Top 10 Dangerous Food Combinations To Avoid

Top 10 Dangerous Food Combinations To Avoid

People love to eat food in combinations like milk with fruits, fruits in salads, yogurt with fruit and much more. But did you know these food combinations are very harmful to your health? According to modern hygienists, physiologists and Ayurveda, this kind of food items attacks directly to your digestive system and makes your immune system weak. This can lead to stomach ache, nausea, and fatigue.

Here we listed the top 10 food combinations that we should avoid.

1. Cereal and Juice:

Cereal and Juice

Cereal is the best morning food for our health. As cereal contains loads of nutrients, it keeps us energetic throughout the day. But the combination of cereal and juice may leave you with discomfort and cause heaviness for the whole day. It is because acids present in orange juice may lower the activity of the enzymes that break down carbohydrates.

2. Pizza and Soda:

Pizza and Soda

Most of the people can’t eat pizza without soft drinks. The carbs and protein present in pizza take up a lot of your body’s energy for digestion. In addition, the sugar present in soft drink slows down the stomach process for digestion.

3. Tomatoes in Pasta:

Tomatoes in Pasta

Pasta is rich in starchy carbs which is very difficult to digest. In additional tomatoes are highly acidic in nature and this causes hindrance in the digestion of starch and cause bloating.

4. Yogurt with Fruit:

Yogurt with Fruit

This combination of food is very harmful as, the protein-rich yogurt comes in a contact with acidic fruit, it diminishes the digestive fibers and produce toxins in the digestive system.

5. Carbs and Animal Protein:

Carbs and Animal Protein

When you consume carbohydrate with protein the carbohydrates ferment and cause bloating, flatulence and gas.

6. Fruit with Meal:

Fruit with meal

This is a bad combination as fruit with the meal can slow down your digestion process and starts to fermenting the food inside your stomach.

7. Bananas and Milk:

Bananas and Milk

It is said in the Ayurveda that this combination is one of the heaviest and toxin-forming. It also creates heaviness inside the body and makes the mind slow. So, if you are a big fan of banana shake so it is important to make sure that the banana is ripe. You can also add cardamom to it which stimulates the digestion process.

8. Cheese and Meat:

Cheese and Meat

Cheesy meatballs or cheese with meat omelet, this combination of the food item is very difficult to digest. Hence it makes your immune system weak.

9. Food and Water:

Food and Water

Drinking water with your meal is the most toxic food combination of all time. As water dilutes your stomach acids and reduces the effectiveness of the food by breaking down the proteins and carbohydrates.

10. Burger and Fries:

Burger and Fries

The combination of Burger and Fries will lower your blood sugar levels. As this combination is very heavy to digest and causes bloating, flatulence and gas.

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