Top 10 Chinese Foods You Shouldn’t Miss

In the country like China, where guests are greeted heartily with the delicious cuisines, the food served undeniably acquired the great acceptance and adore among the people worldwide. China is highly recognized for its culinary heritage in the world. There are numerous mouth-watering Chinese dishes which made Chinese food the most endearing one. Let’s have a look at the top 10 Chinese foods.

1. Bouilli


Bouilli is an appetizing dish, also known as Dongporou or Hongshaorou. This red colored dish is highly rich in flavor. Fresh streaky pork along with the brown sugar, cooking wine and soy sauce are mixed all together to bring about the authentic and traditional Bouilli. This popular Chinese cuisine is the pride of many restaurants.

2. Dumpling


It is a festive food of China but is now eaten and liked across the globe.  During Chinese New Year and Winter Solstice, people make and eat dumplings which symbolize the hopes of good fortune and well-being altogether. Fillings of beef or mutton with carrot mushroom with sautéed egg and pork with green onion are widely chosen for dumpling.

3. Mapo Tofu


This spicy Sichuan dish is a bowl of various flavors and consistency. The important ingredients which are responsible for its delicious taste are soft tofu, ground pork sauce, garlic, peppers, fermented black beans, green onions and minced beef. The white tofu in red sauce, colourful herbs and spice made it more tempting.

4. Spring Rolls

Fried-Chicken-Spring-Rolls_1Spring rolls or Chūn Juǎn is made by preparing a roll of the thin sheet of dough filled with various ingredients like pork paste, sugar, peanuts, sweetened bean paste and jujube paste. This food is rich in nutrition, carbohydrate and fat. At some places, spring rolls are loaded with vegetables and served as a snack.

5. Rice Fried With Eggs


Fried rice is a homely Chinese dish which is not only popular in China but in other parts of the world as well. It is also known as Danchaofan. The fluffy fried rice mixed with egg, vegetables, sausage, seafood, meat etc. tastes delicious and its exotic aroma makes it hard for us to resist eating it.

6. Wonton


Similar to dumpling, it is also a vegetable or meat stuffed thin lumps of dough with yummy soup but some people like the fried version with sauce more. The wrapping of wonton is made of fermented flour after proper kneading. Flour envelopes are filled with smashed raw pork, fresh vegetable, shelled shrimp, ginger and spring onion.

7. Sweet and Sour Spareribs

Sweet and Sour Spareribs

If you wish to taste common home-made Chinese dish, then Sweet and Sour Spareribs can be the best option for you. It has long-drawn-out its popularity from China to all over the world. Two different flavors; sweet and sour, together enhances its taste. The supplementary ingredients comprise onion pieces, green pepper and pineapple dices.

8. Stir-fried Noodles


Stir-fried noodles, also known as chowmein is the famous Chinese food all over the world. It is the deliciously made of noodles mixed with beans, egg, onion, sliced meat, green herbs, sausage etc.

9. Chilli Chicken

chilli-chicken-recipeThis signature dish is highly preferred in China as well as across the world. It is made of chicken layered with hot chilli and ginger garlic paste. All the ingredients are marinated in soya sauce which increases the tingling taste of the dish, making it more delicious. Dry chilli chicken is also liked by many.  Cottage cheese and seafood are also added which enrich the taste to a great extent.

10. Peking Duck

Peking DuckPeking Duck is prominently considered as the royal Chinese dish. It was invented by Han people at Ming Dynasty. It is prepared by picking the exclusive range of duck and roasting it on fire. The fluffy and crispy meat makes it complete with full of flavour.

Must taste these Chinese foods and enjoy the ethnic and classic taste of China.

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