Top 10 Foods For Body Building

What is the point of going to the gym every single day, working out for hours on end, coming back home and munching on a big fat cheesy greasy hamburger? About as much point as walking one step forward and taking two steps back.  Bodybuilding is a delicate procedure, you go about it right and you will be a walking magnet (nudge nudge wink wink) and go about it wrong and all you will have is terrible body pain. Body building isn’t all about burning calories and losing weight, what you eat is also a major part of the procedure. Your Nutrient intake will play a vital role in deciding if you’ll become a Greek god/goddess or a walking water bed with body ache. We have compiled a list of the top ten body building foods to help you not become a water bed.

Top Ten Muscle Building Foods

Here is a list of body building foods to help you stay true to your path on becoming the walking work of art that you are working for.

1. Turkey

Top 10 Body Building Foods - Turkey

Turkey is another high nutritional food wood with a minimal calorific cost and not to mention one of the leanest meats there is. Apart from high protein content, it is also a great source of a lot of micronutrients. A 7 ounce helping of turkey gives you a whopping 70 grams in proteins and almost negligible fats. It is best suggested that you stick to the light meat since the fat content is significantly lower than in the dark meat.

2. Almonds

Top 10 Body Building Foods - Almonds

Almonds are a handy little thing, primarily because they’re quite filling so they are an excellent healthy snack in case you start getting the munchies. Almonds are also extremely nutritious, and have a high content of proteins and healthy unsaturated fats. 1 ounce of almonds contains 6 grams of fat, 6 grams of protein, 6 grams of carbohydrates and 163 calories. Almonds also have the highest fibre content than any other nut there is. Raw almonds are the best ones, the salted ones may taste better but the extra sodium won’t do you any favours.

3. Asparagus

Top 10 Body Building Foods - Asparagus

Asparagus although might not taste that great, is one of the best muscle building foods thanks to its diuretic qualities which come in Handy for getting rid of any extra water your body might retain. Also, asparagus helps you maintain a balance between electrolytes like sodium, potassium, etc. Asparagus is really popular among professional body builders especially during competition seasons. It helps the body builders reach that tight state just before the competition.

4. Eggs

Top 10 Body Building Foods - Eggs

Eggs have been pretty much a standard for protein rating scales of all sorts, courtesy of their excellent amino acid spectrum. The egg whites have absolutely no carbohydrates and help maintain your nitrogen balance while the yolks should be moderately ingested (not avoided) as the carbohydrates and the fats found in it are essential for producing hormones (very important). A single egg contains up to 6 grams of high quality protein which can work wonders in terms of muscle recovery.

5. Chicken

Top 10 Body Building Foods - Chicken

Who says all healthy food tastes bad? Chicken is something that pretty much balances out both health and taste, and has a pretty close to ideal protein to fat ratio. A 6 ounce chicken breast would contain at least 35 grams of proteins and just 4 grams of fat. And thanks to the myriad of ways you can cook it, chicken is probably one of the best muscle building foods.

6. Cottage Cheese

Top 10 Body Building Foods - Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is one of the best sources of casein proteins, which is extremely important. Casein protein is a slow released protein and is essential for protein retention especially since you might go for long stretches of time without eating. A single 7 ounce serving of cottage cheese would give you 25 g of protein, 5 g of carbohydrates, and 2 g of fat and only 145 calories.  Cottage cheese is excellent for dinner since the casein proteins release a steady stream of amino acids and in your blood stream throughout the night.

7. Fish

Top 10 Body Building Foods - Fish

Sardines, mackerel or salmon; fishes are excellent body building foods thanks to their high protein content, minimum carbohydrates and low fat and lower calories. Fishes are also a great source of omega fats, which are essential for the heart and essential in production of Lucien an amino acid that acts as a catalyst in protein synthesis. The Omega-3 fats like EPA and DHA which prevent muscle inflammation during sessions. They are also responsible for muscle growth and improved cardiovascular health

8. Oatmeal

Top 10 Body Building Foods - Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a pretty underrated food despite the fact that it is probably the best source of complex carbs there is. It is rich in both soluble and insoluble fat and out of the little fat it has, about 80% is unsaturated. Oatmeal contains no cholesterol and in fact it helps you reduce it. Since it rates quite low on the glycaemic scale it won’t spike your insulin level and send you sleeping. Oatmeal might not taste great but it is a great food for muscle building you can always add some fruits to improve the taste if you want.

9. Sweet Potato

Top 10 Body Building Foods - Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are also a really healthy source of complex carbohydrates and vitamins A, C, B6 and beta carotene and are pretty good, taste-wise. A 7 ounce serving provides up to 4 grams of protein, 48 grams of carbohydrates, less than 2 grams of fat and a measly 200 calories. Just because the sweet potatoes are sweet in no way indicates that they have higher calorie content, they are actually sweet because they have certain enzymes that break down starch into sugars which is also why their glycaemic index Is better than the regular potato.

10. Water

Top 10 Body Building Foods - Water

70% of our body is made of water, which should speak enough of its importance. Water helps our internal organs work efficiently; it rids your body of all kinds of toxins and other impurities and liberates our fat stores so that the fat can be burned off to produce energy. Thanks to the high protein diet and sweating during those extreme workout regimens bodybuilders are prone to dehydration which is another reason why you need lots and lots of water. Then there is also the fact that a lot of nutrients are water soluble and your cellular activity is also largely dependent on water that makes water the most important body building food there is. 

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