Top 10 Seafood Restaurants in the World

Be it the culinary versatility of each specific fish or mollusc, there is something special about seafood. The best part of modern time is that one need not travel along the coast to have a taste of seafood. Seafood represents the pinnacle of cuisine, and, here, collected for you all the top 10 seafood restaurants in the world. Savour your palete with exotic sea food dishes from the most popular seafood restaurants in the world. Browse through to know more about them.

Top 10 Seafood Restaurants

Top Ten Best Seafood Restaurants in the World

Check out the list to see if your favourite seafood restaurant has been named as one of the top ten seafood restaurants in the world.

1. Mul Yam

Located in Tel Aviv Port, Mul Yam is an Israeli restaurant which is regarded as the one of the top 10 seafood restaurants in the world. It was established in 1995 by Shalom Maharovsky, its current owner and specializes in sea food and fish, which are mainly imported from different parts of the world and a little meat and vegetarian dishes. Food critic, Sagi Cohen named Mul Yam as the best restaurant in whole of Israel.

2. The Boathouse Inn

The Boathouse Inn in Phuket, Thailand has a reputation for the most amazing seafood including giant lobsters and shrimps that look like lobsters. Cuisine at the inn is very rich and legendary that it needs to offer holiday packages for visitors to get special trainings from its chefs. Seafood here combines the best of East and West accompanied by the finest ingredients. The Boathouse also has an excellent selection of international wines.

3. Chef Mavro

Dining at Chef Mavro gives a truly unique experience with vibrant contemporary Hawaii cuisine. Chef George Mavrothalassitis is behind the reputation and mouth watering foods of Mavro. The menu changes quarterly, every dish (including dessert) matched with a select wine. Dishes at Chef Mavro is prepared with the philosophy, “Always buy the best and freshest, buy local, treat all products with great respect, and start afresh every season with new ideas and creative recipes.” It has been honoured with many top 10 awards including the Top 10 seafood restaurant in US by Gayot.

4. Satyricon

At Satyricon customers do not mind spending on any special plate since some of the best seafood in Rio can be found at this diverse Italian seafood restaurant. The most popular item out here is the pargo (fish baked in a thick layer of rock salt) and the sushi and sashimi. Satyricon is a place for excellent food, wine and service which is well worth a visit even though it can be considered a bit expensive.

5. C

C in Vancouver, Canada is well known for the creativity of the chef, manipulation of ingredients, and the freshness of the fish which combines to make it one of the best contemporary restaurants to pamper the taste buds with innovative seafood. According to The Globe and Mail, C is the most original and exciting fish and seafood restaurant the country has ever seen.

6. Quinzi & Gabrieli

Dating from the 1400, Quinzi & Gabrieli serves the finest and freshest seafood from a restored and elegant building situated in the heart of ancient Rome. Everything from deep-sea shrimp to sea urchins and octopus, seafood items prepared here are simple yet delicious and full of flavour. Quinzi & Gabrieli also suggest fish with light fragrant and structured white or red wines along with special arrangements for Christmas and New Year nights.

7. Le Grand Vefour

Le Grand Vefour, in the middle of the arcades of the Palais Roya, Paris has been attracting visitors since the reign of Louis XV. It is a history-infused citadel of classic French cuisine where food is wonderfully fresh and delicious, the service is great, and the ambience is very high-end and unpretentious at the same time. Le Grand Vefour makes sure to provide its customers a marvellous dining experience full of fun.

8. Vox

Vox specializes in recreating comforting Icelandic flavors with 21st-century preparations — a piece of foie gras covered in celery foam, for instance, ends up seriously reminiscent of traditional Icelandic lamb-and-vegetable soup. Fried tempura vegetables and a soy-based sauce provide a gentle counterpoint to a salmon filet, and arctic char is surrounded by mild foam that makes the fish look a little like a life raft adrift on Icelandic seas.

9. Ryotei Kagetsu

Another name in the list of top ten seafood restaurants in the world is Ryotei Kagetsu where dish after dish of artfully displayed delectable are offered escorted by aesthetic appeal. Kaiseki is a speciality of the restaurant which involves much time and skill and comes for $238. Ryotei Kagetsu maintains an order of service. First is an appetizer along with an uncooked dish. These are followed by boiled, fried, steamed, heated, and vinegared dishes. Finally the serving ends with a soup, rice, pickled vegetables, and fruit.

10. E’cco Bistro

Simple food but elegantly done is what defines the Brisbane located seafood restaurant, E’cco Bistro. Here the menu changes with the change in season and festivals. Smoked swordfish carpaccio, vegetarian ravioli with fried sage leaves and pecan nuts are note worthy. Philip Johnson is just an excellent chef who has honed E’cco to perfection.

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