Top Newspapers in Canada

Despite the technical progress, newspapers still continues to dominate the media sector. Even today, more than half of the global population makes a point to glance through a daily to get updated about the social happenings. Thus Canada is one among the nations that provide its citizens with a list of best selling newspapers. These tabloids cover all possible sections that a reader loves to go through. So let us surf into the list of top newspapers in Canada to get acquaint with the best newspapers in Canada.

Top Ten Newspapers in Canada

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1. Toronto Star

No.1 Top Newspaper in Canada - Toronto Star

A division of Star Media, Toronto Star is one of the best newspapers in Canada with the highest weekly circulation of 1,932,385. It was created in 1892 and owned by Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd. The newspaper is also one of the two Canadian dailies that employ a “public editor”. The principle focus of the paper is to engage in the full and frank communication of news and opinion as well as to provide the highest standard of journalistic honesty.

2. The Globe and Mail

No.2 Top Newspaper in Canada - The Globe and Mail

The Toronto based, The Globe and Mail is printed in six cities across the nation with a weekly readership of around 1 million. It is termed as Canada’s “newspaper of record” and is the second largest newspaper that is distributed on a regular basis. Initially it was started as “The Globe” and only after it had merged with “The Mail and Empire”, the morning newspaper has been renamed with the current name.

3. Le Journal de Montreal

No.3 Top Newspaper in Canada - Le Journal

One of the largest circulated French language newspapers in North America, Le Journal de Montreal is published in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The tabloid focuses in covering local and provincial news from the arena of sports, arts and justice. Le Journal de Montreal is mainly popular for its sensationalism and populist Quebec-nationalist perspective. Currently it is the only Canadian newspaper that is printed on Sundays.

4. La Presse

No.4 Top Newspaper in Canada - Le Press

Aimed at middle class readership, La Presse is another French language daily published in Canada. It was founded in 1884 and had a Sunday edition until 2009. The broadsheet newspaper is owned by Groupe Gesca and covers reports for arts, sports, and other thematic sections. It is one among the top newspapers in Canada that has been supporting federalism for more than twenty five years.

5. The Gazette

No.5 Top Newspaper in Canada - The Gazzet

The Gazette is not only the sole English language tabloid printed in Quebec, Canada but is also the oldest of all. Popularly called the Montreal Gazette, it is mostly read by Quebec’s English-speaking minority. Catherine Wallace is the managing editor of the daily while Raymond Brassard is the current executive editor. Though The Gazette was founded on June 3, 1778 it had to be shut down in 1779. It was started for the second time on August 25, 1785.

6. Vancouver Sun

No.6 Top Newspaper in Canada - The Vancouver Sun

Published six days a week, Vancouver Sun was initially published in the Canadian province of British Columbia in 1912. Currently the Canadian daily is printed by the Pacific Newspaper Group, a division of Postmedia Network with a regular supply of 156,158 copies. Vancouver Sun deals with a number of sections, top local stories being the foremost segment. On Thursday, it even publishes a special entertainment section named “Westcoast Life”. The Sun also publishes a popular editorial section each fall called BC’s Top Employers, profiling employers in the province with progressive and interesting workplace policies.

7. Toronto Sun

No.7 Top Newspaper in Canada - Toronto Sun

Quite popular for its daily Sunshine Girl feature, Toronto Sun is an English language newspaper published in Toronto, Canada. It is one of the top newspapers in Canada that is circulated through all the days of a week with a separate edition for Sundays. The Sun often follows the positions of neo-conservatism in the US on financial issues and conventional Canadian/British conservatism. Currently it is owned by Sun Media which is a subsidiary of Quebecor.

8. The Province

No.8 Top Newspaper in Canada - The Province

Being a regular daily since 1898, The Province is another best selling newspaper in Canada. It has an average weekday readership of 520,100, gaining a reputation as British Columbia’s most read newspaper. It is distributed six days a week – Sunday to Friday. It covers up stories for sections such as sports, entertainment, business, health, life, technology, jobs, travel and few more.

9. National Post

No.9 Top Newspaper in Canada - National Post

Another name that cannot be avoided which mentioning the best newspaper in Canada is the National Post. It was founded by the media magnate Conrad Black in 1998 and is printed all through Monday to Saturday. National Post sees a day to day sell of 144,116 copies. It unique magazine-style graphic and layout design has afforded a number of awards. The newspaper has also earned a name for being an anti-Islam media outlet.

10. Calgary Herald

No.10 Top Newspaper in Canada - Calgary Herald

Presently owned by the Postmedia Network, the Calgary Herald was printed for the first time on 31 August 1883 by Andrew Armour and Thomas Braden. Today it is one among the best newspapers in Canada with a per day distribution of 123,722. It publishes a weekly community newspaper, the “Neighbours” which is circulated only in some parts of Calgary. Besides, the “Swerve” is its weekly magazine-style pullout.

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