Top 10 Greatest Warriors of all Time

Top 10 Ancient Warriors of all Time

Since the beginning of human civilization, human race has been engaged in a number of wars in order to fulfill its needs and desires. If one war is fought for annexation of empire and resources another is fought for proving one’s valor to the world. In recorded history, we find a number of incidents where unending wars put serious threats to the society and its inhabitants. These annihilating wars have produced some of the ferocious warriors the world has ever heard names of. These men who are not only excellent at hand to hand fight but who were also great leaders and exceptional strategists. Though there were a number of brave warriors in the history who deserve a place here in the list of the top 10 greatest warriors in the history, this list mentions the name of those undaunted individuals who are famous around the world since ages.

1. Alexander the Great


As the name suggests itself, Alexander was unquestionably one of the greatest warriors in the recorded history. This man of an iron will took the whole world by storm. Alexander is known to conquest the entire world through his pragmatic planning and unparalleled strategies. He invaded on countries like Syria, Egypt and Asia. And when he was pondering over to invade Arabia, he suddenly fell ill and breathed his last. He laid the foundation stone of the city called Alexandria.

2. Leonidas I


He is one of the greatest warriors of the world in living memory of human beings. His reign commenced somewhere around 490 BC.  Leonidas was best known for his heroic last stand at the Battle of Thermopylae.  His early life has barely been documented in the history. Legend has it that Leonidas was the descendant of Heracles. He has been described as outrageously ferocious warrior in the history.

3. Sun Tzu


Sun Tzu was an astute Chinese General and a prolific writer. He wrote a book on military which was acclaimed by different segments of the society. He had had the privilege of serving the King of Wu in the 4th century BC. Many Chinese soldiers such as Napoleon and Mao Zedong learned a lot from his book.  The book taught them successful leadership techniques in battles.

4. Hannibal Barca


The world abounds in a number of brave persons who will embrace their life ends happily but will never kneel down in front of their enemies. Hannibal Barca was one of them. He was very repulsive of the Romans and led a number of successful battles in Roman territory. Hannibal was very famous for his excellent strategies. He was defeated by Scipio in his homeland at the battle of Zama.

5. Gaius Julius Caesar


The greatest warrior in Rome’s history, Caesar came to power in 59 BC. He established himself as a great visionary by leading a number of successful campaigns in Gaul, Britain and Germany. Some aristocratic in Rome could not digest his growing power and asked to split up his forces. He did not kowtow instead marched on Rome. Caesar was stabbed to an end  by a group of his friends.

6. Miyamoto Musashi


Japan has given a number of great warriors to the world and Miyamoto Musashi is one of them. He was an outstandingly skilled samurai and one of the best sword fighters in the history of Japan. Born in the year of 1584, Miyamoto Musashi won his first duel against Arima Kigei. He taught sword fighting to numerous students in the country. He turned out to be a good writer in the last stages of his life.  He wrote a book ‘The Book Of Five Rings’. He breathed his last at the age of 62.

7. Lieutenant Audie Murphy


Lieutenant Audie Murphy was the son of a poor Texas sharecropper. He was born in the year of 1924.  He joined American army in the year of 1942 and went on to become the most popular American soldier of World War II. One incident of the World War II describes that he jumped onto a tank destroyer and turned its turret towards the enemy. This helped to fail an enemy attack of at least 6 tanks and 250 infantry.

8. Saladin


This great warrior of the world was born in 1138 in the famous city of Mesopotamia. Saladin regarded as the villain of the Third Crusade whereas on the other hand he is greatly lauded by the Middle East as a hero who brought back Jerusalem to Muslims. It is mentioned in the history that he got training under the patronage of his uncle. Saladin breathed his last on March 4, 1193.

9. Spartacus


This greatest warrior was born in Thrace in 109 BC. He is popularly known as the gladiator who led the rebellion against Rome Empire during the Gladiatorial War. In his youth, he was sold out as a gladiator. After running away from the gladiator schools he formed his own army which continued to grow until it was equipped with 90, 000 soldiers. Spartacus, along with his army, began causing destruction in southern Italy, conquering two Roman armies and marauding each and every city he came across.

10. Richard I (Lionheart)


The avarice of power and riches can enamor anyone and compel him to do unexpected things. Richard I sought help from his mother Eleanor of Aquitaine to overpower his father Henry II and anointed himself as the king of England in 1198. He was famous for exceptional combating ability and valor.

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