Top 10 US Newspapers by Circulation in 2012

Top 10 US Newspapers by CirculationNewspapers have become the guardians of a democracy. They keep the common public well-informed about the world and it’s going on. It is the main conveyor between the people and the governing bodies. Besides this newspaper also provide information on areas like jobs, matrimonial, inventions, economy, health etc.  It is true that neither the advent of the television nor that of the internet can affect the popularity of newspaper. The facility of the latest news at a much cheaper rate is the main reason of its wide spread use. It also helps in the growth of trade and commerce through its advertisements. Every nations of the universe has their own newspapers, few of them being sold internationally.

Though technologically advanced, newspapers in US have not ceased to disappear. Starting from entertainment to serious topics these sheets of paper has lots to offer to its citizens every day. Here we will discuss about the best selling newspapers of United States.

List of Newspapers in United States by Circulation

S. No. Newspaper Circulation*
1 Wall Street Journal 2118315
2 USA Today 1817446
3 New York Times 1586757
4 Los Angeles Times 589735
5 New York Daily News 556531
6 San Jose Mercury News 206038
7 New York Post 555327
8 Washington Post 507615
9 Chicago Sun-Times 269489
10 Chicago Tribune 414590

Top Ten Newspapers of United States

1. Wall Street Journal
Published by Dow Jones & Company in New York City, the Wall Street Journal is an American English Newspaper distributed through the length and breadth of the globe. It has won the Pulitzer Prize thirty-three times for generating financial news.

2. USA Today
Founded by Al Neuharth on September 15, 1982, USA Today is a daily newspaper of America published by the Gannett Company. It is the second biggest socialized newspaper with 1.8 million copies in March 2012. Normally USA Today comes for $1.00 but is distributed free in hotels and airports. Current news, money, sports and life are the four sections that it deals with. On Fridays it includes two extra sections on health.

3. New York Times
Since 1851 New York Times has been incessantly published and issued from New York City. “The Old Gray Lady” is its nickname and has won 108 Pulitzer Prizes. News, Opinions, Business, Arts, Science, Sports, Style, Home, and Features are the eight columns that the newspaper works in. Initially it was supplied six days a week but after April 21, 1861 due to growing demand it is now available on Sundays even with 1586757 circulated every day.

4. Los Angeles Time
Since 1881 Los Angeles, California has been providing its people with one of its best newspaper, Los Angeles Time. Thirty nine Pulitzer Prizes has been awarded to this particular paper along with four prizes for editorial cartooning and currently 589735 copies are regularly sold.

5. New York Daily News
Owned and run by Mortimer Zuckerman, New York Daily News is the fifth most selling newspapers of United States. Printed for the first time in 1919, it has till date won ten Pulitzer Prizes. Its content includes world and national news, business, science and health, arts, sports, editorials and amazing crossword puzzles.

6. San Jose Mercury News
One of the first newspapers to be published on the internet, San Jose Mercury News is a daily from San Jose.  Media News Group owns this paper and is headquartered in North San Jose. Its high circulation of 206038 prints every day is due to the encompassment of all the Bay Area Newspapers  including the Oakland TribuneContra Costa Times and Marin Independent Journal. Including two Pulitzer prizes, San Jose Mercury News has earned many other awards. In 2001 the Society for News Design named it as one among five best designed newspapers in the world.

7. New York Post
Apart from being the seventh best distributed newspaper, New York Post is also the 13th oldest newspapers to be published in United States. Prominent for conservative editorial policy and sensationalist headlines, New York Post is owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

8. Washington Post
Owned by the Washington Post Company, Washington post was started in 1877 bringing out news regarding the national politics in broadsheet format. The paper has won 47 Pulitzer Prizes, 18 Nieman Fellowships and 368 White House News Photographers Association awards.

9. Chicago Sun Times
Flagship paper of Wrapports LLC and subsidiary of Sun-Times Media Group, Chicago Sun Times is an American daily. The newspaper was well known as the “Evening Journal” when it was first released in 1844. Well known film critic Roger Ebert, is one of the writers of the journal. It was honored with Pulitzer Award eight times.

10. Chicago Tribune
With five Pulitzer Prizes to its name, Chicago Tribune is the ten most circulated daily of United States. Chicago Tribune is the business unit of Tribune Company selling out 414590 copies each day. With the principle of free markets, free will and freedom of expression 414590 prints are issued every morning.

* Preliminary Figures as Filed with the Audit Bureau of Circulations as of 31 March 2012

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