Top 10 Video Sharing Sites

Every age live and make their own story but for this generation its only about entertainment- entertainment and entertainment, especially on their finger tips. Here are Top 10 Video Sharing Sites, which were successful in engaging generations on their computer screens. The Top Ten Video Sharing Websites have become a very prominent part of the popular culture in the world. One can never ignore these Video Sharing Websites as they are the best medium to popularize your talent, marketing for brands to the world. Find your favored serial, movie, advertisement, news, tutorials and many more stuff that could help you escape the boredom.


Top 10 Video Sharing Sites

Devote your valuable time to this list which offers you options for choosing among the Best Video Sharing Sites.


1. YouTube


None other than You tube is the one dancing above the surface among the top most video sharing sites. Millions and millions are using you tube to watch free and  entertaining videos any time they wish to. Nine years back an initiative was taken up by three people named, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim, to improve the condition of video sharing. It was on 14th February 2005 when you tube came to existence, but since late 2006 this renowned video sharing company became a subsidiary under Google. This website supports almost all video formats which makes things easier for the viewers. Millions of people trust you tube and engage themselves in the wast world of this online video sharing network. In the Alexa Traffic Ranking among top websites you tube stands at number three.


2. NetFlix


At number two we have Net Flix that dates back its foundation during 1997 in California, United States. It became one of a leading providers of video on rent and o demand internet streaming for the viewers all around United States. Net Flix was successful in gathering over ten million viewers from Canada, Mexico, United Kingdoms, Ireland, Netherlands, Nordic Countries and many more places. The Alexa ranks this most popular video sharing website of America at number 95. Rent blue ray disks, online DVD and Video sharing are the key products of the online video streaming site. The viewers get over thousands of choices to choose from the list of videos available with the Net Flix, an American video streaming site.


3. Vimeo


Upload, share and watch videos online with this renowned and easily accessible video sharing site based in United States. It was in November 2004 that this website was instituted by two persons named, Zach Klein and Jake Lodwick. Under the Alexa ranking system for online website Vimeo is positioned at number 98, that brings it to number three in our list of best video streaming website.   This is a public video site which serves world wide and is available in Spanish, German, French and English languages. Vimeo supports High Definition play back o video online as well as while downloading. This renowned online video sharing site is a subsidiary under AC/ Inter Active Group based in US.


4. Yahoo! Screen

Yahoo! Screen

Gaze through the world of Yahoo! Screen that delivers on demand TV show videos, Movies and other new medias. Under the ownership of Yahoo, this website dates back its launch in the year 2006, currently very much active for users. This lately launched online video sharing site allows its customers to easily upload and share videos all over the internet. With over 120 million viewers per month this online streaming website stands at number four in our list of top most online video sharing site.


5. Daily Motion

Daily Motion

At number five we have daily motion, which is a renowned French online video streaming website.  It was on March 15th 2005 that daily motion was introduced by two talented personalities named Oliver Poitrey and Benjamin Bejbaun. Daily motion is ranked at number 94 in the Alexa list of most popular website. Easy and free access to the site attracted over a billion viewers for this most popular online streaming site. It is a video hosting site that is available in 34 countries offering over 16 language options for the viewers. Daily Motion is a subsidiary owned by Orange S.A, a French multinational telecommunications corporation.


6. Hulu


With “Anytime, Anywhere” slogan, Hulu stands at number six among the best video sharing sites. As a joint venture this online website initiated its working from the year 2007, making video streaming easy and amiable for public viewing. This online website is owned by three major companies named Fox Broadcasting Company, Disney- ABC Television Group and NBC Universal Television Group. Watch your preferred TV shows, movies, trailers, clips, behind the scene footage,  advertisements and many more in clear HD quality.


7. Vube


Enter the interesting and amusing world word Vube and get charge out with the HD quality videos. Learn from tutorials, upload your videos, watch any advertisement find trailers and watch funny clips. Take a look at all the trending videos, popular videos and latest videos on this easy to use video streaming website. Become a part of their trending culture and infuse yourself with one of the best video streaming website.


8. Twitch


Grab your seats and get in one of the leading online sites, Twitch that have surprising elements to amaze its users. Twitch .com will take you into an astounding experience of gaming as well as live video streaming platform. It was recently introduced in June 2011 primarily focusing on the broadcasting of e-sport competitions, play throughs of video games and  single and multiplayer video games. At present Twitch is estimated to be one of the most popular among many gaming enthusiasts. It will take the users to a completely next level of gaming and video sharing platform with its high definition video quality and easy access for users.


9. Live Leak

Live Leak

Post and share videos with Live Leak, that stands at number nine among the top ten amazing video sharing sites. It is motivated towards offering real world footage, political issues, wars and many other world events. Get up to date with the world news that was founded in October 2006, headquartered in united kingdom. Get access to all the latest news and happenings around the world with Live Leak. It is apparently effortless and a straight forward site that helps its users to share videos with ease.


10. Vine


Though Vine is at number ten among the top ten video sharing websites, but it will get its users  through an amazing ride of video streaming services. Its is a multilingual website where viewers will be able to share video in their own language. Its is a subsidiary under Twitter which was founded by Dom Hofmann, Russ Yusupov and Colin Kroll. Vine atrracts over 40 million users per month with its Alexa ranking ranging up to 1,172 among the top most websites in the world. Record, edit or loop small videos and clips and publish them with the Vine’s Social Network. Get your Vine is also available as an application on your handsets working swiftly on operating systems like ios, windows and android.

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