Top 10 Food Festivals

One Cannot Think Well, Love Well, And Sleep Well, If One Has Not Dined Well.– Virginia Woolf

Food just not delivers materialistic pleasure, but soothes the soul and the trigging emotions. A tasty, fresh and well-nourished meal can ignite your joy and passion for a day. We may be privileged enough to try and gorge on innumerable local delicacies and cuisines, but there’s nothing quite savoury and tempting than relishing the flavours of a specific cuisine within its own native geographies. Are you an armchair traveller with a flourishing interest in gourmandizing? If it’s a nodding “YES”, then explore the article below to get an insight about the Top 10 Food Festivals around the World, when, where and what they offer, the finger-licking “Food, glorious food!” they serve and when to PACK YOUR BAGS and LOOSE THOSE ABS!

  1. Maslenitsa Festival (Pancake Festival)


Place: Moscow, Russia, and observed in Kazakhi, Ukrainian, and Bulgarian communities.

Date(s): 7-16 March (Tentative Dates), Held every year in February or March

This festival is reputed all over the world as Butter week or Pancake Week, and remarks the incoming of spring season. It is a traditional Russian holiday with golden-brown pancakes being prepared for a massive feast. You can find people gorging on their plates of pancakes with a delightful amount of butter, jam, fruit preserves or even Caviar! These cakes are said to signify the round yellow sun emerging after a snowy winter. There are bonfires, dancers singing songs, fireworks, puppet shows, sledding, etc.


  1. Melbourne Food & Wine Festival


Place: Melbourne, Australia

Date(s): 4-13 March 2016

One of the Biggest Food Festivals in the world, the Melbourne food festival marks the existence and popularity of Australian Food Culture and Cuisines. This is a widely known food fiesta and includes fresh-farm products, meat and wine. Events across Melbourne city and Victoria are held with colourful shops, poppy food joints and tasty food recipes showcased all over the place. Regional World’s Longest Lunch, a signature event, is held every year to highlight power and versatility amongst state’s wine and food. The motto of the festival – Put Victoria on Your Table! – is being demonstrated here.


  1. International Mango Festival


Place: New Delhi, India

Date(s): 9-10 July 2016

Indian population has a crazy vibe for the “King of fruits”- Mango and this is being exhibited on a glorious note in the International Mango Festival. Initiated as a culturally-obliged program in the year 1987, the festival attracts thousands of visitors with every passing day. More than 550 varieties of delicious and sour-and-sweet mangoes are being presented here along with mango-based products such as mango juice, mango ice-creams and mango-based desserts. This festival is famous for its integration with popular chefs from top hotels such as Marriott India, Taj Mahal Palace and Tower, Maurya Sheraton, Qutub Hotel and Claridges, etc., who discloses many recipes that can be made from mangoes.


  1. Maine Lobster Festival


Place: Harbor Park, Rockland, Maine, USA

Date(s): 3-7 August, 2016

The Maine Lobster Festival is said to be World’s Most Amazing Food Festivals and celebrates the succulent cuisine that includes Lobsters as their main ingredient. Rockland Maine has been the proposed host for 66 years and defines it as “Five Days of Feasting and Fun on the Fabulous Coast of Maine!” Several cooking contests serve the best Lobster dishes such as Lobster Caesar salad, Lobster wraps, and Lobster rolls. Tourists can enjoy other seafood delicacies such as crab cakes, shrimp, calamari, haddock, and steamed clams. Globally known affairs are the Grand Parade, the Great International Lobster Crate Race and the Beauty Pageant ending with the crowning of the Maine Lobster Festival Sea Goddess, the Crown Princess and Miss Congeniality.


  1. San Francisco Street Food Festival


Place: San Francisco, USA

Date(s): Every year in August

San Francisco’s Street Food Festival is an ode to the ever-changing tastes, food evolution and experimentation and reflective changes in the style and presentation. Since its start in the year 2009, the festival has gained a candy-eye for the tourists from all over the world under the capitalist spirit of La Cocina. More than 80 street food vendors and local makers mark their presence, and offer the best food items to be relished. There is entrance charge, no sitting dinners and waiters to serve, and a delicate, informal ambience is like a cherry on the cake.


  1. Mistura Food Festival


Place: Lima, Peru

Date(s): Every year in September

Recommended amongst the Top Ten Food Festivals around the World, Mistura (means mixture) is the biggest food festival organized in Latin America, and proposes a multitude of dishes from gastronomies of numerous genres, such as Peruvian, Andean, Amazonian, Creole, Ceviche, Barbeque, Chifa, and Nikkei. This year, Mistura will display a Gran Mercado (big market) comprising of countless local producers, Coffee and Chocolate vendors, Bakery stands with more than 50 types of bread, Las Brasas (grilled meat) and local Pisco (grape brandy) stalls and much more to tourists’ delight. One of the most deliberate reasons to visit Peru for this festival is that Peru was announced the Best Culinary Destination in South America for the 3rd consecutive year at the World Travel Awards 2014.


  1. Oktoberfest


Place: Munich, Germany

Date(s): 17 September to 3 October, 2016

If you are an avid fan of freshly-brewed beer, bratwurst, and old-style German sausages, then Oktoberfest is your ultimate destination. Tagged as the Best Food Festival in the World, Oktoberfest was launched in the year 1810 and has garnered a world-wide reputation along with a huge base of followers and visitors. The festival starts up with 12-gun salute and tap-beating a beer keg. Bavarian hats and traditional trousers or Lederhosen are being worn by visitors, and waitresses are seen donning a traditional Bavarian peasant costume or Dirndl while serving beer and dishes.


  1. Alba White Truffle Festival


Place: Alba, Piedmont, Italy

Date(s): 8 October – 13 November 2016 (Estimated)

Said to be an annual festival held within the quaint environment of Alba, the Alba White Truffle Festival is tagged as ‘invitation-only’ event and has been a regular occurrence for more than 83 years. This festival displays the enchanted and savouring taste of the ‘Tartufo Bianco’ white truffles, which are overly sold locally for as much as $2,000 per kilo. Visitors can taste the amusing dishes from the local food market along with wine as your partner-in-crime.


  1. Monkey Buffet Festival


Place: Phra Prang Sam Yot Temple, Lopburi Province, Thailand

Date(s): Every year in November

Gaining a spot amongst the Top 10 Food Festivals World, the Monkey Buffet Festival is a very reputed and well-celebrated festival in Thailand and sees the whole nation waving with the merry winds. It was firstly held on 25 November 1989 by Yongyuth Kitwatananusont, the Lopburi Inn’s owner. The discovery of more than 2000 Macaque monkeys gobbling on types of food items is a major tourist attraction. Buffet tables are assembled around the Phra Prang Sam Yot Temple in Lopburi Province, with thousands of kilos of fresh vegetables and fruits being stacked attractively or frozen within the ice-blocks.


  1. London Chocolate Festival


Place: Islington, London

Date(s): 25-17 March, 2-4 December 2016

As Charles M. Schulz quoted, “All you need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt”, we followed! Initiated in 2009, London Chocolate Festival has grown out into a globally-recognized event held in Britain and has gained ample appreciation for delivering sweet-toothed experience. The festival consists of tasting stalls and vendors providing delicious creamy hot chocolate, Choco-covered items, different kinds of chocolate bars, candies and pops. Do you have an unsatisfied lurking for chocolate? Visit this festival and calm your Choco-senses.

These cultural festivals represent a colourful and united community under the same roof with a penchant for tasty and lip-savouring meals. If you have an explorer’s vibe, then book a ticket to one of your favourite destination and enjoy the remarkable diversity being exhibited through their cuisines.

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