Top 10 Easy & Healthy Chicken Dishes

Meant exclusively for all the chicken lovers out there, our list of top 10 easy and healthy chicken dishes will introduce you with chicken oriented dishes which are not rich in flavour and taste but are as well low in fat and high in protein. Yes, these are the chicken meal recipes that you have never wondered could have been healthy. So what is the wait for? Quickly glide through our write up and treat yourself with one of these easy chicken dinner recipes. 

Top Ten Easy & Healthy Chicken Dishes

Get acquaint with the meal ideas that have been selected as the top ten easy and healthy chicken dishes.

1. Chicken Fajitas

Chicken Fajitas - Top 10 Healthy Chicken Dishes

An origin of Mexico, Chicken Fajitas is a replacement of the traditional steak fajitas, popular all over the United States. Involving grilled chicken, the method to arrange it is to rapidly burn the meat on a griddle, add up with onion and parched peppers and finally serve it with flour tortillas. An easy recipe with chicken; paprika, thyme, garlic and lime are the marinating ingredients that inserts the mouth smacking flavour of it.

2. Sumac Chicken

Sumac Chicken - Top 10 Healthy Chicken Dishes

Flavoured with sumac, pomegranate molasses, lemon and garlic; this dish is the beginner’s version of the age-old Palestinian dish – m’sakhan. It is prepared by roasting the chicken along with the aromatic sumac and lemon juice to provide a sharp tangy taste. Once it is cooked, a separate garlicky yogurt sauce can be arranged by mixing crushed garlic and Greek yogurt. It becomes almost compulsive and works tremendously well when topped with trimmings of pomegranate molasses.

3. Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup - Top 10 Healthy Chicken Dishes

Cooked with spring onions, soya beans, pak choi, sweetcorn, carrot and ginger; the Chicken Noodle Soup is the one that can kick boost your soul instantly. This sweet-smelling, steamy, low in fat soup can be best enjoyed during the colder months of the years. The presence of ginger in it not only heightens its taste but as well allows it to fall among the healthy recipes with chicken. If desired, the veggies can also be replaced with spinach and bok choy.

4. Chicken, Spinach and Lentil Curry

Chicken, Spinach and Lentil Curry - Top 10 Healthy Chicken Dishes

Notorious as a sweet-scented dinner meal, this dish deserves a must inclusion in the list of top 10 easy and healthy chicken dishes. Spinach and lentils are as it is the benefactor of several essential nutrients for a sound body and when accompanied by spicily fried chicken and appetizing herbs and spices, it automatically gets considered as a healthy dinner idea to pamper the taste buds. Chopped tomatoes, garlic, onion and ginger are the additional ingredients to boost its richness.

5. Chicken en Papillote with Cherry Tomatoes

Chicken En Papillote with Cherry Tomatoes - Top 10 Healthy Chicken Dishes

Cooked with delicious recipe from the French kitchen, the Chicken En Papillote with Cherry Tomatoes is an amazing dish that can leave the diner to want more with every additional spoon. In order to retain the juicy potion of the chicken breast, rosemary and cherry tomato; it is customarily sealed in baking paper. Its savour is derived from the addition of herbs and garlic finely fried in olive oil to the baked chicken.

6. Thai Green Curry Chicken Skewers

Thai Green Curry Chicken Skewers - Top 10 Healthy Chicken Dishes

Packed with bags of goodness, the Thai Green Curry Chicken Skewers are dished up on ginger couscous accompanied by spring onion, lime, mint leaves, coriander leaves and finely cooked quinoa. Though it is cooked with basic methods, the dish does not fail to woo one’s taste buds during a dinner party. It even sums up to be an easy chicken dinner recipe as it takes only twenty five minutes for preparation followed by another twenty minutes in cooking.

7. Spanish-Style Chicken Bake

Spanish-Style Chicken Bake - Top 10 Healthy Chicken Dishes

With no additional fats and juicy content due to the presence of tomatoes, the Spanish-Style Chicken Bake is not only brilliant as an easy chicken dish but at the same time healthy too. Summing up the skinless chicken thighs with freshly ground black pepper, oregano, paprika and roasted garlic, onion, tomatoes and potato turns the item into a spicy soft and deliciously tempting dish.

8. Warm Chicken Salad

Warm Chicken Salad - Top 10 Healthy Chicken Dishes

Warm Chicken Salad escorted by roast peppers, green beans and tomatoes definitely makes it an elite item among healthy dinner ideas.  The best part of it is that the griddled chicken is appetizingly blended with veggies roasted in olive oil, lemon juice, grated lemon rind, pepper and garlic. The recipe of the dish is amazingly swift one which takes no more than an hour to finish it off with everything.

9. Korean Chicken with Rice Noodles

Korean Chicken with Rice Noodles - Top 10 Healthy Chicken Dishes

Regarded as a “feast” dish in Korean tradition and custom, Chicken with Rich Noodles is a simple yet mouth watering item with the essence to please anyone who grabs a plate of it. Here the chicken is marinated with soy, rice wine, ginger, oyster sauce, sesame oil and garlic to be cooked on low flames. Later, rich noodles mixed well with courgette, carrot and onion are eaten with it. Simple as that but yummy too!

10. Crab and Chicken Noodle Salad

Crab and Chicken Noodle Salad - Top 10 Healthy Chicken Dishes

An oriental styled salad which generally gets along well with all sorts of seafood. Though crab is the most common one, there are places where one can get hold of chicken noodle salads served along with either grilled tiger prawns or shrimps. Once the noodle is ready it can be garnished with vinaigrette made out of peanut butter, pepper, sugar, lime juice, garlic, fish sauce and sesame oil along with crab meat.

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