Top Ice Cream Brands

Ice Cream being the most sought after dessert; today we present here the Top 10 Ice Cream Brands. Though there are wide ranges of ice creams coming up in the market, only a few brands have managed to win their consumer’s heart. They are the one with the best quality, flavor and mouth smacking taste. With time these ice cream companies have influenced every nook and corner of the globe and in today’s date they are rated as the Best Ice Cream Brands in the World. Get hold of the article to get deeper into the record of Most Popular Ice Cream Brands and Flavour.

Top Ten Ice Cream Brands

Peep through the details of Top Ten Ice Cream Brands to know more about your favorite ice cream.

1. Carvel


For the passion of making his customers happy and satisfied, Tom Carvel introduced this Ice cream Brand in 1929, now it’s a well-known ice cream franchise owned by focus brands. Spread across United States, Carvel is popular in more than 400 locations in 25 states and also took over five international markets. For the customers they serve some divine and authentic ice cream flavours and also a variety of ice cream cakes that are hand baked.

2. Baskin Robbins

No.2 of Top 10 Ice Cream Brand - Baskin Robbins

Founded in 1945 by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins, Baskin Robbins is a global ice cream brand of American origin. Since its inception, the company has produced more than 1,000 flavours and has earned a name for being the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty stores, with more than 5,800 locations across 30 countries. 2,800 out of these are located in the United States itself. It is one of the best ice cream brands in the world offering some of the Most Popular Ice Cream Flavours.

3. Ben & Jerry’s

No.3 of Top 10 Ice Cream Brand - Ben & Jerry's

Another American ice cream company that has been accounted for being one among the Top Ice Cream brands in the world is Ben & Jerry’s. The brand is a central branch of The Kraft Foods Group that manufactures ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet and ice cream novelty products. Founded by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield in 1978 in Burlington, Vermont; it is popular as a premium ice cream brand. It is also the first brand-name ice cream to be taken into space aboard the Space Shuttle.

4. Dairy Queen

No.4 of Top 10 Ice Cream Brand - Dairy Queen

Often abbreviated as DQ, Dairy Queen is a chain of soft serve and fast food restaurants owned by International Dairy Queen. The first Dairy Queen store opened in 1940 in Joliet, Illinois and currently has more than 5,700 stores in 19 countries, including 652 locations outside the United States and Canada. The company’s stores functioned under quite a few brands, all bearing the typical Dairy Queen logo and carrying the company’s signature soft-serve ice cream.

5. Dippin Dots


Headquartered at Paducah, Kentucky Dippin Dot’s was founded by Curt Jones in 1987. From decades they have served some lip- smacking ice cream snacks which were popular among the kids of all ages. Curt jones use scientific method of cooling beads at a high freezing point to make ice cream dots out of fresh dairy products, fruits and some exotic flavours. These are fun to make and are filled with some explosive and exotic flavours within it which makes it one very different frozen dessert from other products in the market.

6. Private Label

No.6 of Top 10 Ice Cream Brand - Private Label

Private Label is a leading ice cream brand that has gained a huge fan following over the years. The ice cream flavors of the brand have unique taste that has gone fairly well with its consumers. It is a primary force in the German ice cream market accounting for $1,099,951,000 during 2012. Its high quality is another characteristic which has captured the attention of international markets including the United States.

7. Turkey Hill


Turkey Hill manufactures ice creams as well as frozen yogurt, iced tea, and ice cream sandwiches also. Located at Lancaster Country, Pennsylvania, the turkey hill is a brand name owned by the Kroger Company.  It started with producing milk in their dairy but, slowly and gradually started manufacturing ice cream and other products for which they are very famous in US. It is one of the largest and famous producers of dairy products in Pennsylvania.

8. Breyers


An Ice cream lover’s delight, Breyers is an American classic ice cream brand of 1866, for the first time introduced by William A. Breyer.  They are well known for making products with only natural ingredients and also for creating some of the best frozen delicacies. Flavours like Mint chocolate chips, butter pecan, natural strawberry, vanilla fudge twiri, black raspberry chocolate, strawberry waffle cone, banana split, creamy vanilla, vanilla ice cream bar, fudge bar and many more are introduced for your taste.

9. Milko

No.9 of Top 10 Ice Cream Brand - Milko

Milko has not only attained a remarkable position among the Top Ice Cream Brands but is also the largest native producer of dairy products in Sweden. Along with unusual taste, Milko ice cream is also known for maintaining quality that deserves applause. The company started out as a humble industry introduced by Mr. Jose “Mang Ute” Hernandez that has evolved to become one in the row of best ice cream brands.

10. Cold Stone


In 1988 an ice cream label founded by Suzan and Donald Sutherland in Arizona, America. It gets its name from frozen granite stone which is mixed in different mouth-watering flavours of ice cream. Not only ice cream flavours, they also introduced other amazing products, cookie sandwiches, smoothies, shakes, ice- cream cakes, pies, and cold coffee. With its variety of products and ice cream flavours they were followed by customers from all age groups.

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  1. Alan

    Ok.. this list is all wrong. At the top is Talenti, #2 Private Selection made by Kroger, and finally #3 Turkey Hill. Everyone else is in 4th place, period.Test my list

  2. wanda

    Love Black Cherry ice cream or ice cream with black cherries in it. I had some the other day called Black Cherry with chocolate pieces of cake in it. It was by Harris Teeter. I just tried a small carton and I loved it. Have tried to find it again in Harris Teeter stores and I cant find it now. Would like to know why.


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