Top 10 Countries With The Best Food


Top 10 Countries With The Best Food

Our whole world is packed with plenty of tasty and tempting dishes. Every country has its unique and mouth-watering cuisine which is often recognized and liked worldwide. We have a wide range of flavors and tastes across the globe and it is really very difficult to select a few countries, among many that have the best cuisine. However, from the long list, we are showcasing the top ten countries which are famous for their elegant food.

10. Italy

collage of various photo of delicious italian pasta dishes

Italian dishes are well-known for subjugating the taste buds across the globe.  Over the centuries, Italy has excellently captured the taste market of the world.  The beautiful shades of Italian cuisine i.e. red, green and yellow produce a delightful blend of flavor and taste. Tomato, bread, cheese and also olive oil are the soul of Italian dishes. Our favorite pizza is the gift of Italy to all.

9. Thailand


Food of Thailand basically means to eat rice. No doubt, rice is the ultimate and most vital part of Thai cuisine. The 5 main tastes of Thai food are sour lime, hot chili, sizzling salty, savory fish sauce and sugary sweet. Thai curry, soup, and salads are the famous eatables you should never miss.

8. Mexico


Mexican cuisine is the finest mixture of food from various European countries, especially from Spain. Beans, corns, chicken, pork, beef etc are some of the major ingredients of Mexican dishes.  Even though the dairy products are rarely seen in the Mexican plates but the taste and flavor of dishes are unexplainably tempting and delightful.

7. India


India is well-known for its broad range of taste and flavor throughout the country. From north to south and east to west, it is famous for diverse choices for food. The country offers the appetizing vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes.  From Kashmiri Kabab to South Indian Dosa and Vada, From Khamand, Dhokla to Daal Bati Choorma, Indian cuisine is a long list to go.

6. China


Chinese food is very popular all over the world. Noodles, Chow Mein, Momos, Tofu that we love to eat, came from China. The crafty, colored and delicious food in China is considered as the important form of escapism throughout its tumultuous history. Chinese soups and sauces also acquired a great place on the plates of people from various countries.

5. Greece


Eating in Greece will definitely bring you the outstanding experience of tasty and divine food. Salads, hot dishes like soups and sweets are the key part of Greece cuisine. If you are in Greece then never miss the traditional Souvlaki and delish Mousaka. To meet the ancient taste of Greek, you must take a bite of Dolma or a gulp of lentil soup.

4. United States

United States

The fast food like burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches are the famous food of the United States. The snacks like chips and fries are often occupying the food market greatly. Chocolate is the favorite eatable of Americans which is widely popular across the world. Cheeseburgers and Choco chips are the important US food, you can hardly resist eating.

3. Japan


Surrounded by water, Japan is famous for its exotic and delicious plates of seafood. The traditional cuisine of Japan is rice with miso soup. Fish, pickled vegetables, and noodles are often served as the side dishes in Japanese plates. Sushi, a very popular dish has ruled the taste market of the world. Ramen(soup) and Tempura(snack) are also very popular food of Japan.

2. France


Traveling and eating in France will add a great memory in your life. French food is recognized worldwide for its great taste and rich and natural flavors. Food in France has become an integral part of its diverse culture.  Soups, Cheese and garlic breads, beans and beef are the great part of French cuisine.

1. Vietnam


This small country is famous for its vast and exotic taste. The basic ingredients of Vietnamese cuisine include herbs, fish sauce, shrimp paste, rice, basil, vegetables, and fruits. With the great food options, Vietnam is known as one of the healthiest food serving countries. You must try Vietnamese spring rolls, vegetable sandwiches, omelet, noodle soup, pancakes etc.

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