Top 10 Deadly Snipers of All Time

‘It was night and low visibility, but I saw a guy with an AK-47 lit up by the porch light in a doorway about 400 meters away. I watched him through the sights. He looked like just another Iraqi. I hit him low in the stomach and dropped him.’

One of the major snipers, Specialist James Wilks, accounting his bone-chilling experience, will give you an insight into the world of a sniper.

A sniper is trained vigorously to be a direct marksman or a hit-man, who works in a pair, alone or with a full-fledged team while maintaining a visual contact with the assumed target, and executing the task with a concealed visibility and distance. A sniper can do wonders with his armed marksmanship and well-equipped rifle. The following list contains the name of 10 Deadliest Snipers in History, who created a killing record during the war times with maximum hits from major distances. They are fully trained in disguise, field craft, environment infiltration, scouting and surveillance, making them one of the most dreaded militants in a war.

Getting the hefty view point, let’s get on with the list of Top 10 Deadly Snipers of All Time, their confirmed hits and their deadly armed possessions:


 Top 10 Deadly Snipers


1. Senior Sergeant Roza Shanina, Soviet Red Army

Senior Sergeant Roza Shanina

Country: Soviet Union
 Years Active: 1943–1945
Confirmed Kills: 59
Nickname: The Unseen Terror Of East Prussia

Amongst the list of Top 10 Deadly Snipers in History, Roza Shanina deserves the top rank for being one of the deadliest and well-known female snipers in the history. After her brother got killed in 1943, she got associated with the Soviet Army and went under intensive training to become a terrorized sniper. As a marksman, she gained a total of 59 confirmed hits during her very short career span. She was bestowed with the Orders of Glory and Medal of Courage award, and was rose to lead the 1st Sniper Platoon (184th Rifle Division). She died at a mere age of 20 while protecting a commanding officer during an attack.


2. Sergeant Fyodor Okhlopkov, Soviet Red Army

Sergeant Fyodor Okhlopkov

Country: Soviet Union
Years Active: 1941–1945
Confirmed Kills: 423
Nickname: NA

Fyodor Okhlopkov was nominated as one of the Deadliest Snipers of All Time with confirmed hits of 423, a heavy number! Being called as an efficient Soviet Army sniper of all times, his contribution during the World War II earned him a wide recognition and earned him several awards, such as Hero of the Soviet Union, Order of Lenin, Order of the Red Banner, Order of the Patriotic War and Order of the Red Star (2). On a contrary note, he was passed over these recognitions due to his complex ethnicity (he was a Yakut).


3. Major Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Soviet Red Army

Major Lyudmila Pavlichenko

Country: Soviet Union
Years Active: 1941–1953
Confirmed Kills: 309
Nickname: Lady Death

Major Pavlichenko was nicknamed as “The Lady Death” by the enemies because of her killing streak towards the nemeses and her efficiency towards her armed rifle. With confirmed hits of around 309 kills, she was one of the 500 women snipers to survive the World War II. When Germany invaded Russia in World War II, she was amongst the first sets of civilians to volunteer for armed services b3cause of her timed efficiency with weaponries.


4. Soviet Sniper Semyon Nomokonov, Soviet Army

Soviet Sniper Semyon Nomokonov

Country: Soviet Union
Years Active: 1941–1945
Confirmed Kills: 367
Nickname: Taiga Shaman

Semyon Danilovich Nomokonov was a leading Soviet sniper who was credited with 367 confirmed kills during World War II. After becoming a sniper by chance and testing a rifle on a moving German because “he didn’t want to waste the rounds”, he chose a Mosin–Nagant rifle without a telescopic sight. His style of carving his number of kills on his Smoking Pipe and his skill to conceal in the coldest environments became very popular. He was injured eight times and suffered a blast injury twice. He was recognized with two Orders of the Red Star, Order of the Red Banner, Order of Lenin and medals.


5. Staff Sergeant Adelbert Waldron, United States Army

Staff Sergeant Adelbert Waldron

Country: United States
Years Active: 1968–1970
Confirmed Kills: 109
Nickname: Bert

At a time, United States Army sniper Adelbert Waldron was known to own the most number of hits by an American Sniper with 109 confirmed hits. He once killed a Vietcong (sniper) from the top of a dangling coconut tree with an acute accuracy when no one could see, hear or find the sniper. He was awarded two Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, three Bronze Star and Presidential Unit Citation for his outstanding contribution.


6. Master Corporal Rob Furlong, Canadian Forces

Master Corporal Rob Furlong

Country: Canada
Years Active: 1996–2003
Confirmed Kills: 1+
Nickname: NA

Reputed as one amongst the Top Ten Deadly Snipers in the World, Rob Furlong was a widely acclaimed Sniper who titled the record for the longest definite sniper kill in armed history, at a distance of 2,657 yards. After the completion of Operation Anaconda, the U.S. Army recognized Furlong with the Bronze Star for his brave display.


7. Captain Vasily Zaytsev, Soviet Red Army

Captain Vasily Zaytsev

Country: Soviet Union
Years Active: 1937–1945
Confirmed Kills: 242
Nickname: Василий Григорьевич Зайцев, Vasya

Vasily Grigoryevich Zaytsev was a celebrated Soviet sniper and was titled as a Hero of the Soviet Union for his contribution during World War II. He reportedly shot 225 army soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht and Axis armies with 11 enemy snipers in between 10 November-17 December 1942 during the Battle of Stalingrad. This was a major count for a sniper back then! His favourite rifle was a standard Mosin-Nagant rifle, and was awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union award as well as the Four Orders of Lenin award. There has been a featured-film, named Enemy at the Gates (2001), which stars Jude Law as Zaytsev.


8. Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle, United States Navy SEAL

Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle

Country: United States
Years Active: 1999–2009
Confirmed Kills: 160
Nickname: “The Legend”, “Devil of Ramadi”

This name is a MUST while directing the list of Top 10 Most Deadliest Snipers in the history! Chris Kyle is classified as the Deadliest Sniper Ever in the history of United States with confirmed hit list of 160 kills along with other targets during his four Iraq tours. He was endowed with two Silver Star Medals, five Bronze Star Medals, one Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals. His best-selling autobiography, American Sniper, was adapted into one of the top-rated movies of all times with the same name, and the main character was portrayed by Bradley Cooper.


9. Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Norman Hathcock

Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Norman Hathcock

Country: United States
Years Active: 1959–1979
Confirmed Kills: 93
Nickname: United States Marines Nicknamed ‘Lông Trung du Kich’ (‘White Feather Sniper’)

Carlos Hathcock was a wildly successful sniper, and earned the ability to stalk and kill the rivalled snipers in the wild forests during the war in Vietnam. Amassed with confirmed kills of 93, there was a bounty of $30,000 on his head placed by the North Vietnamese Army. For once, he shot a nemesis right through the eye only with the help of the sun’s reflection off the enemy sniper’s scope. Astounding, isn’t it?


10. Second Lieutenant Simo Häyhä, Finnish Army

Second Lieutenant Simo Häyhä, Finnish Army

Country: Finland
Years Active: 1925–1940
Confirmed Kills: 505
Nickname: Finnish Army Nicknamed ‘The White Death’

He gained his nick name as “The White Death” for a good reason! Simo Häyhä maintains the breaking record for the most number of confirmed hits by any Sniper, i.e. 505, within 100 days. His ability of camouflaging into the coldest regions covered with white clothing was a master art he became skilled at. Another remarkable point, during Red Army sieges, he fired with a submachine gun, which hiked his confirmed hit numbers to 705.

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