10 Psychological Effects That Explain Our Brains

Human brain has greatly evolved with time, making us the most intelligent and developed species breathing on Earth. But do you know in how many ways we become prey to the imperfections of our brain. Yes…. These 10 psychological effects will show that we are not the paragons of reason we assume ourselves to be.

10 Psychological Effects

1. The Paradox of Choice Effect- More is Less

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The more the choices, the more it will be difficult for you to make a decision as to what you really want. Indecisiveness can actually become a point for anxiety and frustration. When you are in a situation with unlimited choices, no matter how selective you are, you won’t be spared by the paradox of choice effect.

2. The Focusing Effect- Reason for our Wrong Decisions

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Our decisions are highly dominated by the stimulus that is received by our immediate working memory eliminating other important information that should have been thought of or dealt with. The tendency of human brain to immediately resolve the problem results in many wrong decisions without considering the overall case.

P.S.– if you are a fan of Sherlock series, then you know that Sherlock was a master in eliminating the focusing effect while making a decision.

3. The Bystander Effect- Diffusion of Responsibility

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When we are in a group or alone, the intensity of our reactions differs as per the surroundings. When in a group, the reaction takes place in a much delayed manner because of the diffusion of responsibility. Each one thinks that the other one will do it, resulting in minimal or delayed outcome.

4. The Hawthorne Effect- Cameras Are Everywhere


Immediate modification of behaviour takes place as soon as we notice that we are under the camera surveillance. We have this natural tendency to look more perfect or organised when we know we are getting noticed. We have a better sense of realisation of the things we are doing wrong and the way in which we should be behaving.

P.S.– We all have been through Hawthorne Effect in shopping malls and offices. Haven’t we?

5. The Lady Macbeth Effect- Washing Away Your Guilt

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Lady Macbeth- the treacherous killer of king Duncan. Readers of Macbeth know very well how Lady Macbeth got consumed with the guilt of killing king Duncan and started suffering with an obsession of washing her hands while sleep-walking. Obsessive manner of physical cleanliness is actually a way of cleaning moral sins.

6. The Spot Light Effect- Getting Worried About Any Mistake


Is there a scratch on your nail paint or a tiny spot on your dress? Or having a bad hair day? Stop fretting. We get highly conscious when we feel we have done some mistakes or something is out of proportion. But the thing is that we are not noticed that much as much as we think. So just play cool and stop worrying!

 7. The Pratfall Effect- Perfectionism can be a Reason for your Loneliness

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Remember your school days? How toppers were made fun of by the cool groups? This is the brief definition of Pratfall Effect. Perfectionism might lead you to greater heights but it will not lead you that easily into social groups. People tend to like those who are more laid back and easy going.

P.S– Want to make friends in a new group? Make a silly mistake and laugh about it.

8. The Boomerang Effect- Strong Persuasion Equals to Opposite Reaction

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Ever noticed how strong persuasion results in opposite reaction? Commonly noticed in social groups, when we try to persuade somebody for something we mostly get the opposite of what we are expecting. Maybe this is the reason for the origination of reverse psychology.

9. The Pygmalion Effect- Positive or Negative Performance; Depends on your Expectation.

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Your expectations can influence the productivity of your team. Continuous nagging or thinking that the worst would happen can actually lead to something really negative. Need a positive outcome? Start thinking positive. Show that you trust the capability of the person and watch him do wonders!

10. The Negativity Effect- Negative Feelings have more Weightage than the Positive ones.

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Wonder how we keep crying over the things that we have lost rather than being happy or feel content with the things that are still intact with us? Negative emotions such as a heart break, loss of someone who is close or bad memories from our past tend to tag along with us for a longer time in comparison to good memories, feelings or emotions.

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