Top 10 Foods for Healthy Hairs

You might be surprised to hear this but it’s true that your diet not only affects your weight but also your hair. That is the reason why experts have suggested consuming foods rich in lean protein, vitamin A, zinc, iron, omega-3 fatty acids and calcium for shiny hair and healthy sculp. Certain nutrients are even said to work better than the commercial shampoos and conditioner you make use of. Thus we have come up with the record of top 10 foods for healthy hair. Surf on to get your desired lock.

Top Ten Foods for Healthy Hair

Read further to identify the top ten foods for healthy hair.

1. Egg

No.1 Food for Healthy Hairs - Eggs

Since Eggs are loaded with four major minerals – selenium, iron, zinc and sulphur; they are regarded best for healthy hair. Moreover they are also the storehouse of protein and rich in biotin – a Vitamin B that enhances hair growth and on the whole scalp health. Biotin is very essential as its deficiency can cause brittle hair. Even the iron content helps to supply oxygen to the hair follicles and prevents loss of hair. It can be consumed as boiled, fried or pouched but including in one’s diet is vital.

2. Nuts

No.2 Food for Healthy Hairs - Nuts

Make sure to chomp few nuts whenever you are free as they can strengthen your hair growth. As per experts Brazil Nuts are the chief sources of selenium – a mineral known to maintain scalp health. Walnuts are rich in an omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid. This acid can act as a natural conditioner to your lock. Besides these; Cashew, Almond and Pecans are highly loaded with zinc, something which avoids hair fall.

3. Oyster

No.3 Food for Healthy Hairs - Oyster

Oysters are known to improve the quality of hair because they are the best resource for zinc. Apart from avoiding hair loss, this mineral also plays a significant role in combating untimely greying of hair and dry flaky scalp. Further it helps in the division of cell for better hair growth. Iron, selenium and protein are the other essential minerals that can be derived by eating the notorious aphrodisiacs.

4. Dark Green Vegetables

No.4 Food for Healthy Hairs - Dark Green Vegetables

Dark Green Vegetables have always been popular for being loaded with benefits. Especially veggies such as spinach, lettuces, Swiss chard and broccoli are excellent depot of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Such vitamins works well to form a natural hair conditioner known as sebum and thus moisturizes the scalp. Dark green veggies can also provide calcium and iron. According to studies, one should include five servings of dark green vegetables on regular basis.

5. Poultry

No.5 Food for Healthy Hairs - Poultry

Chicken and Turkey contains high-quality protein and this can help you to get your desired lock of hair. In addition to it they are also rich supplier of zinc, Vitamin B and iron. Since hair is composed of proteins, these poultry items can offer your hair the healthy building blocks for its expansion and gorgeous look. For an alternate option, one can also opt for lean beef but care needs to be taken not to consume the fats.

6. Beans

No.6 Food for Healthy Hairs - Beans

Beans can prove to be more magical for many reasons than you can imagine. Legumes like lima beans, kidney beans, black bean and pinto beans are packed with vital substances such as iron, protein and zinc. This becomes the root cause for optimal hair health and growth. Beans also carry biotin, in whose absence the hair can become brittle. No doubt legumes have been included among the top 10 foods for healthy hair.

7. Salmon

No.7 Food for Healthy Hairs - Salmon

Salmon not only tastes awesome but are also geared with a number of health benefits. As an oily fish it is affluent in omega 3 fatty acid, Vitamin D and protein. All these nutrients sum up to produce strong, healthy and shiny hair. Omega 3 fatty acid is also famous for maintaining hair cells and tissues. In place of Salmon you can also consume sardines, mackerel, herring and trout.

8. Dairy Products

No.8 Food for Healthy Hairs - Dairy Products

Dairy Products such as skimmed milk, greek yoghurt, cottage cheese etc are the perfect food that can be consumed by both vegetarians as well as non vegetarians in order to get long and shiny hair. They are packed with calcium and protein which paves the path for beautiful curls and pelt. Yoghurt as well has essential vitamins like B5 and D.

9. Carrot

No.9 Food for Healthy Hairs - Carrots

Carrot is another food that works great for building healthy hair. The presence of Vitamin A in it helps to form sebum, an oily substance which acts as a conditioner for the locks and prevents from hair fall. This particular vitamin also keeps the hair hydrated. Carrots can be had as snacks or as topping on salads.

10. Whole Grains

No.10 Food for Healthy Hairs - Whole Grain

Start having whole grains in the form of fortified whole-grain breakfast cereals and whole-wheat bread for a hair-healthy dosage of iron, zinc and vitamins B. The combination of these nutrients can work wonders on your hair. A whole-grain snack can also be a great option to feel your tummy when your energy is zapped halfway through the afternoon and you’ve still got hours to prepare your dinner.

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