Top 10 TV Commercials

Imaginations, fantasies and animation create the wonderful world of Best Commercials that helps in promotion of products, but with a creative twist. The Top 10 TV Commercials have been captivating interests of masses with their unique and catchy characteristics. These Best TV Commercials created an aura full of  emotions, action as well as drama among young and old. The Best Commercials on TV painted the town in their own colours, they are conditioned to what public take as a gospel truth. The only way to make sense out of a change is to plunge into it, the biggest change in the television industry are the commercials. So go with it and join the dance to enjoy the amazing world of the TV commercials. Go through the Top Ten Commercials for this year which have been outreaching the people with an extraordinary twist.


Top Ten TV Commercials

Go through the Top Ten Commercial which have gained a lot of attention of people for the year 2014.


1. Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks

Topping the list of Top Ten TV Commercials a sensation among all, is the Volvo Trucks: “The Epic Split” advertisement. The director Andreas Nilsson created an action sequel to demonstrate the “stability and precision of Volvo dynamic Steering. Jean- Claude Van Damme, a pop culture icon, carried out a full split standing amid two backward moving Volvo FM trucks. The Epic Split is an endearing part of the Volvo Trucks series that clearly features the innovation and ingenuity involved in the vehicles. This commercial not only beamed the televisions, but also reached over 7 million views on internet.


2. Skype


“Near or far stay connected with Skype”, at number two we have Skype: “stay connected” campaign that touched the hearts of millions of viewers. This commercial depicts a poignant story of two girls who had similar disabilities which brought them closer through Skype. Paige from New Zealand and Sarah from Indiana got connected through Skype, which helped them survive their conditions . Distances are no issues for people who use Skype, staying connected is a lot more easier these days. A very emotional act portrayed in a three and a half minute commercial that can bring you to tears.


3. Dove


In Ogilvy and Mather Brazil presentation, Dove: “Real Beauty Sketches” apparently describes the true essence of doves message to all the women. Placed at number three we have Real Beauty Sketches that resonates self esteem boosting message for all the women who feel they are not admirable. FBI’ s trained artist was asked to draw sketches of women first from their perspective and then from a strangers perspective. The results were quite shocking as women turned out to be more cynical about their looks than strangers. The very emotional and touching essence of this commercial had made it so popular among the people that it received 114 million views.


4. Ram Trucks

Ram Trucks

Ram Trucks: The Farmer, is positioned at number four among the 2014 Best Commercials, which have touched millions of hearts. The Richards Group presents a heart melting tribute to the Farmers of America in form of a commercial. This commercial was an amalgamation of an overwhelming speech by Paul Harvey “God Made Farmer” that became a background voice for slide show of photos. This ad depicted the hardship of farmers and how effective would be Ram Trucks for them.


5. Kmart


Draft FCB Chicago Ad agency presents the Kmart “ship my pant” a hilarious commercial that gained a position at number five among the Top 10 Commercials for this year. It is a humorous advertisement that gained a lot of attention of the masses. The advertisement is directed to tell the customers about Kmart’s free home delivery program. The director Zach Math and his team came up with a very innovative and hilarious style of telling the masses about the deals.


6. Pepsi Max

Pepsi Max

At number six we have Pepsi Max: “Test Drive” a promotional short film that describes a very amusing prank to promote Pepsi Max.  TBWA, Chiat and Day LA ad agencies were behind the innovation and creation of this amazing advertisement. Jeff Gordon a NASCAR racer guises himself into a customer and gives a sales man a scary ride of his life. This short film of more than three minutes and 40 seconds was directed by Peter Atencio and Jeff Gordon. It became a hilarious experience for the viewer which crossed a million views.


7. Geico


Geico a car insurance company that is known for putting their money in odd and crazy commercials like the “Hump Day”. At number seven we have Geico “Hump Day” that focuses on Wednesday when any person can save their money on car insurance. The advertisement showcases a happy camel walking in a office full of sad people asking – “Which Day is It”. Then towards the end two musicians play a jingle, after which they have a small conversation about saving money on a Wednesday.


8. Budweiser


A Very emotional and warming commercial that attracted a lot of attention this year that depicts the true essence of Budweiser. At number eight we have the Jake Scott directed commercial the “Brotherhood” that depicts a connection between a trainer and a Foal named Clydesdale. With its heart touching reunion of the trainer and the foal after a long separation that shows the true essence of the company.


9. John Lewis

John Lewis

An animated and heart warming commercial by the John Lewis that depicts a story of a “Bear and the Hare”. This two minute animated commercial was created with a special focus towards the holiday season and John Lewis alarm clock. This commercial covers a sweet and simple story of a bear and a hare who misses the Christmas celebration because of their long sleep. So the bear gifts its rabbit friend an alarm clock, a gift that he would never forget. Towards the end the message was clearly delivered that stated “Gift someone a Christmas they will never forget”.  Over eleven million dollars were put in by the John Lewis store, to develop this advertisement.


10. Goldie Blox

Goldie Blox

Goldie Blox is a toy manufacturing company that provides next generation toys for the female generation. Their latest commercial on TV named “Girls” lists at number ten among the Top 10 Commercials of 2014. This advertisement brought in success for the engineering themed board game for girls introduced  by the  company.  Girls commercial was a feminine centered ad that gained a lot of criticism as well as praises among the common people.

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