Top 10 Must Eat Mexican Dishes

Read this before ordering your next Mexican meal. The list of top 10 Mexican dishes will take you on a tasteful ride of the authentic and the best Mexican dishes. Find out more about the original delicacies and their ingredients. So that you do not get deceived by the restaurants which pass on refried beans, tasteless tomatoes and over baked cheese as Mexican cuisines. Let us have a look at what the land of tortillas and tacos have to quench the hunger of the rest of the world.

Best Must Eat Mexican Dishes

The following section will take you on a taste drive to the top 10 Mexican dishes which one must munch on, at least once in their life time.

1. Tacos

Tacos - Top 10 Mexican Dishes

One of the top 10 Mexican dishes, Tacos is one cuisine which everyone is familiar with. The dish is served world over in different variants, with few of them being Tacos Arabes and Tacos al Pastor. Tacos are generally served with tortillas, cilantro and guacamole; occasionally with red chilli sauce and corn being an add on. It is considered one of the best Mexican cuisines for breakfast.

2. Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles - Top 10 Mexican Dishes

Ranked second on our best Mexican dishes list, Chilaquiles was invented by a woman from some stale tortillas. But now it has become one of the top 10 Mexican dishes. It is no more a creative leftover dish. The sizzling dish is served with white cheese, green or red sauce which is prepared in a clay pot. The tangy and creamy dish also requires sour cream, epazote (a widely used Mexican herb) in its preparation.

3. Pozole

Pozole - Top 10 Mexican Dishes

Pozole is a very old dish which traces its roots to the Pre-Columbian era dishes. Counted among the top 10 Mexican dishes, it is one recipe which every tourist who visits Mexico wants to learn. Generally made with some kind of meat, this one of the best Mexican cuisine is prepared from hominy. It usually takes a long time to cook and is garnished with lettuce, onion, lime, reddish and oregano.

4. Tortillas

Tortillas - Top 10 Mexican Dishes

Tortillas are generally described as a sort of pancakes which are served with some fillings or toppings. There is more than one reason that tortillas are considered among the top 10 Mexican dishes. Made in a round shaped clay grill, this one among the best Mexican dishes is usually served as either quesadillas or empanadas or memelas. Memela is a tortilla filled with queso fresco and black beans. Quesadillas and empanadas constitute of ingredients like mushrooms, huitlacoche, squash flowers etc.

5. Mole

Mole - Top 10 Mexican Dishes

Pronounced as ‘mole-ay’, this is one the most complicated and best Mexican dishes. It is basically a sauce which is made with lots of different spices, which even include chocolate. Counted among the top 10 Mexican dishes it comes in many different variants. But the most common ones are the black or green moles. With a taste little similar to barbeque, it tastes best with enchiladas and chicken.

6. Enchiladas

Enchiladas - Top 10 Mexican Dishes

Another one of the top 10 Mexican dishes, enchiladas are the simplest to make. But less effort in no way is synonymous to a compromise in the taste of this Mexican cuisine. Translated in English it means ‘covered in chilly’ or as few call it- chillified. Enchiladas are made of corn tortillas with fillings of shredded chicken and then stifled in green salsa along with sprinkled white cheese and little crema. This is one of the best Mexican dishes which can also be bought for barely $3 in selected places.

7. Tamales

Tamales - Top 10 Mexican Dishes

In Mexico, tamales are often sold on carts and one of the most popular as well. Ranked seventh among our top 10 Mexican dishes, it is served in cornhusk or banana leaves. The key ingredients for this one of the best Mexican dishes are maize, jalapeno pepper or strips of poblano and some exotic herbs. Based on your choice of tamal it can have yellow, green or black mole along with your choice of meat.

8. Elotes

Elotes - Top 10 Mexican Dishes

Another one of the best Mexican dishes, elotes, is also sold on carts in the native state. It is mainly an evening snack for the Mexican people. It is cooked in big metal pots with herbed juices along with thick hominy. Counted among the top 10 Mexican dishes, its key ingredients can be, corn, mayonnaise, white cheese, lime, chile powder, esquite, based on your choice.

9. Micheladas and Sueros

Micheladas-and-Sueros - Top 10 Mexican Dishes

Considered amongst the top 10 Mexican dishes, micheladas and sueros are the essence of the country. It is what mojito is to Cuba and butter chicken is to India. The Mexican cuisine is an excellent combination of the chile sauces along with the beer. But it is not the ordinary beer which we usually drink at the bar. There is a special kind of beer used in its preparation called suero, which also has hints of salted lime juice.

10. Barbacoa

Barbacoa - Top 10 Mexican Dishes

Barbacoa is a traditional dish of the country. Initially it used to be reserved for the country side festivals and weddings. It is one of the best Mexican dishes to try if you ever plan to head to that side of the globe. As peculiar and savouring the cuisine is, as is its method of cooking. It is prepared by roasting an entire lamb or sheep in a ditch dug in the ground. The meat is cooked for several days, covered under the maguey leaves and is taken out when it starts to pull apart. It is cooked without any sauces or marinades.

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