Top 10 Arabic TV Channels in USA

The Arabian channel list discussed today will allow you to have a peek of all the leading Arabian channels in USA. Broadcast in English, Arabic and few other international dialogues, these channels were shaped to serve the worldwide Muslim community. Maximum of them deals with topics such as religious, cultural and economic issues besides telecasting music videos, serials and films. So dive deep into the write up to have a closer glance of the top 10 Arabic TV channels in USA.

Top Ten Arabic TV Channels in USA

Read on to know the top ten Arabic TV channels in USA.

Top 10 Arabic TV Channels in USA

1. MTA International

Dedicated towards the benefit of the worldwide Muslim Community and to relay the speeches of the Khalifa, the MTA International is one of the foremost Arabic TV Channels in USA broadcasting sermons, Arabic language learning for children, news and documentaries. Though Urdu is the main language of broadcast, other languages such as Arabic, Indonesian, French, Hausa, English, Bengali, German and Swahili are also part of it. It as well serves the purpose of being the chief source of media for the Ahmadiyya Muslim community throughout the globe.

2. 2M TV

Based in Casablanca, 2M TV is a Moroccan government owned television network that has been made available internationally since 2007. The free-to-air channel offers 24 hour telecast of documentaries, sports, news, cultural programs and children shows. Besides it also relays films and serials. It as well has earned a reputation for challenging and debating on topics that are regarded as social taboos in Morocco and thus it has become a symbol of “freedom of speech” in the country.

3. Abu Dhabi Sport

Abu Dhabi Sport is a renowned Arabic sports channel owned by the Abu Dhabi Media. It is aired from the capital city of the United Arab Emirates and covers Middle East, Europe, Australia and North America. The channel owns the right to relay Multi Sport Games, Tennis, Handball, Wrestling, Football, Basketball, Motorsport and Golf. It has multiple frequencies on various satellites and has even hosted some of the well known league celebrities like Andrew Cole, Lee Sharpe, Hatem Trabelsi etc.

4. Al-Alam News Channel

Popular for its political coverage, Al-Alam News Channel airs its programs from Iran targeting more than 300 million Arabic speaking populations across the earth. It also relays shows related to business, commentaries, sports and analysis. The satellite channel can not only be received in five major continents but is also one among the key Arabic channels in USA. Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) is its owner.

5. Al-Fayhaa

Owned by Mohammad Al-Tay and broadcasted from Suleymaniyah, Iraq; Al-fayhaa is a self-governing Arabic television channel that is responsible for relaying cultural programming with a Shia Islam-leniency and news. It was launched on 25th July 2004 and by now has evolved into a popular Arabic satellite channel in the United States.

6. Dandana

Dandana is the fastest growing Arabic TV channel in USA as it airs the hottest music videos and the initial live programs from Middle East as well as from USA in Arabic and English. The channel has a major contribution for letting people know more about Middle Eastern lifestyle and pop music.

7. Al-Iraqiya

Covering news and affairs related to the aggressive topic – terrorism, Al-Iraqiya was launched in 2003, after the fall of Sadaam Hussein. It is a terrestrial public broadcaster and a satellite TV network that was begun part of the Iraqi Media Network under the name IMN. The network also has support from the United States Military.

8. Alkarma

Dedicated towards the propagation of the teachings of the Gospel, the Alkarma is an Arabic Christian free satellite Channel. Its broadcasting zones covers places such as South and North America, Australia, Middle East and Europe. Relaying culturally responsive TV programs, the channel can also be viewed online on personal computers, IPTV systems and Smartphone. Recently it has been counted as one of the most preferred channels among the devotees of Jesus.

9. Al Maghribiya

A nationwide owned public service satellite Television channel of Morocco, the Al Maghribiya is run by the Société Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de Télévision (SNRT). The channel was set up on 18th November 2004 and its programs are aired from noon till midnight, based on two previous Moroccan TV channels by the name 2M and Al Aoula. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Communications of Morocco, the Arabic channel is a joint project of 2M and Radio Television Marocaine.

10. Al-Forat

Named after an Iraqi river, Al-Forat Arabic language satellite TV network owned by the largest Shi’a political party called Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI or SIIC). With its headquarters in Karrada, Baghdad; the channel focuses on presenting religious, economical, political and cultural issues.

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