Top 10 Health And Fitness Magazine

Since we all love to stay sound and maintain a healthy body, few journals have taken up the responsibility to guide us with tips and suggests based on this notion. These publications have well written articles focussed on exercise tips, diet advices, weight lose guidance and other vital suggestions that can prove worthy while on the way to continue with an active and lively lifestyle. Thus mentioned here are the top 10 health and fitness magazines that are well read all over the US and the world.

Top 10 Health And Fitness Magazines

Grab one of the top ten health and fitness magazines and start maintain a sound physique now onwards.

1. Fitness

Fitness - Top 10 Health And Fitness Magazines

Focussed on exercise, beauty, health and nutrition; the Fitness is a popular women’s health magazine in the United States. Launched in 1992, the magazine is distributed ten times annually. Its content is basically devoted to the all round well being of a woman – mind, spirit and body. At present Betty Wong is the editor-in-chief of Fitness and is published and owned by the Meredith Corporation.  It even conducts health-themed and real-world fitness events to raise money for charity and promote its band.

2. Pilates Style

Pilates-Style - Top 10 Health And Fitness Magazines

Covering up tips, information and guidance on how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, the Pilates Style offers Pilate’s workouts and instructions along with educational articles on health, home, nutrition, beauty and travel. Apart from step by step guidance on healthy exercise, it as well publishes latest news on current trends, accessories, equipment and apparels. Pilates Style has six issues per year.

3. Whole Living

Whole-Living-Magazine - Top 10 Health And Fitness Magazines

A newly launched health and fitness magazine, the Whole Living publishes write ups based on wellbeing of an individual, natural health and personal growth through their seven categories namely – wellness, healthy eating, beauty, community, balance, fitness and live green. Moreover, under the section – live green, articles related to keeping our earth safe and green are also included. Whole Living was first issued in May 2010 and by June 2012 it had 760,606 total circulations.

4. Men’s Fitness

Men’s-Fitness - Top 10 Health And Fitness Magazines

As the name suggests, Men’s Fitness deals with topics related to maintaining a healthy and active body. It was founded in 1987 and is published by the American Media. Starting from advices on eating healthier to scoring dates, the publication comes loaded with all the tips one needs to lead a balanced and hearty lifestyle. With the slogan – “How the Best Man Wins”, Men’s Fitness targets males in the age group of 21–40. It even shares suggestions on fashion, recipes, sports and nutrition.

5. Self

Self - Top 10 Health And Fitness Magazines

With 5,904,000 readers and 1,528,583 circulations, the Self is a well known women fitness magazine in the United States. Health, nutrition, happiness, fitness and beauty are its major topic of concern. It was even nominated for a National Magazine Award (ASME) in 2008 for its outstanding issue. Self was launched in January 1979 and since then it has been one among the renowned magazines among the women folk. It comes up monthly and is published by Conde Nast Publications.

6. Oxygen

Oxygen - Top 10 Health And Fitness Magazines

Another monthly magazine that deserves a position among the top 10 health and fitness magazine is the Oxygen. The complete periodical has been divided in to four major sections – training, nutrition, fat loss and lifestyle. It is under these categories that it brings out write ups concerning equipments, workout exercises, healthy recipes, eating tips, weight loss strategies and fashion. It can even be surfed online through its website.

7. Women’s Health

Women’s-Health - Top 10 Health And Fitness Magazines

Introducing to women a living style that is healthy, organised and smart; the Women’s Health is distributed across 25 nations with over 8 million readers and 13 editions internationally. Targeted at the new generation women, it suggests tips and advices on nutrition, lifestyle, fitness and health. In the States it is published ten times a year with 1.5 million readers. Each month it features a celebrity that exudes the lifestyle of an active, healthy woman. Due to its superior performance in advertising and circulation, Women’s Health is as well recognised by Advertising Age’s annual “A-List” and Adweek Media’s “Hot List”. 

8. Slimming World

Slimming-World - Top 10 Health And Fitness Magazines

Slimming World is a magazine published by the UK based weight loss organisation of the same name. It features inspiration and practical advices on maintaining a slim figure along with other healthy ways of continuing with a sound body. It as well discusses on important matters related to pregnancy and the steps needed to take during those months. With more than 400,000 circulation and one million readers, Slimming World is the most read magazine in the United Kingdom.

9. Weight Watchers

Weight-Watchers - Top 10 Health And Fitness Magazines

Weight Watchers is the magazine by the renowned maintenance and weight loss organisation of the same name with base in the United States. Since the international organisation is regarded as one of world’s most notorious commercial diet plan, the Weight Watchers magazine is a sure spot on among the top 10 health and fitness magazines. By publishing tasty ProPoints recipes, inspirational member stories and vital and tips and suggestion; the monthly intends to offer extra support to their members.

10. Vegetarian Times

Vegetarian-Times - Top 10 Health And Fitness Magazines

Focused to provide a healthy lifestyle to flexitarians and vegetarians, the Vegetarian Times is the last entry into the record of top ten health and fitness magazines. Its objective is to encourage eco-friendly lifestyle through its articles and write ups concerning topics such as wellness information, recipes and cooking techniques. It as well provides information on “green” products. It is the best monthly to be referred by a vegetarian as well as a non vegetarian.

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