Top 9 Strange Food Etiquette Around The World



In this immensely big universe there so many countries with so many states and each of them has something diverse about their culture to offer others. Whenever we travel to another place we learn a lot about their offerings and customs and most of them leave us to stun with the grandeur. Well, there are many places that offer delectable food and along with that come to the strange food etiquette. Today we are here with some of the strange food etiquettes that will leave you surprised.

9. Chopstick in China


China is quite pro in almost any technology. There is a wide range of culture and custom followed in China while eating. There are some amazing etiquettes in China’s dine nevertheless there are some that are fairly strange. One of those strange food etiquettes is the sticking chopstick rule. It is considered obdurate to stick the chopsticks upright in the rice bowl.


8. Proud Slurp Japan


The loud you slurp the proud you should be. While being in other places it is considered being rude if you slurp while in Japan it is an accepted and encouraged habit. It is an actual evidence that consumer enjoyed the meal.


7. Cleaning the plate in India


Dinner Plate

Dinner Plate

There are countries where cleaning the plate is offensive whereas in India it is evidence of respect to hosting and it proves you enjoyed the food.


6. No fork Thailand


Whereas in the other sophisticated countries it is considered well-mannered to use a fork, in Thailand the fork should not be used in the plate. It is said to be very low-class and ill-mannered to use a fork to push the food in the spoon in Thailand. Strange, isn’t it?


5. No flip of fish in China


While you are served with a fish in China it is highly inappropriate to flip it on the other side. It is considered as disrespect to the food. Regardless of what you’ve been served, you must not flip a fish.


4. Don’t pour a drink in Korea


In accordance with the Korean culture, you must not pour a drink for yourself instead you should wait for someone else to do it for you. It is a basic table manner in Korea to let others serve the drink.


3. No hands in Chile


One of the strangest etiquettes, you cannot use your hands for eating in Chile. You must use a knife and fork or spoon to eat your meals. It is highly incongruous to use hands while eating a dish in Chile.


2. No salt-pepper in Portugal & Egypt


Whenever you visit Portugal or Egypt, in a restaurant you must not ask for salt or pepper. In both of these countries asking for extra salt and pepper is a straight disrespect of the chef who has prepared the meal. It is highly inappropriate and unacceptable to ask for extra salt or pepper.


1. No coffee Italy


If you are a fan of coffee after the meal then you are the unluckiest person in Italy. You cannot have the cappuccino in Italy.

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