust a Portuguese or an Australian to recognize a good red wine. Other nationalities sound like women tasting wine: it’s either as soft as peer juice, or they don’t like it.


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