Top 10 Inexplicable Food-Related Phobias People Really Suffer From



Food is an essential aspect of our life for survival. We usually eat food that we find good in taste. As food is most important for the generation of energy in our body and to perform day to day activities. But have you ever considered a fact that people can suffer from the phobia of food? Yes, it is completely true. There is a wide portion of the population that has a phobia of foodstuff.

Here we have listed top 10 inexplicable food-related phobias people truly suffer from. Dive in to have a look on the list:

10. Deipnophobia: The Fear Of Dining Or Dinner Conversations 



Deipnophobia is a disorder, in which people prefer to eat in silence and usually alone. People who suffer from Deipnophobia are easily offended if bothered while eating. It is a social disorder which means that it is usually the result of genetics. In several pieces of research, it is said that people who have a disturbed childhood and unsuccessful communal involvement do suffer from Deipnophobia.

9. Oenophobia: The Fear Of Wine



Yes, as frustrating as it may sound but people do suffer from a fear of wine. People who suffer from Oenophobia generally avoid going to places where there is a chance of the presence of wine like wine shops, bars, restaurants, and grocery stores. Such people start to develop signs of squatness of breathing or sickness when are near wine.

8. Arachibutyrophobia: The Fear Of Peanut Butter



Peanut butter is the daily starter of food for so many people yet, many people are scared with eating peanut butter. Such people develop a bad taste in their mouth when they eat it. Eating peanut butter also causes anxiety and lop-sided breathing issues and sometimes they suffer chocking.

7. Xocolatophobia: The Fear Of Chocolate



People generally love chocolates, and girls are usually crazy about each kind of chocolate. Nonetheless, there are some people who fear consuming it. They are not able to eat chocolates. It causes them stress and anxiety when they have chocolate around them. They also fear visiting grocery stores to avoid the presence of chocolates around them.

6. Orthorexia: The Fear Of Eating Impure Food



Orthorexia is said to be a mental disorder in which people avoid consuming foodstuffs that are not pure. People who suffer from this phobia believe that eating impure food may make them fall sick. They are always overly concerned about health and fitness. Such people believe in maintaining a perfectly balanced diet and they only prefer buying food items that are safe and pure.

5. Ichthyophobia: The Fear Of All Things Fish



The people with ichthyophobia hate fishes. They avoid visiting places where fishes are present like the shopping market, pond or even oceans. The sight and smell of fish often cause fear in their conscious and they actually avoid going to such places. The most common symptoms of this phobia are such people feel anxiety and sickness while being around fishes.

4. Phagophobia: The Fear Of Swallowing Food, Pills Or Liquids



It is the fear of swallowing one’s personal saliva. It is one of the most frightful phobias. It is a phobia which cannot be cured. People who suffer from Phagophobia can skip their meals just to avoid the situation of swallowing saliva. Such people grow a distinctive sensitivity of sticking of some material in their mouth for which they often see the doctor.

3. Lachanophobia: The Fear Of Vegetables



Lachanophobia means the fear that one has from the vegetables. In this phobia, the person avoids to eat vegetables and even they don’t want to smell vegetables. These people developed a bad taste for vegetables and also its very difficult to have dinners outside or at a friend’s place. Even they don’t go outside to buy the vegetables in a grocery store because of this phobia.

2. Mageirocophobia: The Fear Of Cooking



There are many people around the globe who have to suffer from the fear of cooking in the kitchen. They do not enter the kitchen because of the fears that surrounded them. Such people always having a thought that the food arranged by them may result in food poisoning to other people or the serving fear which will make the bad impression in the minds. People suffering from this disorder will fear that they will burn their hands or get cuts while chopping vegetables. These peoples have an anxiety and shortness of breath problem while they enter the kitchen.

1. Cibophobia: The Fear Of All Food



Countless people suffer from this disease and it is one of the most dangerous phobias for people. Food is the most important aspect of energy and survival and such people have a fear of eating food. These people don’t prefer eating at all. Even the most delicious foodstuff presented on the table scares them. The major Symptoms of this disease are people can simply avoid certain food items in total such as mayonnaise and milk.

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