Top 10 Foods to Ease Anxiety

Seeing to the challenges of the contemporary world, anxiety disorder has become a common issue for many of us. So, along with seeking consultations and medications, taking proper care of the diet is another imperative factor which maximum of us tend to ignore. Instead of indulging in ready meals, experts have recommended few foods that can work wonders in term of stress relieving. Packed with all the vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins these items have served as the best foods to ease anxiety.

Top Ten Foods That Can Ease Anxiety

If you have been facing anxiety issues off late, then check out whether you have been consuming the food that are listed on the record of top ten foods to ease anxiety.

1. Blue Berries

Blue Berries - Top Ten Foods to Ease Anxiety

Though tiny in shape, Blue Berries come loaded with vitamin C, phytonutrients (plant nutrients) and antioxidants which can work miracles as stress busters. Consuming it with cottage cheese as snacks or desserts can afford one to get rid of anxiety. Another reason why these berries lead the list of top 10 foods to ease anxiety is the fact that they contain fibres which lighten constipation and cramps that occurs during stress.

2. Nuts

Nuts - Top Ten Foods to Ease Anxiety

The little crunchy dudes called nuts are highly recommended as the best foods to ease anxiety. Almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts and peanuts are crammed with anxiety depleting nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin B, omega oil and zinc. Moreover almonds are popular for iron contains and can avoid brain fatigue, decrease in energy and fretfulness. Frequent indulgent in a handful of nuts can benefit the ones facing anxiety issues.

3. Milk

Milk - Top Ten Foods to Ease Anxiety

Since anxiety and fidgetiness can also be the results of insomnia, it is advisable to drink a glass of warm milk before popping into the bed, at night. Milk is known to possess vitamins B12 and B2 along with a large amount of antioxidants which acts vital in combating excess radicals coupled with stress. Another healthy way of including milk in regular diet is to have it with cereals, chocolate chip cookies and berries for breakfast.

4. Oily Fish

Oily Fish - Top Ten Foods to Ease Anxiety

According to experts, oily fish such as Salmon, Tuna, Herring, Sardines, Mackerel, Kippers and Trout have shown positive responses in keeping the adrenaline and cortisol from spiking during the hours of stress and tension.  This is so because they are the store house of omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B12 and B2. The former B vitamin is said to improve mental health by infusing “happy” brain chemicals.  Try including Tuna salads and grilled Mackerel or Salmon for lunch and dinner to stay away from anxiety problems.

5. Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous Vegetables - Top Ten Foods to Ease Anxiety

Besides being members of cruciferous family; veggies such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale and bok choy possessing phytochemicals, minerals, vitamins and fibres is another important common factor. Due to this, these vegetables have made themselves a space among the best foods to ease anxiety. Thus eating several servings of cruciferous vegetables in a week can prove a benefactor in fighting against fretfulness and stress.

6. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate - Top Ten Foods to Ease Anxiety

Researchers have proved that indulging in 40g of dark chocolate daily can fight back stress as it helps releasing beta endorphins (happy chemicals) in the brain cells. It can even boost energy without the disturbing effects of caffeine. Plus it has higher percentage of antioxidant as compared to other sweets. But it should not be mistaken with milk chocolate as they don’t contain any sorts of nutrients. Presence of higher proportion of magnesium, phenethylamine and theobromine are the other plus points of eating dark chocolates.

7. Beef/Turkey

Meat (Beef, Turkey) - Top Ten Foods to Ease Anxiety

Existence of amino acid tryptophan in turkey and B vitamins, iron and zinc in beef has landed them among the well known foods that reduce anxiety. Though beef holds in some of the unhealthy saturated fats, consuming it in the perfect ratio can on the other work wonders for people with anxiety issues. Besides, Tryptophan is responsible for introducing the feel-good chemical serotonin required to maintain calmness.

8. Oatmeal

Oatmeal - Top Ten Foods to Ease Anxiety

Oatmeal is not only a satisfactory breakfast option but is also one amid the best foods to ease anxiety. It can make an individual calmer and stress free as it helps enhancing the serotonin levels in the brain. Further it is jam packed with magnesium, B vitamins and fibre. To make it more effective start eating whole oats added with nuts, dry fruits or honey instead of the instant ones.

9. Egg

Egg - Top Ten Foods to Ease Anxiety

Lack in B vitamins leads to irritability, confusions and anxiety and the good news is eggs carries a wide range of these vitamins within it. So including poaches and boiled eggs for breakfast can benefit anyone with anxiety problems to stay calm throughout the day. Furthermore, it even contains choline which is another nutrient that helps the brain to function properly.

10. Avocado

Avocado - Top Ten Foods to Ease Anxiety

The last one to make an entry into the record of top 10 foods to ease anxiety, Avocado is said to be chock-full with stress-relieving B vitamins, accompanied by a load of potassium and monounsaturated fat. All these components credit the fruit in improving the brain cells as well as the nerves. This results in lower blood pressure and low level of stress and tension.

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