Top 10 Travel and Leisure Magazine

You have landed on the perfect platform, if you have been on a long hunt for an adventurous and exciting trip. The list provided by us mentions the names that have been playing an imperative role by offering necessary updates regarding the most desired destinations, dream homes and audacious activities. Followed by many, these periodicals are packed with every detail that can ensure a perfect vacation. So without wasting time, scroll further and plan your next break as per the guidance provided by them.

Top Ten Travel and Leisure Magazine

Peep in to have a clear image of the names that have afforded a spot in the list of top ten travel and leisure magazines.

1. Coastal Living

Coastal Living - Top 10 Travel and Leisure Magazine

Featuring details about comfy cottages, pleasures of sea side style, modish homes, mesmerising destinations, interesting activities and people belonging to the Gulf shores of North America, Atlantic and Pacific; the Coastal Living is a leading travel magazine with ten issues circulated each year. The periodical as well includes travelling discussions from places such as Hawaii, coastal Canada, Caribbean islands, Alaska, Mexico and US Great Lakes. Moreover, Coastal Living can guide readers with perfect ways of nesting a coastal home.

2. National Geographic

National Geographic - Top 10 Travel and Leisure Magazine

Since 1888, the National Geographic Society has been continuously publishing the National Geographic magazine. Covering all ends of the globe, it deals with articles concerning history, scenic beauty, world culture and geography accompanied by extensively clicked dramatic photographs. With 5 million per month circulation in the United States alone, National Magazine has witnessed more than 8.3 million global distributions as of now. Besides, it is also available in thirty-six different languages.

3. Global Traveler

Global Traveler - Top 10 Travel and Leisure Magazine

Targeting the luxury holidaymakers and the frequent American business executive travellers, the Global Traveler is one among the best travel leisure magazines published by FXExpress Publications. The monthly includes articles, travel deals, news, city guides, travel blogs, golf courses, hotel information, airline and restaurant reviews so as to provide a clear view of the places visitors choose to visit. The Indulgence, The Global City Guidebook, the Globility, The Class Act and the Corporate Guidebook are the five major supplemental books packaged with the famous travel magazine.

4. Best in Travel

Best in Travel - Top 10 Travel and Leisure Magazine

Best in Travel is the brainchild of the World Travel Award team exclusively aiming the sophisticated, upper strata of the travelling class. It is a digital monthly created out of unmatched first-hand experience of five-star hospitality and cutting-edge technology in order to present a full sketched guidance to the most lucrative sightseers of the world. Counted as one of the well accepted luxury travel magazine, the monthly can be subscribed free of cost.

5. Islands

Islands - Top 10 Travel and Leisure Magazine

Focussing on all the mesmerising islands that the earth has been gifted with, the Islands is an award winning travel and leisure magazine. The periodical is composed of information concerning the best Caribbean destinations, leading resorts, best snorkelling, notorious dream trips, romantic islands and popular islands to live in. in addition to all these, it even consist of a map highlighting the islands that are always a topic of discussion for adventurers and visitors.

6. Wanderlust

Wanderlust - Top 10 Travel and Leisure Magazine

Published ten times in a year, the Wanderlust has its origin rooted in Britain. Lyn Hughes and Paul Morrison got pregnant with the concept of the magazine after noting the absence of a publication dealing with global cultural insights, activities and wildlife. This award winning periodical has been serving as the best travel magazine for individuals and groups who are passionate about exploring the world.

7. Cruising World

Cruising World - Top 10 Travel and Leisure Magazine

As the name indicates, Cruising World is committed to those who have a wild obsession for cruising and sailing. Thus, the magazine talks in length about sailboats, yacht styling, sailor profile, boat reviews, boating safety, seamanship, voyaging and destinations through well organised videos, photos, blogs, posts, forums and news.

8. Where

Where - Top 10 Travel and Leisure Magazine

Founded in 1938, the Where is yet another travel magazine that is well known among the ardent holidaymakers. The periodical is published by St. Joseph Media in Canada and by Morris Visitor Publications throughout the world. One can easily grab a copy of it from the reputed hotels, regional malls, convention centres and tourist areas. Emphasizing on maps, travel guidance and destination reviews; Where can offer an outsider with every up-to-date information regarding any tourist location.

9. AAA Living

AAA Living - Top 10 Travel and Leisure Magazine

Available as online as well as printed, the AAA Living has been serving more than 2,459,090 AAA members from Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota and Nebraska with fully covered information related to driving, travelling, savings and insurances. The online version of the magazine also features video and audio clips to make things more comprehending and interesting. AAA Living is distributed six times a year.

10. Sunset

Sunset - Top 10 Travel and Leisure Magazine

For a guidance to live in the western United States, nothing can be a better option than to seek news and updates from the popular travel leisure magazine – Sunset. The monthly concentrates on lifestyle topics such as cooking, home maintenance, gardening and travel. Published since 1898 by the Sunset Publishing Corporation, currently the magazine has more than 1,262,722 circulations.

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