Top 10 Worst Natural Disasters Ever

List of Top 10 Worst Natural Disasters Ever

No matter how much advance science and technology makes, none can have control over natural disasters. Few of them were so terrifying and shocking that till today humankind have not forgotten their cruelty. Many people had to give up their properties and life during the destruction. The list below talks about the top ten biggest natural disasters ever.

Top Ten Worst Natural Disasters Ever

Study through the given content to know more about the top ten worst natural disasters ever which have left an impact on the earth till today.

1. China Floods 1931


Countries Affected – China

Considered as the biggest natural disaster, the China floods or the Central China floods were a series of floods that occurred in republic of China from July to November, 1931. During this period China witnessed some weird climatic conditions with heavy snowstorms followed by heavy down pour which as a result raised the river level causing floods everywhere. Total causality  1,000,000–2,500,000,  had been reported.

2. Yellow River Flood 1887


Countries Affected – China

Due to the elevated nature of the Yellow River, it is more prone to floods among which the 1887 flood was one of the top ten natural disasters around the world which claimed around 900,000–2,000,000 lives. Began in the month of September, due to low lying plains around the river, the flood in no time covered all of North China.

3. Shaanxi Earthquake 1556


Countries Affected – China

Doomed the  lives to an end of around 830,000 people, Shaanxi earthquake or Jiajing earthquake was a tragic earthquake which took place on the morning of 23 January 1556 in Shaanxi, China. An area of 840-kilometre wide was destroyed and in some areas 60% of the population were wiped off. With a magnitude of 8, the earthquake’s epicentre was in the Wei River Valley of Shaanxi Province proving itself to be one of the worst natural disasters ever.

4. Bhola Cyclone 1970


Countries Affected – India & Bangladesh

Bhola cyclone was a tropical cyclone which originated in central Bay of Bengal on 8th November, 1970 and moving towards north covered current Bangladesh and West Bengal. With the strength of three hurricanes, Bhola victimised 500,000 lives. The storm reached its peak with winds of 185 km/h wiping away offshore villages and crops.

5. India Cyclone 1839


Countries Affected – India

20,000 vessels in the bay were destroyed and 300,000 lives of the people were put to an end due to the India Cyclone in 1839. The fifth worst natural disaster wiped off the harbour city of Coringa that was never entirely rebuilt.

6. Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004


Countries Affected – Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Maldives & Somalia

Sharing a place along the top ten worst natural disasters ever, Indian Ocean Tsunami was responsible for taking 230,210–310,000 lives across 14 countries on 26th December, 2004 with its epicentre off the west coast of Sumatra. Magnitude ranging from 9.1 to 9.3 it is the third largest earthquake recorded till date which lasted for 10 minutes.

7. Antioch Earthquake 523


Countries Affected – Turkey

The Antioch earthquake was a huge earthquake that hit Syria and Antioch (present Turkey) in May 523. The earthquake is known to claim 250,000 casualties and has earned a named in the record of top ten worst natural disasters ever.

8. Tangshan Earthquake 1976


Countries Affected – China

Also famous as Great Tangshan earthquake, this natural calamity occurred on 28th July, 1976 in People’s Republic of China. The earthquake hit in the early morning lasting for 23 seconds and an estimated life loss of of 242,419–665,000 people.

9. Haiyuan Earthquake 1920


Countries Affected – China

Haiyuan earthquake hit Haiyuan country, Ningxia province and China on December 16th, 1920. Total casualty was reported to be around 234,117 due to landslides, ground cracks and surface faulting.

10. Aleppo Earthquake 1138


Countries Affected – Syria

Taking the name from the maximum life buried region, Aleppo earthquake has been enlisted along the top ten worst natural disasters ever because the main earthquake was preceded and followed by small shakes. Around 230,000 people have given up their lives in this tragedy while several others were critically wounded. It took place on 11 October during the year 1138.

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