Top 10 Most Popular Magazines in US

The United States publishes some of the best magazines in the entire world. Magazines published from the US are voraciously read by the global readers as they cover exclusive details from the world of media. Additionally there are a great number of magazines in the country that talk about a wide variety of topics. US magazines deal in all important aspects of day to day life like fashion, family, politics, home-making food, sports, lifestyle and culture. There is a long list of famous and widely known US magazines that have touched a new height of popularity among readers. A list containing the names of top 10 most popular magazines in the US are given here.

Top Ten Most Popular Magazines in US

Get to know the best selling as well as the most popular magazines in the United States.

Top 10 Most Popular Magazines in US


AARP is a widely known bi-monthly magazine taken out by AARP, which talks about ageing issues. It is one of the largest circulated magazines in the United States. It has been consistently breaking all records of readership. It tops the list of the top ten best selling magazines in the US.

2. The Costco Connection

Publishing articles based on regular issues of corporation, health, business and society, The Costco Connection is an US magazine delivered free of cost to the members of the warehouse club Costco. Apart from this other interested readers can browse online to have an inside view of its topics. Per issue around 8,631,275 copies are issued.

3. Game Informer

Game Informer is the third most popular magazine in the United States according to monthly sale. As per 2012 report, the magazine saw sale of more than 8 million copies each month. In relevance to its name, it is a video game monthly and focuses on articles and news featuring updates, reviews, strategies about various video games and related consoles.

4. Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens is another best selling magazines in the United States. It occupies the 4th slot in the list of the top ten best selling magazines in the US. Founded in 1922, the magazine is published 12 times in a year.

5. Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest is a general interest family magazine, which is published ten times annually. Global edition of the magazine is read by an additional 40 million readers in over 70 countries of the world with editions in more than 21 languages.

 6. Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping is a leading women’s magazine not only in the US but in the entire world. It features articles about issues that concern women the most like health, recipes, fashion and so on. The first issue of the magazine was published in the year 1885 and today its total circulation has reached to 4, 336, 711 copies.

7. National Geographic

National Geographic magazine is an official journal of the National Geographic Society. Its first issue was taken out in 1888. It is a monthly magazine that has found its readers in all geographical areas of the world.

8. Family Circle

Family Circle is a highly popular American magazine that sees 15 editions in a year. It was incorporated in 1932 and since then has been counted as one of the best magazines in the United States. In the year 2009, the magazine launched its social networking site the

9. People

“People” is the world’s leading celebrity magazine that publishes stories of human interest. The Magazine enjoys global popularity with a wide circulation of 3.75 million copies. It has been ranked one of the best selling magazines in the US many a times. It even has the record of 51.7 million page views in a single day.

10. Woman’s Day

As the name suggests itself, Woman’s magazines covers women oriented issues like food, nutrition, beauty, fitness and fashion. It is a monthly magazine that boasts of a huge female readership. The magazine saw its first issue in the year of 1937.

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