Top 10 Poisonous Food for Humans

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Toxic Foods We Like To Eat

Food is a stress-buster and no one can deny that. Apart from being a basic essential for our healthy living, food defines our personality and lifestyle. For eating, we generally look for food that tastes great. On the other hand, fitness fanatics look for food that suits their fitness mantra. In every case, food forms an important part of our day-to-day activity.

However, can you imagine that you might be eating something poisonous amongst all your meals? This can be a surprise for most of us, but some of our daily food items contain elements that are toxic. Take a look at the list of top 10 Poisonous foods for humans. Be informed and be safe!

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    However, have you ever stopped to think, while shoving a nice red ripe apple into your mouth, that you may be eating something poisonous? Many don’t know it, but a lot of the common day foods that we eat are toxic! Here is a list of ten toxic and poisonous foods us humans just can’t say no to.


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