Top 10 Healthy Breakfast Food

The significance of having a healthy meal just after a long night sleep can be determined from the word “breakfast” itself as it means break-the-fast. It also clearly notifies that we need to replenish our body with nutrients and energy to kick start our day. Thus it becomes vital what food we include as our “breakfast” and not just to fill our empty tummy. Here we have listed the foods that are recommended as healthy breakfast food to maintain the perfect ratio of essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients required by our organs and body.

Top Ten Best Healthy Breakfast Food

Read on to know how the top ten healthy breakfast food can boost up your health in leading a happy lifestyle.

1. Oatmeal

 Oatmeal - Top Healthy Breakfast Food

Leading the list of healthy breakfast meals, oatmeal perfectly serves the purpose of appetizingly extra-hearty, protein-boost morning meal. For enhancing its taste it can be accompanied by finely chopped baby spinach, dry fruits, cereals, milk, honey or Swiss cheese. Generally the rolled or the steel cut oats are better than the instant or quick oats. When consumed at a regular basis, one can even cut down his/her extra calories due to the presence of beta-glucan – a fibre type substance.

2. Fresh Fruits

 Fresh Fruits - Top Healthy Breakfast Food

As fruits are packed with minerals and vitamins, they can be awesome to treat as breakfast food. Fresh fruits such as banana, apple, watermelon, kiwi, grapefruit, cantaloupe etc come with many fold benefits of improving your overall health. Some of them are even gifted with fibre content and helps to lower cholesterol level as well as to enhance your digestive system. But care should be taken not to consume canned fruits as jammed with a pinch of sodium and sugar.

3. Greek Yogurt

 Greek Yogurt - Top Healthy Breakfast Food

Despite its tangy taste, Greek yogurt is a part of the top 10 healthy breakfast food as it is loaded with calcium and ample of protein. It will hardly take your time in preparing and moreover it will keep you full for the first half of the day. The plain and non-fat variety is the best to consume during the morning. To make it yummier, fruits and other preferred add-ons can be mixed with it.

4. Eggs

 Egg - Top Healthy Breakfast Food

When it comes to having egg as a healthy breakfast food, organic eggs are much benefiting as compared to the normal ones since they are higher in terms of omega-3 fatty acids. Further it is responsible for reducing depression, atrial fibrillation and atherosclerosis. It can be had either boiled or fried. Even tortillas filled with diced veggies, cheddar cheese and salsa can be a mouth watering option. It has been reported that one yolk bears 60% of an individual’s daily allotment.

5. Tea

 No.5 Top Healthy Breakfast Food - Tea & Coffee

Tea, especially green tea if included as part of daily breakfast meal can heal several sicknesses besides its heart-protective benefits. This is due to the high presence of potent antioxidants in it. Additionally it is also popular for relaxing the blood vessels, cutting down cholesterol levels and avoiding the formation of blood clots. People who seeps around three cups of tea during a day are less likely to become the victims of depression.

6. Juices/Shakes

 Juices & Shakes - Top Healthy Breakfast Food

Juices and shakes squashed out of orange, cranberry, grapefruits, pineapple and papaya have proved beneficiary when taken during the morning hours of a day. Even mix fruit juice or drinks prepared out of veggies are healthy as they contain various nutrients, vitamins and proteins. If you want to enhance its tang you can even mix the shakes with frozen banana or vanilla soy milk.

7. Berries

 Berries - Top Healthy Breakfast Food

In the seventh spot we have berries and it includes all of its types fro blue berries, straw berries to raspberries. Blue berry in particular is gifted with a powerful antioxidant – anthocyanins and this acts a promoter of all health related issues including metabolism, mental condition, blood pressure and motor skills. On the other hand a cup of strawberry can provide a day’s vitamin along with fibre and frolic acid. These can be had with morning salads, puddings, cereals etc.

8. Muffins/Pancakes

Muffins & Pancakes - Top Healthy Breakfast Food

One can even start off his/her morning with a muffin or pancake but provided they are low in fat and are baked with fruits and other healthy ingredients. For a change in flavour, you can even stoke your kitchen shelf with apple, blueberry and peach muffin instead. Moreover a slight dose of sugar is essential to boost your moods for the day even. Pancakes baked out off banana-blueberry batter tastes amazing.

9. Whole Wheat Bread

Whole Wheat Bread - Top Healthy Breakfast Food

Whole Wheat Bread is known to contain more of carbohydrates, nutrients and fibre as compared to the white ones. Whether you have it with egg, sliced tomatoes, almond butter, cheese or bacon; making whole wheat bread a frequent inclusion into your morning meal can show certain positive aspects to your health.

10. Granola Bar

 Granola Bar - Top Healthy Breakfast Food

Prepared out of nuts, fruits, oats, brown sugar and honey; Granola Bar is another item that has been included into the top 10 list of healthy breakfast food. It might just seem like a small bar of chocolate but when consumed with milk, fruits and yogurt it sums up to be an incredibly healthy breakfast.