Top 10 Fascinating Ghost Towns Around The World


Top 10 Fascinating Ghost Towns Around The World

Can you believe that once a crowded town can transform into a deserted place? There are many places on earth which people completely abandoned due to some unsettling issues. The empty roads, creepy houses, overgrown trees are the perfect ingredients for a haunted story which can be build upon the backdrop of those towns. Here are the top 10 ghost towns where you can visit for an eerie feeling.

10. Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat, Ukraine

The most famous ghost town of history which was deserted after the biggest man-made disaster is the first place of the list. This North Ukrainian city was the home of almost 50,000 people who were evacuated in April 1986 after the infamous Chernobyl disaster. Now people can visit the place after the scientists announced the dropping of the radiation level at the place. You can find vacant homes with furniture, dolls and other household items. The most famous landmark of the area is a Ferris wheel of an amusement park.

9. Island of the Dolls, Mexico

Island of the Dolls, Mexico

The place will give you a goosebump for sure. This island was the home of hermit Julian Santana Barrera who saw a girl drowned in the canal. He then hung dolls all around the island to pacify the spirit of the small girl. In 2001, Barrera was drowned at the same place just like the girl. Many visitors now visit the island to hang dolls who are now welcomed by the spooky eyes of the dolls.

8. Hashima Island, Japan

Hashima Island, Japan

The story of Hashima evolves as the journey from the densest populated place of the earth to a deserted place with zero residence. Hashima, also known as battleship island was an undersea coal mine which started its mining in 1881. In 1959, the total number of residents was 5,000 but during 1974 they started to evacuate as the mine started to run dry. The place has been transformed to a tourist destination where people come to experience the abandoned houses, roads, stores, school and hospital.

7. Bodie, California, USA

Wrecked car, car wreck, abandoned 1937 Chevrolet coupe, ghost town, mining town, Bodie State Historic Park, Bodie, California, USA

Bodie is the best-maintained ghost town of the USA. The town was established in 1859 after the discovery of gold in that area. More than 10,000 gold-seekers resided in that area. But the place became famous for hard-drinking and notorious activities including fighting and killing. Around 1882, almost all the mining companies were announcing bankrupt. Along with it, breaking up of fire twice was the last nail to the coffin.

6. Craco, Italy

Craco, Italy

Once a flourished city, Craco is now deserted due to various natural disasters. The place is located 1,312 feet off the ground in Italy. The first evacuation happened in 1963 after a landslide, following by a flood in 1972 and finally an earthquake in 1980. For all these reasons, people abounded the place. Now a guided tour takes place every day. The place has been featured in many movies including “Passion of the Christ”.

5. Rhyolite, Nevada

Rhyolite, Nevada

When you will visit the place you can find a school, hospital, stores, hotels, stock exchange and a symphony theatre; but not a single inhabitant. This place was the house of more than thousands of people who wanted to try their lucks in the gold rush. This mining town was a hotspot for gold digging at the beginning of 1900’s but within 20 years everybody left the place.

4. Kayakoy, Turkey

Kayakoy, Turkey

UNESCO has named Kayakoy as the World Friendship and Peace Village. The place had become deserted as the result of population exchange. The new Muslim community was not able to settle down in the town as they were not able to cope up with the weather. Finally, a major earthquake compelled everybody to evacuate the place. The village is now an open-air museum where time has been stopped.

3. Oradour-sur-Glane, France

Oradour-sur-Glane, France

The village named Oradour-sur-Glane is a black name in French history as the infamous and heinous mass slaughter took place in 1944. Waffen-SS killed 642 residents of the village including 247 children. Nazi leader Das Reich wanted to set an example for the French community during the time of Second World War. The village carries the witness of that odious night still now.

2. Ordos, Mongolia

Ordos, Mongolia

The first look of Ordos can deceive you for its high rise skyline. But when you move closer you can only experience empty streets with the unfinished building. During the time of coal rush, the government wanted to settle the population in the area. But none of the flats was sold as no one agreed to move to the newly built town. Now the place is becoming famous for tourism.

1. Kolmanskop, Namibia

Ghost Town in Desert

Another mining village which has been transformed into the ghost town is Kolmanskop. During the early 1900s, the place was a buzzing town where German miners settle to hunt for diamond. With the help of German architecture, they gave the place a great makeover constructing a hospital, ballroom, and even a bowling alley. The inhabitants vacated the place soon after the discovery of diamond in coastal area in 1928.

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