Top 10 UK Newspapers by Circulation 2012

Despite technological advancement, newspapers are still a great hit among readers to update themselves with the events taking place across the globe. Among them, few UK dailies have seen such popularity that they need to be circulated at a large number, every day. These newspapers cover everything from entertainment to finance and have a huge fan following which is why they are the most demanded ones in United States. Browse through the list of Top 10 UK Newspapers by Circulation 2012 to know their daily distribution.

List of UK Newspapers by Circulation 2012

1. The Sun – 2,751,229

2. Daily Mail – 2,011,283

3. Daily Mirror – 1,122, 563

4. Daily Star – 624,029

5. Daily Telegraph – 596,180

6. Daily Express – 586,707

7. The Times – 405,113

8. Financial Times – 319,757

9. Daily Record – 276,003

10. I Newspaper – 243,321

Top Ten UK Newspapers by Circulation

Find out details about the Top Ten UK Newspapers by Circulation 2012.

1. The Sun

No.1 Top UK Newspaper by Circulation 2012 - The SunWith an average daily circulation of 2,751,229, The Sun is a daily national tabloid newspaper published in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Between January and June 2012 the paper had an average daily readership of approximately 7.3 million. It was first published as a broadsheet on 15th September 1964 and today it is so popular that it even has an iPad edition that costs £4.99 for a 30-day subscription.


2. Daily Mail

No.2 Top UK Newspaper by Circulation 2012 - Daily MailOwned by the Daily Mail and General Trust, Daily Mail is a British daily middle-market tabloid newspaper. It was first published in 1896 by Lord Northcliffe and is the second biggest-selling daily newspaper in United Kingdom with an estimated circulation of 2,011,283. Between June and December 2011 it had an average daily readership of approximately 4.371 million and has over 100 million unique visitors per month to its website.


3. Daily Mirror

No.3 Top UK Newspaper by Circulation 2012 - Daily MirrorThough Daily Mail went through crisis after the loss of life of its owner, Robert Maxwell, currently it is one of the top 10 UK Newspapers by circulation 2012 with a distribution of 1,122, 563. The Daily Mirror was launched on 2 November 1903 as a newspaper for women and in 1963 the newspaper became a part of International Publishing Corporation. It issues a special edition for Sundays under the name Sunday Mirror.


4. Daily Star

No.4 Top UK Newspaper by Circulation 2012 - Daily StarFirst published on 2 November 1978, and was the first new national paper to be launched, Daily Star published on 2 November 1978. It is owned by Richard Desmond’s Northern and Shell Company and is published by Express Newspapers with regular circulation of 624,029. Initially the popular tabloid newspaper was issued from Monday to Saturday but later, on 15 September 2002 a sister Sunday edition, the Daily Star Sunday, was launched.


5. Daily Telegraph

No.5 Top UK Newspaper by Circulation 2012 - Daily TelegraphPublished in London and distributed throughout the United Kingdom and internationally with an estimated distribution of 596,180, the Daily Telegraph is a daily morning broadsheet conservative-leaning newspaper. The daily has been politically conservative in modern times and due to its influence over Conservative activists, it is commonly referred to as the Torygraph. is the online version of the newspaper which includes articles from the print editions of it.


6. Daily Express

No.6 Top UK Newspaper by Circulation 2012 - Daily ExpressAnother name that appears on the list of top ten UK newspapers by circulation 2012 is the Daily Express with a regular distribution of 586,707. The daily national middle market tabloid newspaper is the flagship title of Express Newspapers, a subsidiary of Northern & Shell. It was founded in 1900 by Sir Arthur Pearson and was one of the first papers to carry gossip, sports, and women’s features, and also the first newspaper in Britain to have a crossword.


7. The Times

No.7 Top UK Newspaper by Circulation 2012 - The TimesFirst published in London in 1785 under the title The Daily Universal Register, The Times is the originator of the ubiquitous Times Roman typeface. Many columnists in The Times are connected to the Conservative Party which makes it the most varied newspaper in terms of political support in British history. In March 2012, it became the first British newspaper to formally endorse same-gender marriage and can be credited to have 405,113 supplies.


8. Financial Times

No.8 Top UK Newspaper by Circulation 2012 - Financial TimesWorld leader in terms of business and information news, Financial Times is owned by Pearson PLC and has a daily supply of 319,757 copies.  The FT specializes in UK and international business and financial news, and is printed as a broadsheet on light salmon paper. The daily also publishes a Sunday edition called the Financial Times Weekend consisting of international economic and political news, Companies & Markets, Life & Arts, House & Home and FT Magazine.


9. Daily Record

No.9 Top UK Newspaper by Circulation 2012 - Daily RecordThe Daily Record is a Scottish tabloid newspaper based in Glasgow which can boast of 276,003 copies circulation on day to day basis. The paper was founded in 1895 and since then it has supported and has maintained a close relationship with the Scottish Labor Party. Fans can also browse into its website, uk.


10. I (Newspaper)

No.10 Top UK Newspaper by Circulation 2012 - I NewspaperPublished by Independent Print and owned by Alexander Lebedev, the I is a popular British news paper. As of 2012 it has an average daily circulation of 243,321 copies. The newspaper contains “matrixes” for news, business and sports—small paragraphs of information. It runs from Monday to Saturday with special subscription discount for students.

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