Top 10 Food Markets in the World

There might be end number of markets across the globe but the markets discussed in this article are worthy of special attention. These are the top 10 Food Markets in the world selling a wide range of food from all nooks and corners of the world. Here cuisines are prepared with an individual recipe that excites one’s appetite. A few of them are even proficient in offering various types of both seafood as well as local delicacies. Let us read through to know the names that have been listed as the top 10 Food Markets in the world.

Top Ten Food Markets in the World

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1. St. Lawrence, Toronto, Canada

No.1 Top Food Market in the World - St Lawrence

A neighbourhood located in the downtown of Toronto, Canada, St. Lawrence Market is a former industrial area that is lined with restaurants, cafes and hotels. Operating since 1803, it is basically a farmer’s market with over 120 vendors offering anything from coffee to seafood. It has been considered as one of the top 10 Food Markets in the world. There are so many vendors but the best thing about St. Lawrence Market is that here one can always pick their favourites.

2. Union Square Greenmarket, New York City

No.2 Top Food Market in the World - union square greenmarket

The Union Square Greenmarket dates back to 1976 with few farmers and over the 35 years it has grown exponentially. In today’s date during peak seasons the market gets flooded with more than 140 regional farmers, fishermen, and bakers. From just-picked fresh fruits and vegetables, to heritage meats and award-winning farmstead cheeses, artisan breads, jams, pickles, a profusion of cut flowers and plants, wine, ciders, maple syrup and much more are available out here.

3. Castries Market, St. Lucia

No.3 Top Food Market in the World - castries

One of the largest and loudest markets in St. Lucia, Castries Market has a variety of shopping experiences to suit all types of travelers  Proud of its’ heritage in the arts, the market offers buyers all possible items including designer perfumes, crystal, china, jewellery, cigars and clothing as well as wood carvings and other local arts and crafts. Apart from these services such as international books and news, postal services, restaurants etc are available.

4. Ver-o-Peso, Belém, Brazil

No.4 Top Food Market in the World - ver o peso

Ver-o-Peso might be very raucous and disorganized but it never fails to attract visitors towards the analogous rows of fish-sellers selling aged specimens, ample mixture of hot foods and fruits. The market is worth visiting during the early hours of a day when fishmongers unpack their Amazonian catch since it is located directly on Belem’s riverside waterfront, where the gigantic Amazon forms the Bay of Guajará, and has its own docks for receiving goods from upriver.

5. Mercado Central, Santiago, Chile

No.5 Top Food Market in the World - mercado central

Opened in 1872, Mercado Central of Chile is a central fish market harbouring around thirty seafood restaurants offering customers with mouth watering cuisines. The market is popular for its marisquerias at lunch times and for its wide range of fish and seasonal dishes. It is a good tourist place to taste local food as Chilean food is neither characteristic nor easy to find in other places of the world.

6. Kreta Ayer Wet Market, Singapore

No.6 Top Food Market in the World - kreta ayer wet market singapore

Kreta Ayer Wet Market is popular as the heart of Singapore’s Chinatown. The place is not only a renowned food market but is also a great tourist location. From locally available cooking ingredients food to imported food items, Kreta Ayer Wet Market has everything that falls under the category of food. Though the market area is a bit untidy, shops and groceries are quite well maintained and organised.

7. Kauppatori, Helsinki, Finland

No.7 Top Food Market in the World - Kauppatori

Kauppatori is a central square that hustles and bustles with life, market sellers and tourists, running along the busy harbour of Helsinki. Coffee, tea, fried salmon plate, sausage, hot dog, white fish, Finnish berries and other seasonal foods includes food items while T-Shirt, Reindeer leather, handicraft and knives are certain other things which catch the eyes of the passer bys.

8. La Vucciria, Palermo, Italy

No.8 Top Food Market in the World - la vucciria

Located in the heart of Palermo’s historic old city, La Vucciria opens up daily as early as 4:00 AM and by 6:00 Am the market becomes crowded with buyers and visitors. This has been a tradition since the last 700 years. Except Sunday, all other days the market gets filled with fishermen, shopkeepers and merchants who come to peddle their goods. From pasta, grains, sacks of beans, bags of dried herbs, shoes, socks, cigarette lighters shaped like handguns, grappa, wine, CD’s, paintings, salted capers to sun dried tomatoes one can lay his/her hand on anything that can be imagined.

9. Cours Saleya, Nice, France

No.9 Top Food Market in the World - nice cours saleya prefRes

Cours Saleya is an attractive food cum flower bazaar that is crowded with shoppers and shop keepers. It is famous for coarse animal parts like lambs’ testicles, and pigs’ ears and heads, along with more globally adequate ingredients. Cours Sale imbibes a complete different ambience during the summer nights as it becomes full with food lovers in the restaurants  and cafes lined up near it.

10. Borough Market, London, England

No.10 Top Food Market in the World - Borough market cake stall, london, england

South of London Bridge and in the shadow of “the Shard” this is the ultimate multi-cultural gastronomic adventure. Dozens of stalls selling the most tempting array of fresh and cooked food from all over the UK, Europe and, yes, the world Borough Market deserves a must visit while in London. No doubt it has been included in the record of top ten Food Markets in the world.

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